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‘Stay’ And Listen To This Week’s Music To ‘Feel Again’ | Fresh Music Friday

by Guest Contributor

Armin van Buuren – ‘Feel Again (feat. Wrabel)’

The theme song of his This Is Me – Feel Again shows, Armin van Buuren’sFeel Again’ perfectly captures the aftermath of a wasted love and the overwhelming numbness it causes. Helmed by heartfelt lyrics, Wrabel’s soaring vocals, and a strong production that fuels the desire to regain what was lost, this anthem will give listeners goosebumps all over every time it’s played.

Tom Exo – ‘Invictus’

German producer, Tom Exo strikes back on ZYX Trance with ‘Invictus’ following his well-received track, ‘Tachyons’. He uses pumping kicks, rough aggressive basslines and fearless acid lines. The cinematic breakdown is super long with sensitive orchestral strings and a variety of hair raising synths reflecting a deeply emotional state. The gargantuan climax provides a very memorable sonic experience sure to echo at summer trance festivals and nights by the ocean.

Mr Sam – ‘Opus 5’

“The result of a good few months of hard work. I wanted to make the album [‘Opus 5’] of my dreams, without any artistic constraints. I am lucky that my label Black Hole Recordings gave me 100% carte blanche to do so, and supported me right to the end in order to realise it. I didn’t want to make any musical concessions, which is a lux these days… So, I indulged myself and made the album I wanted to make. 

Musically, it goes from ambient, to breakbeat to house, and further into progressive and trance. I feel this is by far my best mix album to date and I’m exceedingly proud of it. One particular thing I’d also like to point out is that 100% of the tracks on the limited edition double 12” release have never been released on vinyl before. Included in that you will find, exclusively, the legendary SASHA together with Franky Wah, which I am particularly delighted about!”

Mr Sam

Ben Gold – ‘Nostalgia’

Ben Gold’sNostalgia’ is one of the most tantalizingly euphoric cuts taken from his second album, ‘Rest Of Our Lives’. With a cascading melody, warm pads and a breakdown that has fans reaching for the stars, this track is exactly the kind of classic trance the U.K. DJ and producer is known for.

Rozalla – ‘Everybody’s Free (Paul Oakenfold Nu Rave Remix)’

Filled with rapid-fire breakbeats, shimmering synths, and a deep, pulsating bassline, the Paul Oakenfold Nu Rave Remix of ‘Everybody’s Free’ finds the sweet spot between rave energy and dancefloor euphoria.

D72 x Natalie Gioia – ‘For Our Freedom’

It scarcely needs saying that Natalie Gioia’s words and song on ‘For Our Freedom’ are as heartfelt as they come. That she and D72 (producer Dirk Wershofen) have managed to create something so beautiful, transcending the ugliness of war, is a triumph of the human spirit. Framed in the form of a from-daughter-to-mother letter, ‘For Our Freedom’s title reaches straight to the heart of the matter, as Natalie relates her hopes for Ukraine’s future.

boerd – ‘Stay (feat. Stella Explorer)’

Stay’ is the third release on Above & Beyond’s newly launched downtempo imprint Reflections and marks the second collaborative single between boerd and longtime friend, singer-songwriter Stella Explorer.

Concret – ‘La Llorana’

“‘La Llorona’ is an antique Mexican tale that finds its roots in the pre-hispanic legend of Chokani, in Nahuatl language. Together with Carlito Dalceggio writing the poem and painting the visual imaginary of the modern Llorona, we tried to give a new identity to the legend behind the story. We finally found its voice with the spoken interpretation of the poem by the great Golshifteh Farahani.”


Chicane – ‘Offshore (Evolution Mixes)’

Hands down the most revered track from Chicane’sFar From The Maddening Crowd’, the iconic ‘Offshore’ is making its grand return for the 25th Anniversary Edition of his 1997 debut album. From Chicane’s own breakbeat-infused Evolution Mix to the more energetic and outspoken rendition created under his Disco Citizens moniker, this two-part resurrection of one of Trance’s all-time classics will surely be met with sparkling eyes and broad smiles.

