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Seven Lions playing at Sun City Music Festival 2016

Genre Blending Seven Lions Prowls Into Festival Season

by Gavin McDermott

Given the artist’s immense talent and vast musical range, you could be forgiven for mistaking Seven Lions as literally being seven people. But it is all the work of Jeff Montalvo, who has been producing sensational tracks under the name Seven Lions for nearly 10 years now. His remixes of Myon‘s “Omen in the Rain” and “Beautiful” first drew me to his work, and recent releases like “Island” featuring Nevve, “Rush Over Me” and his “Start Again” EP have made him a personal favorite of mine.

Seven Lions grew up playing guitar and bass and has retained a love of Metal. He lists several Heavy Metal bands as his favorite artists. Jeff eventually transitioned into Electronic Dance Music and solo work because he “got tired of waiting for my band all the time.” He released his first music as Seven Lions in 2010 and soon found success when his remix of Above and Beyond‘s “You Got To Go” took over the charts. Soon after his first EP, “Polarise” on Viper Recordings stormed the EDM world and set him on the path to stardom. The past few years have seen Seven Lions’ biggest moments to date. In February of 2018, Jeff founded his own record label, Ophelia, releasing his first single from the label “Calling you Home” and soon after an EP titled “Ocean“.

The first thing anyone will notice at a Seven Lions show is the wide range of genres he plays, which includes anything from heavy-hitting Dubstep tracks to emotional Trance melodies to high energy Psytrance tunes. The true talent that underlies all of Seven Lions’ work is masterfully blending those different sounds into mind-blowing sets where all the tracks build towards a common feeling and never feel out of place. But no matter the genre Seven Lions is mixing, his driving vision and passion are what give his sets a unified, vibrant soul.

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Throughout his career, Seven Lions has caught the attention of huge artists across a wide field of genres. And in the past few years, he’s collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry like Illenium, SLANDER, Myon, Kill The Noise, and Tritonal. However, in his Reddit AMA Seven Lions said he prefers to work alone on tracks to fulfill his specific vision. Recently he has focused on a “thematic EP format” to capture specific feelings through a group of tracks. No matter the genre, that vision and passion are what gives his work a vibrant soul.

You can catch Man Crush Monday’s Seven Lions at Shambhala Music Festival 2020 or at The Gorge Amphitheatre for Chronicles Chapter III.

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