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Binary Finary, Sydney 2018

#TBT | Binary Finary | Classic Trance is Making a Comeback

by Aimee Rivas

Binary Finary are legends in the Trance genre. They’ve been producing some of the BEST Trance tracks for over twenty years! Their release “1998” became the first non-vocal trance single to enter the UK top 40.

The Binary Finary dynamic trio Stuart Matheson, Matt Laws, and Sasha Vatoff are taking their signature sound back on the road for a “Classics Tour”. I’m hoping it takes me back to my early years of Trance when shows were in dark and dingy warehouses and the music is what you really came for! These guys stayed true to the origins of the genre and you can hear it in their sets.

Their hard bass lines and euphoric melodies take you on an unforgettable journey and may even give you nineties flashbacks. With all the cookie cutter EDM acts out there, aren’t you ready for a history lesson? A way to show the youth where it all started?!?

There are so many newbies out there that don’t know where it all began! They were in diapers or maybe not even alive in the eighties and nineties. It’s our duty as the older, somewhat jaded ravers to show these kids where it all came from.

Binary Finary is a perfect example of the classic Trance sound. Their twenty-year “Classic” tour is your chance to open their eyes and ears to the roots of Trance. Give their audible palette a lesson in creativity, euphoria and well-produced emotionally driven music.

This is not just some recycled, generic Trance act; these guys are freakin’ legends! I have the pleasure of checking them out this weekend and can’t wait to be taken back to my youth with their set! High Stress and Replode are two of my absolute favs and I can’t wait to hear if they play them this Saturday! Take a trip back to the golden years of Trance and check their Facebook Event Page for tickets to their “Classics” tour coming to a city near you.

Binary Finary
Binary Finary at Dreamstate SF | Photo Via Insomniac

*Featured image Via Basil Pantazis Photography*

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