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‘Stepback’ And ‘Find Your Harmony’ With This Week’s ‘Unique’ Records | ICYMI Monday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff
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Purple Haze x Ferry Corsten – ‘Flanging’

For the first UNITY release of the new decade, Ferry Corsten teamed up with none less than Sander van Doorn under his Purple Haze alias! Both have been making waves in the scene for so long that it was only a matter of time before they would put their forces together and create a monster record that is ‘Flanging’. Flanging features a strong, wide-open break and a drop full electric synths to highlight every set.

Flanging by sander Van Doorn and ferry Corsten is out now

Armin van Buuren – ‘Balance (Remixes, Pt. 4)’

Chalking up another one for the remix series, the fourth part showcases three high-energy takes of Armin van Buuren’sBalance’ singles. Featuring the signature treatments of Third Party, Madison Mars and Jamis applied to respectively ‘All Comes Down’, ‘Million Voices’ and ‘Waking Up With You’, this remix package is poised to deliver mainstage carnage on a regular basis.

Rodg – ‘Crossroads’

Premiered at ASOT Bay Area in B2B fashion with label boss Ruben de Ronde, Rodg’sCrossroads’ marks another top-notch piece of progressive from the Dutchman. With time-stepping arpeggios, raw bass and breathtaking harmonies, this track is a genuine anthem meant for the biggest stages in the world.

Andrew Rayel – ‘Find Your Harmony Volume 1’

Comprising the creative efforts of established artists and young, emerging talent alike, ‘Find Your Harmony Volume 1’ shines a light on the vision of Andrew Rayel and his inHarmony label through an array of top-drawer Trance tracks. From the album’s more melodic, progressive-oriented Light Side to the faster BPMs and techy influences in the Dark Side, the series’ inaugural edition is brimming with personal picks, crowd favorites and noteworthy cuts from some of the imprint’s finest, all of which are slated for prime-time plays at all of the Find Your Harmony shows to come throughout 2020. ‘Find Your Harmony Volume 1’ is all about giving a platform to those who deserve it, and it’s bound to set the stage for something even bigger as all nineteen tracks are given a chance to properly unfold.

Ben Gold x Allen Watts – ‘Stepback’

With a pairing like this, what else is there to expect but a scorching speaker buster? After linking up together for their Beatport Trance #1 charting remix of DJ Kim’sJetlag’, the two Trance titans, Ben Gold and Allen Watts relight the fire to deliver ‘Stepback’ as their next monumental Trance anthem. Mainstage carnage ensured.

Stepback by Allen Watts and Ben Gold is out now!

Super8 & Tab x Christina Novelli – ‘Rooftops’

Memories of bygone days wrapped in Trance-tinged goodness, ‘Rooftops’ sees two of Trance’s finest acts join forces for the first time ever. With Super8 & Tab’s signature melodies and bassline providing the perfect foundation for Christina Novelli’s inspiring vocals and grade A songwriting to land on, this track equals Vocal Trance on a whole new level.

Alpha 9 – ‘Dreams’

While 2019’s ‘Before The Dawn’ (feat. Kameron Alexander) showcased ALPHA 9’s darker side, ‘Dreams’ is a return to the effortlessly catchy riffs that made him such a beloved act. With Miami Music Week just around the corner, it’s a reminder of the sun-soaked tracks that have made Artem such a revered producer.

Euphonic Visions – ‘Panorama 01’

Enlisting the sounds of various artists, Euphonic Records own sublabel Euphonic Visions gives us a compilation of progressive and deep trance tracks that flow seamlessly like a stream of timeless tunes. Chill out, relax and catch the vibes with ‘Panorama 01’. 

Loud Luxury x CID – ‘Nights Like This’

Released in the wake of their recent single ‘Cold Feet’ — ‘Nights Like This’ is the first-ever crossbreed masterpiece between Loud Luxury and the American GRAMMY winner, CID. Steeped in pop appeal, infectious top lines and dance-floor-tailored grooves, the record brings with it a natural effervescence tailored to dance music today.

Jam & Spoon – ‘Right In The Night (Remixes)’

This month Black Hole Recordings takes Jam & Spoon’s once-breakout/now best-known-for — ‘Right In The Night’ and rolls it a remix double-six. They’ve enlisted the redoubtable skills of Johan Gielen and Morttagua, who’ve sent it along some markedly different strasses and autobahns, recasting ‘Right’ for their own night.

