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Step Your Shuffle Game Up With B Steps | The Most Comfortable Fest Boots EVER!

by Jennifer Fall
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I have spent 32 years in the dance world in one way or another. Half of my life was spent honing my skills in Ballet, Tap, and Jazz… working with some of the most amazing coaches a young tween or teenager would ever wish to work with. Heels were never incorporated into my dance acumen until I accidentally walked into an Arthur Murray at age 22 and found Ballroom Dancing. My life was completely altered. I turned in my ballet flats for rhinestoned heels.

The ballroom became my life, my pursuit of happiness, and my career. I’m thankful to say that even through all of the blood sweat and tears… that the most difficult part of dancing Latin, Rhythm, or Smooth was always the pain after a competition from dancing in heels.

Yes, That’s me when I’m not at a Festival

I attended my first rave in 2001, a few years before I hit the ballroom floor. This was the era of JNCOs, visors with star clips, and crop tops. As a dancer, I would typically be found on the floor cutting a rug instead of just chatting away. Electronic music gave me a safe space to utilize my dancing in a non-choreographed way. It was freeing, completely overwhelming, and it was freaking awesome. No one cared how you danced, who you were, what you did for work, or where you came from. (It is a shame I came before the era of Go-Go dancing, because my life may have been very different).

Flash forward a decade later, and the festival scene exploded. Venues were larger, and the terrain for dancing became unpredictable. As a self-proclaimed festy queen, I had been looking for a pair of shoes that could not only last more than two to three festivals, but not stick to any particular surface, and mold to my feet like a glove. Heels for this purpose are a BIG fat No No. The myriad of sneakers I tried, although comfortable, were not the best to move in unless they were broken in and hanging by a thread. I tried the tall boots… cumbersome, and ill-advised to attempt dancing of any particular caliber, lest you prefer breaking your ankle at a fest (although those platforms are amazing to see over the crowd).

Fresh Music Freaks
Fresh Music Freaks and B Steps

So what is a ballroom dancer, turned festival queen to do about proper foot attire? My saving grace came a few months ago when a dance boot company came across my Facebook network. They looked fashionable, and more importantly COMFORTABLE. I was in Orlando for a competition and I wanted to see exactly what they felt like on before I committed to purchasing. (I’m a try before you buy type of girl). I took an Uber 35 minutes into Downtown Orlando to check out the newest company on the market for Ballroom boots, B Steps. I purchased a pair and took them home for a major trial run on the dancefloor… and into the festival world.

To say these particular boots are comfortable is an understatement. They were custom-designed for the dancer in mind, but I wondered… how would they hold up in the festival world? In a nutshell… these shoes are indestructible. I spent five total festivals wearing these, all while dancing with my clients, and they haven’t even scuffed. B Steps were designed by a dancer and passionate lady, Caroline Castille, who spent countless hours creating their unique polymer indoor/outdoor soles built for dancing of any kind.

b steps
B Steps Festival Boots

So what would any Festy kid do with these… well, learn to SHUFFLE (poorly) of course! I swear I still look like I’m doing the running man, but I must say that these boots won’t quit. They mold to your feet like an impervious second skin… one I’m grateful to not only dance on the pavement with, but on grass, through mud, and even salt and ice. They have served me well. I’ve never had a pair of festival shoes last me longer. Safe to say I’ve found my match with B Steps.

Want a pair of your own? Click HERE for more information and use the code FRESHMUSICFREAKS… and someone PLEASE teach me to shuffle! I am embarrassed to have all the equipment, yet possess minimal skills in that arena. MC Hammer life…here I COME!

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