Mephisto – ‘State Of Mind (Gorgon City Renaissance Remix)’

Gorgon City’s Renaissance Remix of ‘State Of Mind’ wastes no time with its update. Continuing the style and sound of Kye and Matt, the track is a deep, peak time monster that injects bass, an unforgettable acid mid and deep horns to dramatic effect.

Sven Lochenhoer – ‘It Knows’

Sven Lochenhoer has been a consistent character among the flock, popping up on various Dirtybird compilations and sub labels over the years. Diving into the depths of house music, Sven Lochenhoer’s ‘It Knows’ EP is reminiscent of Dirtybird’s 2005 origins. Thoughtfully produced, the EP consists of its edgy, club-centered title track and experimental downtempo companion ‘Rain Check’. Each layered with gentle piano melodies, warm basslines, and wonky vocal effects, Lochenhoer has crafted an intricate duality through this two-track project. 

Callie Reiff – ‘Arms Length’

“I had been wanting to work with a more indie vocalist for a minute and once I heard Lia’s super cool-toned voice, I knew she would be perfect.  ‘Arm’s Length’ – gives you this sort of confidence, in a sense, that you can do with or without a person and have gained an awareness that you can learn to let go and just see what happens. We all hold things or people at a distance to protect ourselves, but what if we just let them in and let ourselves not be so cautious for once?? The lyrics ‘feel so close to me / walk all over me’ really sums it up. This one has been a while in the making and I hope it makes you just want to have fun!!”

Callie Reiff

Trey Mirror – ‘Gold & Green’

The final single to see release ahead of Trey Mirror’sMoment EP’, ‘Gold & Green’ is a blend of sonic color listeners won’t easily find elsewhere. Graced with slowly arpeggiated melodies, ethereal vocal tones and soft grooves, this track is an absolute delight to the ears.

moby x aynzli jones – ‘medusa’

always centered at night – a brand new record label created by moby, the multi-platinum selling, multi-award-winning singer, songwriter, producer, novelist, and animal rights activist – will not be going for a billion streams on Spotify. And there is a constant subtext within the DNA of the label: moby’s great disdain for what he calls: “our current, fear-driven, algorithmic-based culture.” always centered at night will be a new kind of record label that ignores that idea, completely. He’s dropped his first release under this new label — ‘medusa’ in collaboration with Aynzli Jones

Purity Ring – ‘Graves’

“This song [‘Graves’] has been haunting us for 8 straight years so we’re very glad to let it be heard. We hope it brings you as much joy as it has now brought us. Thank you for listening and please enjoy the beautiful music video about human cells.”

Purity Ring

Sparkee – ‘Feel Alive’

Canadian producer and guitarist Sparkee just dropped his new track – ‘Feel Alive’, which is a feel-good showcase of his signature sound. It rides on groovy melodies infused with a nu-disco feel, combined with funky touches like the electric guitar solo, and topped off with sultry and soulful vocals. The combination creates a vibe that makes you want to grab that special someone and get on the dance floor, especially since the lyrics are all about the beginnings of a new romance when you just can’t get enough of one another.

partywithray – ‘LA’

Summer on the West Coast starts with partywithray and his new single ‘LA’! The pulsing tech house track releases via producer and DJ Wenzday’s label and collective 40oz Cult, on the third installment of their ‘Death By House Music’ series. 

Kah-Lo – ‘Drag Me Out (Billen Ted Remix)’

Taking the party up a notch, Billen Ted have brought a darker edge to ‘Drag Me Out’. Flooded with ominous basslines and rhythmic four-on-the-floor percussion, the remix is a playful contrast to Kah-Lo’s original. Destined for the dancefloor, Billen Ted’s tech-house rendition amplifies the essence of Kah-Lo’s club-ready mentality.

informal – ‘favorite places’

“I wrote this song [‘favorite places’] about going back to the places you used to visit with that special person in your life. You go back now, searching for that same feeling, but it just isn’t there. It’s about giving new meaning to places that once held an emotional connection that shifted through heartbreak.”


*Featured image via Armin van Buuren, Ben Gold, Paul Oakenfold and boerd*

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