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“Take Me Home” “We’ll Always Have This Dance” and We’ll Always Have New Music | Fresh Music Friday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Leaving Laurel – “A Secret Place”

American producers Pierce Fulton and Gordon Huntley aka Leaving Laurel announce their newest EP “A Secret Place“. Leaving Laurel have developed a penchant for introspective melodic electronic. On their formation, the duo writes: “Leaving Laurel is a tale of two old friends connecting musically for the first time after almost a decade. Inspired by recording into an old, thought to be broken, cassette tape player, a new project materialized seemingly out of thin air – something neither of us knew we were looking for.”

deadmau5 & Kiesza – “Bridged by a Lightwave”

To close 2020, deadmau5 returns with a new single “Bridged By A Lightwave” with singer/songwriter Kiesza out now on mau5trap. A seven-minute musical odyssey that has him joining forces with Kiesza on their first-ever collaboration. This release brings him back to the dance floors destined to become another great work in his pantheon of female-fronted collaborations. 

ATTLAS – “Out Here With You”

ATTLAS returns to mau5trap for his second LP this year, “Out Here With You“. Making music for the times, ATTLASnew release is a mellifluous breath of air. He traverses through motifs of helplessness and unfettering positivity in times needed the most. Reflective and serene and a euphonious blend of each imposing facet of the producer’s impressive playbook, this release is ATTLAS at his musical best.

KUU – “We’ll Always Have This”

Exciting new trio KUU return with follow-up single We’ll Always Have This Dance“. This release sees KUU channel the hedonistic beauty of house music’s golden age, combining soul-drenched vocals, euphoric piano chords, and pumping kick drums to masterful effect

Kat Saul – “Made in the 90’s”

Alt-pop darling Kat Saul releases her sophomore EP, “Made in the 90s“. A five-track EP that is a coming of age record that celebrates how the past has made Kat Saul the woman and artist she is today. Saul captures the good, the bad, and the ugly of the human experience.

GusGus – “Higher”

Ever-evolving, unrelenting, and uncompromising electronic powerhouse GusGus continue the celebration of their 25th anniversary with the release of their latest track “Higher“. This is the first single off their forthcoming 2021 album. The nearly four-minute musical endeavor immediately begins with a hypnotically mesmerizing kick drum that builds tension effortlessly with each passing second. The track exemplifies what GusGus does best, it seduces the listener with a captivating groove and serves larger-than-life, unapologetic melodies

PIEM – “Smooth”

Spanish talent Piem returns to Gorgon City’s esteemed label once more for sleek house cut “Smooth“. Piem pairs a funk-fuelled vocal chant with scattered percussion making for an effortless stripped-back house groover. Packed with subtle haunting whispers and climactic synth riffs, “Smooth” is the perfect addition for DJ mixes in the months to come and another reminder that Piem is a firm one to watch.

Shimza – “Calling Out Your Name”

South Africa’s most prolific stars Shimza continues his crusade to promote South Africa’s rich musical heritage with the launch of his new Kunye label. Marking the imprint’s inaugural release, the Gauteng-born artist offers his own stunning three-track “Calling Out Your NameEP, delivering a poignant message of man’s cataclysmic effects on Mother Nature. This release is a conceptual and emotive creation. Reinforced by Shimza’s stirring melodies and captivating musical arrangement, the lyrics cut deep, alluding to the climate crisis and the degenerative state of the earth’s green lungs

KICE – “Bailar”

Chicago based DJ, producer, and entrepreneur KICE has built an impeccable reputation in his home base for blending his electrifying house sets with live instrumental performances. Taking his expertise behind the booth into the studio, Kice has paired up with longtime live collaborator Violin Girl to deliver “BAILAR“. This single is an exceptional bass-rattling piano house cut fueled by a Spanish vocal lead. Inspired by a month-long stint in Mexico’s Isla Mujeres, “BAILAR” encompasses all the elements of a sensual peak-time anthem. The release stays true to its name, delivering unparalleled energy meant to envelop the dancefloor. Meshing the romanticism of Violin Girl’s instrumental with a seductive Spanish chorus, Kice shines in his sophomore single.

