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The ‘Atmosphere’ This Week’s New Music Creates Will Make You Feel Like You’re In ‘Paradise’ | ICYMI Monday

by Guest Contributor

Armin van Buuren x Billen Ted – ‘Come Around Again (feat. JC Stewart)’

“What I like so much about ‘Come Around Again’ is that it has a little bit of everything. It has the drive it needs to energize dance floors and also has the lyrical depth and poppy hook to make due on radio and in playlists. I’m super happy with this collab and loved working with Billen Ted and JC Stewart. They really inspired me in the studio!”

Armin van Buuren

Solarstone – ‘Sovereign’

On ‘SovereignSolarstone lends some industriously metallic clank to its percussion loops and plenty of majesty to its chord progressions, while it’s from-the-heavens female harmonies play off against some catchy-AF male ones. Solarstone balances its primetime tempo with some coolly progressive undertones, while the track’s pads radiate warmth with every note.

Ben Gold x Benjamin Duchenne – ‘Take Me Away’

Banging out a high-octane track in tandem with Benjamin Duchenne, Ben Gold shows once more why he’s been a staple act in the trance scene for so long. Full of energy and uplifting intentions, ‘Take Me Away’ is able to sweep fans off their feet in every setting, from living room listening sessions to mainstage mayhem.

Maykel Piron – ‘Chill Executive Officer (CEO), Vol. 15’ 

Handpicked by the Chill Executive Officer (CEO), the fifteenth volume of the series [‘Chill Executive Officer (CEO), Vol. 15’] once again pushes the most relaxing and upbeat dance music into the limelight. Featuring eighteen tracks in total with two album exclusives in the form of MaMan’sCeridwen’ and Astrality’sFollow (feat. shobi)’, this brand-new installment is sure to provide that sought-after moment of calm.

Talla 2XLC – ‘Trinity’

Talla 2XLC presents ‘Trinity’ on his own label That’s Trance. It’s an instrumental trance weapon of mass club destruction! It’s a real, feel-good, uplifting trancer with all the right ingredients for an explosive night out. With an Ibiza-style, colorful, synthy melody, an unforgettable hook and an eargasmic climax full of banging bass and hard kicks.

DJ Eternity – ‘Atmosphere’

The German based DJ Eternity has previously released music on Phoenix Recordings, Joyride, and Aqualoop and now, he returns on ZYX Trance with ‘Atmosphere’ after the releasing very successful track, ‘Skydiver’ with Terra V — which is his most successful track on Beatport so far. On ‘Atmosphere’ you can expect an effective infectious melody along with l driving basslines, thumping kicks and a long and teasing atmospheric breakdown with a climax that’s dominated by an ultra-strong synthy hook.

Robert Nickson – ‘Delyo’s Voyage’

Based upon the Bulgarian Traditional song ‘Izlel ye Delyo Haydutin’, this is Robert Nickson’s latest masterpiece — ‘Delyo’s Voyage’. Featured as the closing track on Disc 1 of Solarstone’s acclaimed ‘Pure Trance Vol. 9’ compilation, there are no punches pulled here. Tension is the name of the game; monster riffs, soaring vocals and a stunning breakdown / payoff combine to create a magical, transcendental voyage.

Jon Gurd – ‘Phoenix’

“‘Phoenix’ was written during the UK lockdown last year. When things at home got to a pretty low point I asked myself what is the most empowering thing I can do right now and the answer was to make a new album. I’ve always wanted to make an album called ‘Phoenix’. I like the idea of rebirth and coming back stronger after big challenges.”

Jon Gurd

Sied van Riel – ‘Rush (Miss Monique Remix)’

It’ll come as little surprise to learn that in Miss Monique’s retelling, Sied van Ariel’sRush’ hasn’t lost an ounce of its trademark urgency. The track was all about coiling, slowly boiling tension – finally giving way to a mighty pressure release. It’s a production mechanic that she has managed to port and amplify on her mix, and to an even stronger kinetic effect.

Yoel Lewis – ‘Path Of Light (feat. EL Waves)’

It’s been nearly five years since Yoel Lewis last touched down on Armind, but he’s finally making his grand return to the label with the sensational ‘Path Of Light’. Fusing his signature production aesthetic and dreamy melodies with the lauded vocal presence of Ghanaian singer-songwriter EL Waves, the Israeli producer delivers a track that’s sure to take the global Trance crowd on a trip to cloud nine.

