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Interview - February 12, 2021

Super8 & Tab Bring The Heat With ‘Scorchin’ Sessions Vol. 1’ | Interview

Super8 & Tab set the world on fire with the release of their record label’s debut mix compilation, ‘Scorchin’ Seesions. Vol. 1’.

When you’re on the lookout for scorchin’ hot tunes, any trance and progressive fan knows to turn their ear towards any track that’s released on Super8 & Tab’s record label — Scorchin’ Records. The legendary trance duo started their label a couple years ago and have done nothing but release straight fire. Needless to say, the duo have undoubtedly given their label the proper name. 

Bringing a hot start to 2021 — Super8 & Tab have compiled seventeen top tunes for their record label’s debut compilation album, ‘Scorchin’ Sessions Vol. 1’. The album starts off deep and progressive with BetweenUs’ ‘Lost Island’, and the music guides you as you journey towards more uplifting bangers like HamzeH’sWarlock’.

We were able to have a few words with the duo about how they put the mix compilation together, upcoming releases and so much more. 

FMF: 2019 was an exciting year for the two of you with the onset of your own record label, Scorchin’ Records. 2021 is set out to be just as great with the recent release of your compilation album, ‘Scorchin Sessions Vol. 1’. What inspired you to put together this compilation album?

Super8 & Tab: We have a talented roster of artists and we thought that there isn’t a better way to start 2021 than showcase the music we have planned for this year. Each track has been exclusively created for this album and I’m super proud how it turned out. It’ll be the first of many, we suspect!

This album includes 17 mind-blowing tracks that exude the essence of trance and progressive. How did you choose the songs that went into ‘Scorchin Sessions Vol. 1’?

We reached out to all our artists and a few new ones too. We set the deadline to the end of December and started to work with them. It was fun to see how each artist worked hard to have everything ready by the deadline and how they started to collaborate as well. Felt this was a great team effort! Lastly our job was to put these all together and have this nice little Scorchin’ journey. Super proud of our team and all our artists!

Surely, you’ve both been very busy in the studio yourselves. Can you tell us about what you’ve been cooking up in the Scorchin Kitchen in terms of your own upcoming productions?

When it comes to our own productions we have been working non-stop in HelsinkiVibe studios. We have just released ‘September’ together with Tom Fall and London Thor on Armada Music and we have album news coming up just around the corner. So keep checking at our socials for updates!

Since you both started producing music in the early 2000s as Super8 and DJ Tab, you’ve been renowned as some of the top trance artists. So I must ask — what does trance mean to you?

Trance music has always been close to our hearts and part of each track we have ever produced. We have tried all kinds of things but somehow we keep end up doing trance hahah. That ‘longing’ feeling just needs to be there. And believe me we have tried all kinds of things but we always end up to trance vibes!

Many of us are hoping and wishing that events will soon be available to us again. In the interim, many artists have been doing live streams to help hold us over during these tough times. Are you doing any live streams? If so, where can we catch your sets?

Yes we have! Twitch is a great platform for doing live streams and we love our followers as they are so open minded and welcoming no matter what you play. And the great thing about streaming usually there is no set times, you can play as long as you want to! We have done a few 14 hours sets without planning to go so long. It’s the community that feeds your energy to go that extra mile! We love it!

Finally, I always like to ask this question even though it is a bit controversial. What is your opinion of pineapple on pizza?

Hahaha of course! You cannot go wrong with pineapple, onion, chicken and blue cheese on pizza!

Click the image to listen to ‘Scorchin’ Sessions Vol. 1’ on your favorite streaming platform.

*Featured image via Super8 & Tab*