Tujamo – “Enough of You”

World-renowned DJ and producer Tujamo reveals his new single “Enough Of You“. The initially dark atmosphere of the song contrasts with the raw nature of the emotional lyrics as the intense soundscape slowly builds up to be an exceptional dance track. The nearly two-and-a-half minute musical endeavor immediately begins with a rich, textured vocal cut alongside a steadily building tension. The infectious rhythm begins to take up much of the sonic space, with the catchy beat and hefty bass drops following not too far behind. The propelling, four-on-the-floor track is a certified dance music hit, a primed dancefloor heater that’s sure to have anyone on their feet in no time!

ford. – “Fruit & Sun”

Fresh from releasing his sophomore album “The Color Of Nothing“, indie-electronic wonderkid ford. returns with the official video for his track Fruit&Sun“. A captivating collection of animated visuals directed by Mitch Pond, the official video uses The Color Of Nothing’s album artwork as its basis, before transforming into a psychedelic, otherworldly visuals that juxtapose dark and light. A perfect match for the track’s delicate keys, flickering samples, and myriad sonic influences. Check out the video HERE.

Belmont Boys – “De Nada”

Belmont Boys are stepping up to Insomniac’s IN / ROTATION imprint with their first standalone single “De Nada“. The house music duo, powered by the pairing of plumpy and Tres Mortimer dominate with a breezy house cut that is surely going to get fans on their feet and on the dancefloor.

Shawn Hook – “Take Me Home”

The multi-platinum Canadian singer, songwriter and performer Shawn Hook has been striving to find new ways to connect in these distant times and it’s the inspiration for his new EP “Take Me Home” out now on Ultra Music. The EP includes a collection of his singles from this year and brand-new tunes. All songs play a part in telling the story of the past years’ personal experiences for Shawn.

Shay De Castro – “Intricacies & Realities”

Trailblazing techno talent Shay De Castro makes her label debut on Spektre’s Respekt Recordings, with “Intricacies & Realities“. Opening with a punishing kick, the six-minute journey begins with oscillating synths accompanied by risers and fluttering percussive elements. Marching onwards to the first build-up, panned melodies collide, creating a delectable atmosphere that ultimately erupts in a cavernous drop dominated by an outrageously gritty lead synth. Serving as a brief respite, the second half of ‘Intricacies & Realities’ taps into De Castro’s trance sensibilities, placing melody front and center. An extended build is met with an echoing climax, one designed for warehouses and sweaty dancefloors. Collapsing the synth, bass, and percussion into one, the track closes with an eerie ringing reminiscent of those first steps outside the club, pierced by both an absence of sound and utter euphoria.

Stuca – “Bust Thru”

This week, STUCA is making his debut appearance on NGHTMRE and SLANDER’s Gud Vibrations imprint with his new single “Bust Thru“.  The young-gun from San Diego has been relentlessly hammering out heavy dubstep joints over the last couple of years and now his new release is a pulverizing cut that puts his grinding sound on display.

Lohrasp Kansara – “I Can’t Tell You”

World-famous actor, model, and DJ, Lohrasp Kansara, continues his meteoric ascent into the dance world, with his long-awaited debut on Kryder’s Sosumi Records label, “I Can’t Tell You”.  Fusing a slick blend of house and tech-house with the frenetic tribal style synonymous with the signature sound of Sosumi, This release showcases Lohrasp’s powerful production prowess

Drives the Common Man – “Night Visions”

Drives The Common Man is a young artist on the rise. He blends his passion for rock and pop and creates nostalgic alternative pop. After teaching himself guitar and piano at the age of 12, Drives The Common Man began to produce and write his own music. “Night Visions“, his self-produced debut single is an upbeat, danceable alt-pop track with juxtaposing lyrics about facing addiction.

Bloody White – “I’m Busy”

20-year old Santa Barbara native, producer, singer, songwriter and beatmaker bloody white returns with his newest singlei’m busy. This new release is a lush, lofi, future bass track focusing on the struggles of the vacuous vanity that is the modern dating scene. The musical multi-hyphenate uses complementary distortion and vinyl fx to add an extra tinge of nostalgia to the already anthemic chorus as he melodically broods on the topic of getting curved.

Snowk – “Under the Moon”

Rising DJs and production duo, Snowk release their latest single, Under The Moonft. J.Lamotta Suzume. The single is part of a series of releases taken from their upcoming album.”Powder” which will be available in January. Their music explores the unique beauty and fragility of a melody and a world of powerful beats. J.Lamotta brings a smooth, RnB laden pop atmosphere with her delicate vocals breathing a flirty tone into the song. This release presents unhurried funky beats that infuse the single with a retro style that meets modern production skills, all wrapped up in an alluring melody.

Featured image | via Shay De Castro, Tujumo, PIEM, and Kat Saul*

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