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Music Festivals - News - January 11, 2019

Sonic Bloom Artist Spotlight | Yheti, Patron Saint of Peculiarity

I've got my hopes up for a Yheti b2b Khiva set at Sonic Bloom Festival--two of my favorite artists right now!

It’s incredibly difficult to place the music produced by 29 year old Ohio native Tyler Yheti into a single creative box, but in the most general of terms, one could describe his sound as absolute strangeness bent into beauty. It is not unfair to say that electronic music (as with any genre) has its fair share of uninspired money chasers and sellouts; if there is a single polar opposite to those hucksters, it’s Yheti. Following a robust year of touring (and triangular ceremonies) in 2018, Yheti is poised to have a strong 2019 in which us freaks can expect more of the strange.

Any last minute show announcements notwithstanding, my first opportunity to see the patron saint of peculiarity in 2019 will be at Sonic Bloom Festival. This year, Bloomers have another eclectic lineup to look forward to, featuring many less conventional acts in the vein of Yheti. While the chances are not high, I have my hopes up for some sort of collaboration between Yheti and Khiva, one of my favorite underground artists right now. Listen to “Gang” by Khiva.  As exciting as that pipe dream becoming reality would be for me, I’d still “settle” for a Yheti sunrise set, a thing of legend within Wakaan obsessed circles that I have not yet had the chance to experience.

Regardless of any special sets we may be gifted, we can all expect to leave Yheti’s performance with a big smile, albeit a bit spun out. I’ve had the pleasure of catching 3 (!) Yheti sets in the past. Each time was musically distinct from the others, but a couple things stayed the same. For instance, the grin Yheti wore on his face. I’ve always been taken aback by how visibly happy he is to share his amazing music with us freaks. As someone who has lurked for ages in his Yheti clan and children of the triangle groups on Facebook, I can comfortably say that in addition to creating some of the best music in the game, Yheti treats his fans with as much respect and kindness as any performer I’ve seen in any genre.

If you couldn’t tell by now, I am a massive fan of Yheti… and you should be too!!! Just check out his 2017 Shambhala set and you’ll see why. Don’t miss your chance to experience what promises to be a powerful performance at Sonic Bloom this year!

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