Alison Wonderland – ‘Forever’

Alison Wonderland’sForever’ juxtaposes an acoustic guitar redolent of the wild west with ambient elements. Puts resiliency and self-love at the forefront of her personal narrative; a necessary, integral part of a new chapter. 

R3HAB – ‘My Pony’

R3HAB switches gears to create a euphonious pop-house record, showcasing the Platinum artist’s signature groovy basslines, instrumental melodies, and his readiness to experiment with cheeky and feel-good vibes. With that impressive first three months into the new year, things are only expected to get bigger for R3HAB. Read on for his words on the newest release – ‘My Pony’, that’s sure to be a hit on the dancefloor and radio airwaves.

WhoMadeWho – ‘Silence & Secrets (Black Coffee Remix)’

Black Coffee’s remix sees Durban-born Nkosinathi Maphumulo breathe new life and a pulsating energy into the wistful original — ‘Silence & Secrets’, as he imparts superlative rhythmic flair to WhoMadeWho’s restrained melodic euphoria. Reworking the band’s emotive lyrics and uplifting chord progressions into his own percussive sound palette, Coffee’s signature house groove provides the perfect backdrop to Tomas Høffding’s drawn out vocal refrains, as he conjures an impressive tapestry of organic drum patterns and stripped back tones, to deliver the latest spellbinding remix of the flourishing hit record.

Hayden James – ‘Lifted’

“‘Lifted’ was born out of the yearning for some light and positivity after a tough last few years for everyone. As I started writing the album, I kept coming back to the idea of creating something energetic and live and super uplifting that could bring people together again. I began working on the album late 2020 and used all the time off I had from touring to make something special because I knew the return to live music would be epic, a major vibe. The result is a huge emotional, energetic dance record, with elements of piano-house, melodic house and a positive tone and feel that can be found across all tracks. When I write an album, everything has a place and a purpose, and it’s all part of the bigger story. I’m so happy with the journey of this album.”

Hayden James

Eptic – ‘The End Of The World’

The End of The World is without a doubt, Eptic’s pièce de résistance. Stuck in Belgium for two years due to the Covid-19 outbreak, like many producers, Eptic stayed locked in his studio and focused on rediscovering his passion for dance music once again. The apocalyptic nature of the situation, live shows being canceled with no end in sight and not being able to put his craft on display for his loyal fan base affected him deeply, eventually leading to the appropriately-titled naming of his LP. The return of live music didn’t just revitalize the entire electronic music industry, it gave Eptic another opportunity to live his dream and he’s not taking it for granted. Just in time for festival season, ‘The End of The World’ is here. 

Damian Lazarus x Gorgon City – ‘Start Over (feat. Leia Contois)’

Crosstown Rebels has remained at the forefront of contemporary dance music for nearly two decades. Championing both breakthrough artists as well as those well-established, now we see this perfectly encapsulated as label-head Damian Lazarus, global-house duo Gorgon City and rising vocalist Leia Contois team up on ‘Start Over’, Crosstown’s biggest release of the year so far.

mOat – ‘Paradise’

After German duo Âme got the ball rolling with their remix, mOat drop the highly anticipated original version as their official debut release on Armada Electronic Elements. Organic and warm on one side and groovy and edgy on the other, this track is set to become every clubber’s own piece of underground ‘Paradise’.

Tisoki – ‘FK WITH ME (feat. Caitlyn Scarlett)’

Kicking things off with snake-charming guitar trills and echoing percussive elements, ‘FK WITH ME’ brings the energy with walloping bass pops and Caitlyn Scarlett’s deadly lyricism. For this incendiary cut, Tisoki flexes his production prowess with masterful layering and multifaceted atmospheres. Pairing syncopated beats with savage songwriting, ‘FK WITH ME’ is one irresistable heavy-hitter that will remain in rotations near and far.

AMÉMÉ – ‘Wait No More’

Making his Saved Records debut, ‘Wait No More’ showcases AMÉMÉ’s signature sound infusing tribal drums, shuffling percussion, melodic synths, magnetic vocals, and Afro grooves throughout destined to ignite the dancefloor. After dedicating the past year of his career to refining his signature sound, and delivering dynamic sets to dance floors across all continents, the delivery of an original production on one of the UK’s most respected dance labels comes at the most opportune time for the swiftly ascending producer.

Big Galantic x Kota the Friend – ‘Deja Vu’

“This is a collaboration that was straightforward and made sense. Big Gigantic created this cool beat that was perfect for this song. We both stayed true to what we do and the result is a bangin’ track [‘Deja Vu’].”