Tchami – ‘Ghosts’

Paris-born DJ and producer Tchami has kicked off the new decade with the release ‘Ghosts’. This track is underpinned by a stunning, delicate female vocal that dances amongst steady kick drums and fluttering synths to form a slice of deep house perfection.

Jonas Blue x Paloma Faith – ‘Mistakes’

“‘Mistakes’ is such a special one for me, I’ve wanted to work with Paloma Faith for a long time, and this just connected the dots for us to be able to collaborate in a perfect way. I’m happy I managed to get some influences in there from my UK House and Garage upbringing too.”

Jonas Blue

Shapov – ‘Chasing Shadows (feat. Cal)’

From the emotive instrumental backdrop to Cal’s stricken vocals, Shapov’s brand-new offering on Armada Music tugs at the heart strings from the first second till the last. With touching lyrics and stirring melodies, ‘Chasing Shadows’ may help you find the light when only the darkness is around.

Gattüso – ‘Walk On Water (feat. Kat Nestel)’

Following a freshly signed deal with famed NYC-based label, Ultra Music, GATTÜSO shares his new single, ‘Walk On Water’ featuring Kat Nestel. ‘Walk On Water’ merges a massive piano house melody and peak time beats with Kat Nestel’s intense vocals. Destined to be a Miami Music Week anthem, this song will have you walking on…no dancing in the water (at a pool party, that is).


The enigmatic duo PRAANA has emerged as one of Colorize’s most exciting new acts. They follow up previous LEVV collaboration ‘Mirrors’ with the brand new single ‘I Am’ — a thrilling release that continues to show how PRAANA is shaking up the world of house music in remarkable fashion. With the release of “I Am,” PRAANA continues to forge a meaningful and different path in electronic music. The duo anchor their value and their music in spiritual practices and Buddhist-like teaching, which emanates through their music and social media presence.

PLS&TY – ‘I Miss You (feat. Alex Aiono x Wififuneral)’

Alex Aiono’s crisp melodies and vocal delivery perfectly inspire the wandering thoughts of lost love in ‘I Miss You’. Along with a fly dive from Wififuneral’s edgy rap verse, PLS&TY manages to elevate electronic music to a higher level of storytelling and bring together artists from their unique respective genres, bridging the gaps through a love song.

Disclosure – ‘Ecstasy’

Disclosure returns with the five-song EP ‘Ecstasy’ and a series of global tour dates. The GRAMMY-nominated U.K. duo – comprising brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence – has released a track every day this week, culminating with the unveiling of ‘Get Close’, the song that closes out the EP.

Bob Sinclair – ‘I Feel For You (Mercer Remix)’

French DJ and producer Mercer ​has remixed ​Bob Sinclar​’s 2000 classic ​‘I Feel For You’​. The remix comes on the 20th anniversary of the iconic original track. He delivers a deeper, more bass-driven take while losing none of the disco-house magic that made ‘I Feel For You’ ​so infectious. 

Rocket Pengwin – ‘Unique’

Stemming from the creative vision of multifaceted producer and performer Eddie Sears, the Rocket Pengwin project serves as a storytelling vehicle to examine life as an outsider just trying to fit in. ‘Unique’ fits right into this imagery with relatable lyrics and a “unique” production as a befitting background to the story being told.

Kyle Watson x Grandma – ‘Break The Fall’

Innovative dance and electronic label, Parametric Records, has released a feel-good and dance-floor ready single ‘Break The Fall’ by Kyle Watson and Grandma. ‘Break The Fall’ features Kyle Watson’s irresistible pulsing beats with Grandma’s genre-defying and alluring vocals.

kLL sMTH – ‘Decoy’

Colorado’s kLL sMTH is a low-end architect who has been constructing killer bass tunes for almost a decade now. He has been really honing in on the half-time vibe in recent times, which he repped to the max via his label debut on Bassrush Records last year with his single ‘Hype Chug’. Now, he is following up that release with a more traditional drum and bass tear-out this week with a proper D&B workout by the name of ‘Decoy’. 

Chee – ‘Vultures’

“I’m pleased to announce the release of my most anticipated single ‘Vultures’. This song means the world to me, it’s a body of work I‘ve made that blends the world of dance music that people love and experimental energy that resonates with me emotionally. Two worlds that collide that that fits like a puzzle. I hope you guys enjoy it, a journey, a stomper and a mind-bender.”


*Featured image via Ben Gold, Allen Watts, Ferry Corsten and Sander van Doorn*

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