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Rezz: A Certain Kind of Update

by Taylor Morgan & Joshua Andrews

Rezz has just dropped her sophomore album, Certain Kind of Magic, and we are officially under her spell. In addition, our favorite “Space Mom” has also announced a CKOM tour! And even though the album has only been out for a week, it is clear that the Witching Hour has seriously begun, and that she will be snatching souls all over North America once again. Her unique, hypnotic magic techno space bass (is that a genre?) is spiraling out of control, and we are fully ready to give in to the Toxin of it all!

Twenty-three year old Isabelle Rezazadeh is putting a H E X on Rezzbians everywhere, playing at festivals like Coachella, Lollapalooza, Veld, Tomorrowland, Paradiso, Dancefestopia, and many, many more. She has even been announced on Bassnectar’s line up for Deja Voom down in Mexico. Her path of abduction also includes her awaited return to Lost Lands.

This Certain Kind of Magic tour has many dates and stops yet to be announced! But of the few we do know, one date we are very excited for is her show on Halloween at the Armory in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Last year in Minneapolis, also on Halloween, she sold out an entire venue on a Tuesday. Rezz will be bringing aliens, hypnosis, and now magic, so make sure you catch her at least once on this tour. A few recently added dates to her CKOM tour include:

• September 29th at the Wamu Theater in Seattle, Washington

• October 5th at Rebel in Toronto, Ontario

• November 9th at New City Gas in Montréal, Québec

• November 16th at The Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, Illinois

These ticket sales start on August 10th. Be warned that presales moved fast!

Now, if that wasn’t enough, we have one more thing to tell you about. It is as crazy as a Flying Octopus, and what we are calling the show of the year: Isabelle’s very own, first headlining show at Red Rocks, Rezz Rocks! This is going to be huge. She is bringing along the perfect heavy hitters, with the likes of CharlestheFirst, Tokimonsta, Bleep Bloop, Shadient, and Digital Ethos. This show, by the way, is now sold out! The crowds that witness Space Mom throw down never forget it, and her shows are truly an experience that will have you traveling around the world (maybe even by Teleportal means) to witness. We believe that Rezz Rocks is going to be one of those nights that you sit with a Spider on the Moon and talk about!

We could, of course, go on and on about Rezz forever, so rather than do that, relax, buy tickets, join the Cult, drink water, and listen to her new album. We aren’t saying it’s a matter of Life & Death, but all of The Crazy Ones will be there, and don’t you want to be one of them?

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