Kota the Friend

Super8 & Tab – ‘Start Again (feat. Richard Walters)’

Back on Armind, Super8 & Tab put their broad-range studio skill set into the limelight with their brand-new single. Allowing Richard Walters’ haunting vocals to soar over a restrained, yet alluringly melodic production that symbolizes a flicker of light, ‘Start Again’ helps listeners move out of the darkness and into a future of hope and new beginning.

Rozalla x Dave Ralph – ‘Everybody’s Free (Solardo Remix)’

UK dance music dons Solardo have remixed Rozalla and Dave Ralph’s new version of the dance classic ‘Everybody’s Free’. Injecting fresh, euphoric energy into the iconic original, the Solardo remix of ‘Everybody’s Free’ centres around a hypnotic bassline that’s been crafted with special dancefloor moments in mind. 

Darren Styles x Mark Sixma – ‘Louder (feat. Noubya)’

Exactly the high-energy anthem you’d expect from a British-Dutch link-up (Darren Styles and Mark Sixma) of this magnitude, ‘Louder’ effectively blends both artists’ perspectives of the harder music styles. Helmed by throbbing bass, a strong message and the entrancing vocals of Dutch singer-songwriter Noubya, this long-anticipated record pulsates with so much energy it will speak to their fans in volumes.

NGHTMRE x SLANDER – ‘Fall Into Me (feat. Dylan Matthew)’

Fall Into Me’ is a true festival classic, incorporating signature elements from each artist, including NGHTMRE’s meticulous production skills and SLANDER’s distinctive sounds with the juxtaposition between peaceful piano chords and melodic bass in the background.

Eva Shaw x Dillanponders – ‘JUICE’

“Working with Eva Shaw is always a blast, I always trust her direction.  I initially recorded these bars to a completely different beat and she went ahead and turned the song into a massive heater. ‘JUICE’ as a record is pretty self-explanatory.  Big vibes + Big confidence = Big tunes, it’s just math.”


David Guetta x Becky Hill x Ella Henderson – ‘Crazy What Love Can Do’

David Guetta, Becky Hill and Ella Henderson have come together on new collaborative single ‘Crazy What Love Can Do’. ‘Crazy What Love Can Do’ announces itself with the soaring, instantly-recognisable vocals of both Becky Hill and Ella Henderson and pairs feelgood piano chords with euphoric drops – a combination that’s destined to make it the sound of summer 2022.

Wenzday x Bingewatch – ‘Shake’

Bay Area-native and LA-based artist Wenzday teams up with LA’s underground sensation Bingewatch for their aptly-titled single ‘Shake’. A four-on-the-floor delight with geometric sound design, this club-ready thrasher is slated for release via hau5trap.


An awakening for those who choose to follow its pull, KILL SCRIPT’sTHE VISION’ offers a way out of the seemingly unbreakable cycle. With chain-breaking kick drums, harsh acid lines and a foreboding atmosphere leading the charge in both ‘WE ALL FALL’ and ‘THE TRUTH’, this two-track EP is a double anthem to standing up, taking control and changing your reality.

Samplifire – ‘Ragnarok’

“‘Ragnarok’ – the final battle. This EP marks the end of the viking chapter. The sun will be darkened, the stars will vanish, and the earth will sink into the sea. Afterward, the earth will rise again into a new world at peace. Thank you all for following me during this journey into the viking sound and world, I hope that you like this new EP.”


helloworld – ‘dive in’

In the wake of his recent debut appearance on Bassrush Records, the explosive melodic bass talent helloworld is making a second splash in the form of his follow-up single ‘dive in’. 

CYMO – ‘Jetlag’

German producer CYMO dropped his hotly anticipated single, ‘Jetlag’ on Suave (Sony Music Germany). Hype around the house groover is already at fever pitch after a practical feeding-frenzy over the weekend, as fans raced at breakneck speed to get their hands on the single’s available royalties.

Habstrakt x Nitepunk – ‘Point’

Habstrakt and Nitepunk are finally converging on their first-ever collaboration, ‘Point’ — a growling house single issued courtesy of HARD Recs

ZíA – ‘Turn It Up’

ZíA makes her highly anticipated return to Bassrush Records with her follow-up single ‘Turn It Up’, a scorching dubstep track arriving ahead of this year’s slammed festival calendar.

