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Super8 & Tab Tell Us Their Own Little Stories | Interview

by Nadine Pasterczyk

Everyone has their own little stories about how they came to fall in love with trance music. Super8 & Tab recently brought us an album that tells the tales of our love for this genre through the power of music. 

With part one of ‘These Little Stories’ having been released in May; we are greatly anticipating part two. Especially in these times, music has been a healing tool for many and Super8 & Tab’s music is no exception to that rule. We were able to have a few words with the duo about how they’ve gotten themselves through the pandemic thus far, about upcoming releases and much more. 

FMF: In May, you released your album ‘These Little Stories (Part One)’ which is a spectacular showcase of tunes. What inspired this album?

Super8 & Tab: We were lucky to travel all around the world to play in different festivals and clubs and we have met so many people which some of them we can call our close friends these days. It’s been amazing to hear stories of how music has helped them to get through some difficult times for example or how they met their partner on the dance floor while some of our tracks were playing. So the album is dedicated to all these people and their stories. Those really inspire us to work hard day in and day out in the studio.

I know this is a tough question, but if each of you had to choose your favorite tune off the album. Which would it be and why?

Haha! We get this a lot and it really depends on the day and mood. To answer right now I think for me ‘Live For Tonight‘ featuring Jess Ball and for Miika (shouting from the other side of the studio) says ‘Leka’ with Armin van Buuren.

This album and your recent releases have helped me and many others through these tough times. What have you been doing to stay sane throughout the pandemic?

Yeah, we are living exceptional times. Luckily the situation in Finland has been a bit better than most of the countries, possibly because we have a small population and during the summer people go out to their summer houses. Let’s see how it is in the coming months but we only have to keep positive thinking and we know people are working non-stop to find some kind of cure which will hopefully help to get over this. All we can say is keep in touch with your friends and families, they will be happy to hear from you so give them a call when you can!

With all this extra time spent not touring, I’m sure you’ve had a bunch of studio time. Can you tell us a little bit about some of your upcoming productions?

This was also a good time to do nothing and spend time with the family and friends. So actually we shutdown the studio for a few weeks and only got back to studio mode a few weeks ago. We are back on working Part 2 of ‘These Little Stories’ which is almost done and the next single ‘Cova‘ is coming out on Friday September 18th.

A lot of artists have started streaming on Twitch to keep fans in the loop with new music and as a source of having “live” music. Have you been doing this as well? If so, when can we watch your live-streams?

Yes we have and we started doing extra long sets, like 10 to 14 hours which was really fun as the Twitch community is so fun and active! On September 18th we are back with a special event with Trance Family San Francisco and with artists from our Scorchin’ Records label so make sure to tune in then. Twitch links below:

Super8 & Tab // Scorchin’ Records // Trance Family San Francisco

Many of us are highly anticipating the moment we can be back at a festival or club. What’s going to be the first track you play when you’re back on stage?

You know what, we actually played a show in Helsinki last weekend and we started with our collaboration with FatumClose My Eyes‘. It was sooo good to hear those tunes on a big sound system! 

Click the image to listen to Super8 & Tab’s latest single, ‘Cova’.

*Featured image via Super8 & Tab*

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