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Tour - March 11, 2019

Prepare for the Lasers 👽 | Space Jesus Is On The Move In North America!


Space Jesus is kicking off the West Coast leg of “The Temple of Noom” tour with a talented field of supporting artists including Minnesota, Buku, Of The Trees, Huxley Anne, Sayer, and Toadface.  The Noom crew will be jetting around the states like some heckin’ instagram celebrities (finally rich), in a brand new bus complete with a custom stage designed by Tyler Ellis!  Get your pinecones ready folks; this is sure to be one for the books!

Space Jesus sounds pretty excited to share his top-secret alien transmissions with us all,  and I couldn’t be more excited to be flown to the Noom by some of bass music’s most creative minds! 

To hear it in his words-

“Space Jesus is the feeling you get when
you travel through a wormhole in a fresh pair of Jordans. Currently
residing in Boulder, CO, Jasha Tull was born in New Jersey and raised
on hip hop. With his alarm set to NYC’s Hot 97 throughout elementary
school, Jasha started making beats at a young age, and created Space
Jesus as a vessel to express his personal experiences through music.
With a focus on alien basslines, gangster beats, and future feels, the
Spaceman imprints his signature sound onto each genre he graces. After
building a reputation for his dynamic live performances, and with
appearances at Tomorrowworld, Shambhala, Mysteryland, and beyond under
his belt, Space Jesus continues to explore the auditory universe in
search of lower frequencies.”

Don’t sleep on your chance to catch a probably shoeless Jasha laying down some of the spaciest wubs this spring!  I guarantee your local wooks will be attending at least two ceremonies, and so should you!  Head over to Space Jesus’ tour page here to find a stop in your city!