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‘Runaway’ ‘For The Night’ And Listen To This Week’s New Music | ICYMI Monday

by Guest Contributor

Armin van Buuren x Vini Vici – ‘Yama (feat. Tribal Dance x Natalie Womba)’

Armin van Buuren and Vini Vici let their globally renowned signature sounds collide for a third time with the ground-shaking ‘Yama’ featuring Tribal Dance and Natalie Wamba. From the uplifting and openhearted intro to the inevitably colossal beat drop, this track is able to cause some serious dance floor damage with every play.

Orjan Nilsen x Mark Sixma – ‘Pantheon’

Teaming up for a mighty collaboration, trance titans Orjan Nilsen and Mark Sixma drop their explosive cut ‘Pantheon’ on Armada Music. Taking listeners on an immersive journey, the pair build a rapturous sonic environment with celestial synths and trance sensibilities before incorporating a heavy bassline that draws the track to a close.

Benny Benassi – ‘Let Me Go (feat. NE-YO)’

Let Me Go’ marks the first time the two major artists have worked together. Created during the pandemic, NE-YO and Benny Benassi traded files digitally pinging the song back and forth between American and European continents which resulted in the pop crossover track heard today. The dance floor burner, produced by Benassi and his BB Team in Italy, is highlighted by the R&B superstar’s powerful performance of asking to be let go by an unrequited love.

DVBBS – ‘Sleep’

“‘Sleep’ is a capsule that describes all the dreams we’ve had over the last year made into music. Every song on this body of work represents a different dream.”


STANDERWICK – ‘I Can Be Your Lover (feat. AIDYL)’

Teaming up for a scintillating collaboration, UK-based producer STANDERWICK and vocalist AIDYL deliver ‘I Can Be Your Lover’ on Armind. Combining soaring vocals and celestial synths across a raw bassline, this masterful cut finds the perfect balance between dark and light elements and will work its magic on dancefloors and airwaves alike.

Omnia x IRA – ‘The Fusion (Blastoyz Remix)’

Harshly thrusting Omnia and IRA’s popular creation into the psy realm, Israeli producer Blastoyz delivers a remix destined to wreck even the sturdiest sound systems. Throwing the accelerated melody in with the devastating bass and piercing synths, this rendition of ‘The Fusion’ is sure to push clubbers to the brink of insanity.

Paipy – ‘Celestia’

The Italian DJ and producer Paipy continues his stream of great releases with ‘Celestia’ on ZYXTrance. Anthemic uplifting euphoric trance at its very best with a tough chunky groove, thumping beefy beats and a long breakdown that arrives quite early with sugar sweet piano melodies and cool synthy rays to light up the night and let your mind flow and dive deep into its luscious atmosphere. The climax is euphoric and anthemic as you wish to get from any well-produced trance record. ‘Celestia’ is a must add trance anthem for your trance playlists.

Maison Ware – ‘Bring Me To Life (feat. Fluir)’

“‘Bring Me To Life’ is a very important record to me. It’s about overcoming the darkness and looking towards the bright dawn on the horizon. I aim to make music with substance and take listeners on a journey whilst telling my  story. When I discovered Fluir on Spotify, I had already been a fan of her music without fully knowing it. Her song ‘Just Us’ was actually my breakup record, so working with her was full circle for me. After finding out we lived in the same city, we jumped in the studio, and Fluir’s enticing vocals brought the record to life.”

Maison Ware

Toby Romeo – ‘Reminds Me Of You (feat. Moss Kena)’

Opening with a light-hearted melody that swells with vivacious energy, ‘Reminds Me Of You’ embodies all the hallmarks of a classic Toby Romeo tune. The young producer has a knack for blending raw emotion with upbeat soundscapes, creating an immersive sonic experience for the listener. Toby Romeo’s catchy melody seamlessly complements the poignant vocals from Moss Kena as the pair come together to deliver an unforgettable anthem about the trials of heartbreak. 

H3NRY THR!LL – ‘For The Night’

H3nry Thr!ll continues to break boundaries and develop his own unique aesthetic with new track ‘For The Night’. This latest addition to an already impressive discography sees the teenage prodigy combine elements of dark trap with a powerful electronic climax, creating the sound of dystopia within a concise and catchy track. 

French Braids x George Maple – ‘Heartbeat’

Soundtracking the consequence of a broken connection, French Braids and George Maple’s Heartbeat’ finds itself at the crossroads of a fleeting love. Immaculately capturing the powerlessness when a romance is falling apart, this track inevitably hits home like no other.

