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Talking Trance — Past, Present and Future with Jorn van Deynhoven | Interview

by Nadine Pasterczyk

Trance music is filled with emotions and is one of the most soul-fulfilling genres of music to hit the airwaves. There is one DJ and producer that creates music that exemplifies this characteristic and he goes by the name of Jorn van Deynhoven

The legend is back from his hiatus and has come back into the scene swinging. With an upcoming album and the recent release of a brand new single, ‘I Need Your Lovin’ (Like The Sunshine) — Jorn is already ramping up for a huge year. We were lucky enough to sit down with the master of trance music himself at ASOT 950 in Utrecht to chat about his upcoming projects and the year ahead. Here’s what he had to say!

FMF: Hello, this is Nadine from Fresh Music Freaks. I’m sitting here with Jorn van Deynhoven. He is a staple in the trance community and has helped fuel Armada’s success over the years. I’m very proud to be sitting here with this man right now. I have to know. What made you choose trance over every other genre?

Jorn van Deynhoven: Trance comes from the early 90s. I went to a lot of  trance parties in Frankfurt and listened to the music back in the days from Dance to Trance, Jam and Spoon and Sven Väth — he played a lot of trance in the early days. That’s the reason I produce trance today. Trance has something magical inside, you know. It’s all about the emotions. It’s all about love and feelings. It’s hard to describe if you haven’t listened to this genre before. Yea, it’s pure passion —  trance is pure passion for me as a producer, a DJ and as a listener. When I’m finished with everything here tonight I’m going to go into the crowd and really enjoy the party. I’m not this kind of backstage guy, I go into the crowd. 

That’s awesome. And it’s true. I knew trance was my love because when I go into the crowd, it’s goosebumps from the second that I walk in and I just love it. You’ve upgraded a lot of tracks out there too to prove your passion. Having done remixes for RAM, The Space Brothers and even Tiësto. So what is the key to the magic that you sprinkle on these tracks? They’re already great tracks, but you just make them — wow!

I make them better! Nah, I don’t know. The thing is… because of the history I have; I have a good feeling for good, professional trance music. Also, I worked many, many years in a record store. Maybe for about 10 years. This music is in my veins. It’s in my blood. Now when I produce music, I try to produce this kind of stuff in my own style, but I try to make it better than the originals. That’s my mission and I think it works.

It does. It definitely works. I love ALL of your tracks. I’m actually fangirling pretty hard right now. Speaking of your musical talent, you already have a plethora of singles and remixes. Now, you’re working on your first artist album. Tell us a little bit about that process. How is it different than the other previous stuff you’ve done?

The album is a complete other thing. When you’re producing an album, it’s the peak time of your career because it’s like your baby. It’s completely different than doing single releases. It’s a huge project to produce 15 tracks. For me, it took two years. I was out one year because of my illness. So, in only two years’ time to produce 15 tracks — it’s hard work. Especially when you work together with vocalists and songwriters. I’m very proud and excited for this album and I really can’t wait! 

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Yes, I’m excited too! I’m really curious to hear what it’s going to be like. With an album being such a labor of love, it does come with its trials and tribulations. What’s been the hardest part of making the album and what’s been the easiest part to come about?

That’s a good question. The thing is, the whole album process was very easy. It was a nice flow. It was very easy to work with the singer and songwriter. You can’t say it was hard work or easy work. It had a good flow and you can feel it when you listen from track one until track fifteen. My album tells people a story. You’re listening to track one, which is an opening track. It’s nice and harmonious with a nice chord. Then it’s like a ping pong game. You have a vocal trance track and then you have a club track, then you have an interlude track — you come down — and then you have another vocal track, another club track another interlude track until the end. And then at the end, you can listen to a digital love letter. No one has ever produced that before. It’s a love letter with some cool beats. It’s amazing!

That’s really cool! So, you would recommend that we listen to it from start to finish with no interruptions?

Yeah! It’s like a journey and this album is produced in a soft arrangement. It’s not like boom, boom, boom. For example, you have tracks that I produced a few years ago, like ‘Space Girl’. You will not listen to the club track, you will listen to the album version. It’s very interesting.

As soon as it drops, I’m listening to the whole thing straight through. Since we’re sitting here at A State Of Trance — what does trance mean to you? 

Trance is my life. It’s short. Trance is my life. 

That’s the answer. Trance is life. It’s my life too, honestly. My friends have asked me, ‘how can you just listen to it all day — at the gym, in the car, every minute, all day?

Could you listen to heavy metal all day?

No, no, no. 

Same for me. 

There’s so many different versions and sub genres. It’s beautiful. 

It’s peaceful music. 

Yes. It brings prosperity to my mind, it makes me relax, it can make me excited! Trance can do anything. With everything that you have going on 2020, it’s a busy year for you. Where can we see you perform this year?

I had a break of one and a half years. I was mostly focused on my album. When my album is out, we will start an album tour around the world. I got some huge requests for that and we’re sorting everything out right now. The dates that are confirmed already are Luminosity, Electronic Family, a show at Monday Bar, in New York, in Los Angeles and touring in Australia.

You’re coming to New York?!


That’s where I’m from, so I’ll be seeing you in April! One last thing — is there anything that you have to say to your fans?

Thank you so much for listening to my music for so many years. I will really try my best to give you the best of what I have in my mind. I’m always thankful for everyone who has listened to my music. 

Thank you so much, Jorn for sitting down with me today. Your set was great here at ASOT and I’m excited to see you in New York! This is Nadine, signing out. 

*Featured image via Jorn van Deynhoven*

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