Motez – ‘Submission’

“‘Submission’ is about letting yourself go, and losing yourself in the moment when you’re trying to tell yourself that (in the grand scheme of things) none of this is real and that you need to surrender to the music.”


Grum – ‘Disconnected’

The lead single off Grum’s upcoming album (‘Unreality’) — ‘Disconnected’, featuring Daniel Sealine, is designed for the darkest corners of a club; a techno-infused helter-skelter ride with Daniel’s vocal bursting out of the shadows.

Dirtybird – ‘Deep Cutz’

After 17 years of releasing music, Dirtybird Records has put out an extensive range of genres and styles, including creating some of their own. While they can often be known for peak time bangers, the label shares an appreciation and love for the deeper side of music, which were selected from the catalog for ‘Deep Cutz’. 

Manu Dia – ‘Often Inside’

Join Manu Dia on his adventure into serene sonic landscapes in his ambitious new mini-album, ‘Often Inside’. ‘Often Inside’ is the story of the Spanish producer’s journey back into the world, using travel as his own form of creative metamorphosis following the challenges of the pandemic. The project represents the artist’s own “creative maturation”. 

André Hommen – ‘More Than This (Remixes)’

“I am super excited about the second round of remixes for my album [‘More Than This (Remixes)’]. It’s a mixture of three of my favourite producers and longtime heroes.”

André Hommen

Satori – ‘The Gin Song’

The Gin Song’ delivers an ethereal soundscape, perfectly combining Satori’s distinctive Eastern European sounds with the ambience of an enticing Ibizan sunset.

Saka – ‘Shaolin’

Saka comes flying in with his new single ‘Shaolin’, the second cut pulled from his forthcoming EP the Gud Vibrations imprint. 

Charles D – ‘Heavy / So High’

New York’s own Charles D is touching down on Factory 93 Records with his label debut, ‘Heavy / So High’, both of which have been statement pieces in his sets over the last year.  

Quarterhead x Camylio – ‘Is It Love’

“Writing a big anthemic club anthem [‘Is It Love’] with a happy sad feeling was on our agenda for a long time. When we jumped into the studio with Danish singer Daniel Schulz last fall we knew it was time to give it a shot. The song is about the strongest feeling in the world: Love. And the way Camylio delivered his vocals was the perfect match to the melodies and lyrics.” 


Syn Cole x Carla Monroe – ‘Overdrive’

Rising DJ/producer Syn Cole has joined forces with acclaimed London singer/songwriter Carla Monroe to release ‘Overdrive’. Fusing elements of italo disco inspired beats with synthwave keys, ‘Overdrive’ highlights Syn Coles’ sonic diversity. A cleverly crafted display of the hit maker’s signature sound, the feel-good club ready single is topped by the sultry vocals of UK singer/songwriter Carla Monroe and is destined to take the charts by storm.

SQWAD – ‘Your Soul’

SQWAD makes their way back over to the IN / ROTATION imprint with their debut EP, ‘Your Soul’, a five-track offering showcasing their authority over compelling house grooves. 

Will Joseph Cook – ‘Kisses’

Will Joseph Cook has shared his “heart-on-sleeve” new single ‘Kisses’, taken from his forthcoming album ‘Every Single Thing’. The song is an undeniable, joyful, sun-soaked track, perfectly capturing the dizzying feeling of being hopelessly in love.

Christian Löffler – ‘Solo’

Solo’ pulls on Christian Löffler’s early-career works, a sound that weaves the thumping and the heart-tugging seamlessly in a production tapestry that’s become synonymous with the musician. Combining driving beats and climaxing arrangements with subtle vocals and field recordings, Löffler shows time and again that the dancefloor isn’t just for dancing – it’s also a space for deep emotions and contemplation.

Mochakk – ‘False Need’

Mochakk has unveiled his first single of 2022: ‘False Need’ via Black Book. Laced with etheric vocal chops, the track drops into a deep, propulsive groove that’s tailor made for the stages he’s set to conquer in the coming months.

King Henry – ‘June’

Gentle piano keys and sun-washed vocals glow with a serene warmth, shimmering like rays of light reflected through the flowing, snare-driven ‘June’. The sentimental track comes from forward-thinking pop producer King Henry, reinventing a multitude of genres through raw, nostalgic textures and atmospheres. 

Mindchatter – ‘DREAM SOUP’

“The album, ‘DREAM SOUP’, speaks to how our own identities get in our way. The opening line says ‘I forgot who I was, I wish that that would last but now I’m back, now I’m back.’ The best moments in life are the ones when we are free of ourselves.”


