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The Dos and Don’ts of Movement | Wearing All Black and Listening to Techno is Soooooo Hot Right Now

by Jennifer Fall

Yeah, I know… cliché title. 😉 I’ve never been one to fit in, nor stand out honestly. Luckily, there is a fest that isn’t some knock-off Coachella “fashion show.” Movement has easily become one of my most anticipated festivals of the 2019 season, and with good reason. (Hello they got FREAKING ORBITAL last year)! I can literally be myself, not concern myself with a live stream, nor make sure my hair looks perfect, or worry about the extra body glitter and gems. They would fall off from the sweat anyways. Detroit has made quite the “comeback” in recent years. For those who didn’t know, Movement is the time to see for yourself what Detroit and Techno are all about.

We first have to establish some ground rules…so without further ado, I give to you the do’s and don’ts of fitting in at Movement. (Or DEMF for us OG’s). Now don’t be afraid, and put your hands up for Detroit.

Put your hands up for Movement Detroit 2019
Put your hands up for Detroit | Image Via https://www.technostation.tv

How to Fit in at Movement:

Step 1: What’s Up With All the Black?

DO: Wear All Black: This is obviously a given. No one knows exactly why, so don’t ask. Your dayglo outfits will be laughed right out of here, I promise. It’s a sea of all black….like everyone’s soul when listening to Techno. I mean I guess it’s your basic anti-establishment protest at its finest. It’s going to be hot, and it’s likely going to rain. It could also be cold. I don’t really know, it’s the Midwest on a holiday weekend. We could have four seasons in one day! Pack prepared for anything… just fill that suitcase full of black hunny, and you will be just fine.

DON’T: Wear the wrong shoes. Seriously, did you think I was going to tell you NOT to wear dayglo? Do you boo… but prepare for the concrete jungle, and to potentially make it on Fashion Disasters of Demf.” Proper shoes are a priority. I’m not kidding. I’m an athlete. There is only one stage that is not completely on concrete. Wear comfortable freaking shoes. I can’t say it enough. Your shins will thank me, and you will want to hug me later. (Please don’t though). Also… you women who can dance in those big platform boots… you are my idols. Teach me your ways.

Step 2: Accessorize:

DO Bring a Fan: The festival world loves someone with a fan. Most people forget this essential item. If it’s black (go figure) with a catchy or edgy phrase on it… BONUS POINTS.

DON’T Clack that fan: Techno experts agree. The beat is enough. No need to clack that fan. If you do, more than three clack’s and you’re playing with it. May God have mercy on your soul if you clack off beat. The rave gods may just strike you down. You are in Detroit after all. Don’t make us sic Techno Viking on you.

Step 3: Marathon Train Now:

DO Hit the Afters: Start your festival training now. Or your diet. You are going to need your energy for the after-parties. Ever been to Miami Music Week? Well… these are better. There are no fake ass IG models doing it for the “gram” here. It’s grimy. You wanna be there. Detroit also happens to be a foodie town, so make time for brunch.

DON’T Burn out: The secret to not burning out… sleep. I’m not kidding. Just make sure you give yourself four to six hours. I promise the party will still be going when you wake up. Throw your sunglasses on in lieu of makeup (works great, I’ve legit done this) and get your ass out there again.

Step 4: Familiarize Yourself with the ALWAYS Killer Lineup and Grab Your Tickets ASAP.

Movement 2020
Movement 2020 | Click the photo to get your tickets!

Tickets for next year’s edition are already on sale here. Don’t be left in the cold!

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