R3HAB x Sigala x JP Cooper – ‘Runaway (Weird Genius Remix)’

After releasing dance-pop fusion ‘Runaway’ with Sigala and JP Cooper, R3HAB’s summertime anthem and the first track from his forthcoming 3rd album, it receives a unique remix from upcoming sensations Weird Genius. The original’s soulful vocals still shine through on the opening, but the twist comes in Weird Genius’s gritty, bass-centric touch. The talented newcomers incorporate stabbing synths and wobbly basslines that lend a darker but still high-energy element to the track. If the original serves as a heartfelt and inspiring message about chasing your dreams, Weird Genius’s remix is the after-dark version where those dreams become hedonistic temptations.

Kevin Knapp – ‘Worldwide’

Desert Hearts exudes a colorful aura of good vibes and swaggerific music, so the DH family will surely welcome the latest EP by esteemed producer, Kevin Knapp. The UK-inspired ‘Worldwide’ EP delivers a more minimal approach for the vibrant label, but finds uniformity in its identity as a welcoming dance floor banger.

Elephante – ‘Heavy Glow’

“‘Heavy Glow’ is about identity. It’s about coming to terms with who you are compared to who everyone else sees you as or expects you to be. ‘Heavy Glow’ became a metaphor for the part of you that shines through in the nighttime, and can be hard for other people to really see. It can feel like a huge weight on your shoulders, but ultimately defines who you are.”


Mister Ruiz – ‘Easy’

Easy’ kicks off with a palpably intoxicating rhythm before introducing the track’s emotive and resonating vocals. Bringing forth a propelling spirit with the lyrics “it used to be easy”, the song builds with a bouncy bassline, creating a captivating sonic experience primed to keep listeners engaged throughout the duration. ‘Easy’ is characterized by propulsive energy and melodic sensibilities, showcasing Mister Ruiz’s effortlessly masterful production in both the extended version and the radio cut.


A South American indigenous colloquialism meaning magic song, ‘ICARO‘ as a track lives up to this description. TIBASKO’s creations hold depth in their musical experiences that includes impressive global travels, allowing them to explore elements of breakbeat, melodic house, more techno sounds, world music and original instrumentation. In ‘ICARO’ they further demonstrate their intention to create powerful, club ready techno destined for big room dancefloors and festivals alike.

Lubelski x Claude VonStroke – ‘Ice Cream Cones (feat. Life On Planets)’

Ice Cream Cone’ is the second release from Lubelski’s forthcoming album ‘Happy Accidents’, out November 12th on DIRTYBIRD. ‘Ice Cream Cone’ is a smooth and sultry single that features Lubelski’s modular complexity and Claude VonStroke’s minimal club simplicity, taken to a whole new level by breakthrough vocalist Life on Planets.

Takis – ‘Season 1: Welcome Home’

“The day I started making music, I had a confusing love-hate relationship with my hometown that I couldn’t seem to shake. It seemed like I was alone in this, but when I started working with other artists, I came to realize that they all had their own stories from their upbringing and that everybody wants to become their own person. That’s what this album [‘Season 1: Welcome Home’] and career chapter represents for me, and I hope to be moving forward each and every season to show growth and to allow my fans to be part of an evolving story. One down, nine seasons to go, haha!”


Parra for Cuva – ‘Juno (Remixes)’

Following the acclaimed release of his latest album, Parra for Cuva continues expanding Juno’s horizons offering up its tracks for seven fellow producers to remix. ‘Juno (Remixes)’, out today, contains impressive reworks by renowned musicians Henry Green, Max Cooper, Aparde, Innellea, Rezident, Robot Koch and Brandt Brauer Frick.

Jaffna – ‘Roots’

Jaffna traverse the territories of music as they embrace the light and friendly, provide a platform for social metamorphosis and complete the scene with a few dark and driven beats here and there. ‘Odyssey’ is created in the style of old school records: allow yourself to be swept up into the audio pilgrimage of the creative and unexpected. ‘Roots’ is an ode to travel, where the listener is transported by breathless percussion on the delicately chiselled sounds that invite contemplation of spectacular natural landscapes. The video leaves the viewer asking themselves where the starting point in any person’s narrative is and how much does it truly diverge from the rest of the universe and its intricate patterns.

*Featured image via R3HAB, Benny Benassi, Blastoyz and H3nry Thr!ll*

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