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Dirtybird East Coast | Say It Isn’t So…

by Jennifer Fall

Excuse me while I cry… looks like us East Coast Campers will not have a do-over to slappa da bag and enjoy our favorite label curated event. I mean it’s a seriously sad day. I was grumpy for no reason today, and now I know why.

It’s official. After months of assuming the worst things had been REALLY quiet on the East Coast front. We now have the answer. There will be no Dirty Bird East Coast Campout. Claude sent a statement out today to loyal East Coast Campers.

“Dear Campers,

We’re sorry to announce that after many months of research and countless avenues explored we will not be able to execute the best possible East Coast Campout in 2019. We know that February’s 2018 East coast event was not perfect, and we want to be absolutely sure that when we come back, the quality of our production is not compromised. We appreciate your understanding and support and we are going to spend the entirety of 2019 working on bringing this event back better than ever in 2020! Dirtybird Campout

Dirtybird Campout

My heart is with you Father Claude, ( IN YOU WE TRUST) and Dirtybird East Coast Fam. I was on scene for the inaugural edition, and let me just say… although we had problems, the spirit of the tribe was all that was necessary to endure. That family set is now so much more special. I know that you will come back in 2020 with something special.

Dirty Bird East Coast Campout
Dirty Bird East Coast Camp out | Image Credit Martin Singer

We have reached out to Claude himself for comment. This is a developing story.

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