Spor – ‘Let Me Be’

On the heels of a two-year hiatus from his Spor alias, Jon Gooch – more commonly known by his Feed Me moniker – debuts on mau5trap under his alternate drum & bass persona. Having only previously released on the deadmau5-run label as Feed Me, Gooch now takes to the esteemed tastemaker to deliver his frenetic drum & bass as Spor. Spor’s ‘Let Me Be’ debuts worldwide ahead of his forthcoming ‘Cave’ EP.

Stefy De Cicco x FAULHABER – ‘Things That You Said (feat. Cris O’Carroll)’

The four-on-the-floor tune — ‘Things That Your Said’ begins with a pulsating bass, quickly followed by a catchy rhythm and atmospheric ambiance. The pace slows as the vocal seeps in ever-so seamlessly, providing a heady touch that is then maintained throughout its entirety. The profound lyricism details the inner workings of one’s mind, endlessly mulling over conversations and things said between two strained lovers. “Voices inside my head echo the things that you said” is played on a continuous loop, paired flawlessly alongside the hard-hitting, propelling production courtesy of both Stefy De Cicco and FAULHABER. Keeping its momentum with ease, the energetic opusl serves as a fun, high-octane single that is sure to have festival mainstages around the world ablaze with energy this spring and summer.

Rad Cat – ‘One For Me / Think About Me’

Rad Cat is returning to his roots on the double-sided single ‘One For Me / Think About Me’, a serotonin-soaked label debut pulled as the final release from NIGHTMODE’s seventh season of releases.

MELVV – ‘When I’m With You’

“I’m really excited to be an independent artist for the first time since I was 19. Over the past five years, I’ve put together a catalog that didn’t quite fit in with my major label releases; ‘When I’m With You’ is the first of these.

This song is for several things. It’s for my girlfriend, my family, and my friends for being there for me when we all got stuck inside; for the feeling of being at shows, looking over to the person next to you and knowing you both feel the same thing; and for the nostalgia of times spent together when you’re away.”


Deetron – ‘Glass’

Veteran house and techno producer Deetron makes a long awaited return to Hot Creations. Delivering the ‘Glass’ EP, it marks his first release on the label since 2012, continuing a standout 2022 for the Character label-head.

Chemikkal – ‘Missing You’

Based in Tampa FL, artist and producer Chemikkal is quickly turning heads and making headlines with his creative and one-of-a-kind sonic exploration. With recent releases combining a wide variety of influences, Chemikkal’s personality and charm continues to be highlighted with each new track he releases – including his latest, ‘Missing You’. 

AIR APPARENT – ‘100% (feat. ÊMIA)’

“I wrote ‘100%’ with one of my favorite writing partners Teresa Tuan and Anh Le (ÊMIA) in Brooklyn. We were talking about the nearly universal experience of someone we know, may have dated, or may have briefly had a thing with trying to slide back into our messages. We’ve all experienced it – when one person is willing to give everything for someone while that someone has remained unwilling to commit. Weeks, months, or even years later, somehow that someone always comes back around with a change of heart…when it’s far too late.”


HUGEL x Jude & Frank – ‘Pra Nao Dizer’

The world-renowned sensation HUGEL teams up with Italian producer Jude & Frank on their new single ‘Pra Nao Dizer’, a poignant house offering arriving on Insomniac Records

Raphael Mader – ‘The Blinding EP (with Lopezhouse Remix)’

Raphael Mader is back at Renaissance with ‘The Blinding EP’, complete with an incredible remix from Lopezhouse

Klangkarussell – ‘This Love (feat. Poppy Baskcomb)’

Mellowed tones greet the listener as Klangkarussel’sThis Love’ opens. Poppy Baskcomb’s vocals create a calming space while the rhythmic rolling basslines carry a gentle momentum of warmth. The single is light and cheerful, finding joy in the little moments and showcasing a simple yet elegant production style.

camoufly – ‘Alone’

“‘Alone’ is both the first track I worked on for this EP, and the last to be finished. I’ve been wanting to make something influenced by baile funk for so long, and I think that doing it this way — by using my own signature sounds — was the only way to do it. Oh and did you hear that outro? Those are my two friends Alice and Pedro. I just thought the EP needed a “back to reality” moment, so what’s better than a cute conversation between two lovers at the end of a song?”


*Featured image via DJ Eternity, Motez, Robert Nickson and Maykel Piron*

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