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‘Reset’ Yourself And Have ‘A Better Day’ With This Week’s New Music | Fresh Music Friday

by Guest Contributor

Yotto – ‘Silhouette’

Silhouette’ is a melancholy, atmospheric track with hints of ‘80s nostalgia and vocals from Sansa that are smooth as glass. The track conjures up images of vast and endless landscapes; the sense of space is enhanced by sparse chord changes and field recordings of heavy rain. ‘Silhouette’ is so human it feels like an extension of emotion, and Yotto says the idea came to him like a dream. A sound drifted towards him one day and he caught it by the tail and built on top of it until it became the entity he envisioned.

Roger Shah – ‘Magic Island – Music For Balearic People, Vol 11’

“It’s that time of year again guys and I’m super excited to present this new edition [‘Magic Island – Music For Balearic People, Vol 11’] to you! Mix 1 is a unique journey, blending everything from Balearic guitars, deep house vibes and melodic techno. For Mix 2 meanwhile, you’ll find the selection gets more uplifting, emotional and floor-driven, as the mix moves between progressive and trance. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the super-talented artists who contributed to the making of this album. They are the ones who bring that Magic to my Island and I couldn’t do it without them!”

Roger Shah

Ben Böhmer – ‘Begin Again (Remixed)’

Ben Böhmer and Anjunadeep are proud to present ‘Begin Again (Remixed)’, a collection of reworks from renowned and up & coming acts such as The Blaze, HAAi, Matador, MEUTE, niina, Rezident, and Barry Can’t Swim.

RRAW! – ‘Timeless’

Talla 2XLC presents his third outing as RRAW!, on Technoclub Pure with ‘Timeless’. He delivers his promise for an intense thundering techno anthem. This track supplies listeners with rough, raw dinosaur kicks and beats interrupted by a short, smooth break that takes us all the way to the euphoric breakdown which brings some colour and light and builds excitement even more. The crowd will go ballistic when the crashing beats strike back for the final round of techno festivities. From techno to tech trance and beyond, ‘Timeless’ is dangerous and out now by Talla 2XLC presents RRAW! 

Robert Nickson – ‘Stratocast (feat. Ryan Leslie)’

We’re proud to welcome Robert Nickson to the Regen family, as he and guitarist Ryan Leslie bring a trance ballad of epic proportions to Surgikal. With class production and guitar riffs, you’ll likely be whistling long after you first hear it, and a melody as only Robert can deliver; ‘Stratocast’ is a true journey, as trance should be. Play it loud and enjoy!

Flux Pavilion – ‘(Never Gonna) Be Alone’

The saga continues! Flux Pavilion reaches for the stratosphere with ‘(Never Gonna) Be Alone’! Brimming with epic melodies and enough bass to wake the gods, Flux Pavilion once again pulls us into his own cinematic dreamscape.

Crosstown Rebels – ‘Spirits V’

“Compiling the Spirits compilations and sourcing the artists that create the artwork for the sleeves is one of my favourite annual jobs for Crosstown Rebels. I get to sift through all the best music being sent to me and find a way to make a cohesive one stop shop full of underground battle weapons and future club hits whilst also setting the tone for the sound of the label in any given year. ‘Spirits V is one of the strongest of the series.”

Damian Lazarus

Wenzday – ‘Nowhere’

Nowhere’ effortlessly combines warehouse romps with futuristic techy elements to deliver an enigmatic lovesick anthem. Designed with the dancefloor in mind, ‘Nowhere’ is yet another rapturous house cut in Wenzday’s ever-growing arsenal.

Topic x A7S – ‘Kernkraft 400 (A Better Day)’

A7S’ powerful vocals on ‘Kernkraft 400 (A Better Day)’ propel the song over Topic’s brooding melodic techno production, leading to the breakdown where his refrain mimics that melody, just before the riff itself drops into play in all its glory. Soft piano chords provide a melancholy counterpoint ahead of the drop, which pushes the track into stadium anthem territory.

Party Favor – ‘RESET’

Grammy-nominated artist Party Favor’s highly anticipated sophomore album ‘RESET’ is out on Ultra Music. The 14-track album is an amalgamation of styles, genres and sounds, a true reset on the settings Party Favor may have been boxed into before. 

Martin Badder x Stealth – ‘Another Life’

“The track [‘Another Life’] was a deep instrumental one originally. I sent it over to Stealth, who picked-up on its vibe, and it grew from there.”

Martin Badder

MYRNE – ‘Desire’

Singaporean producer and DJ, MYRNE, follows up from his ‘Circles’ EP with a collaboration with Joy Alexis on ‘Desire’. ‘Desire’ is an electronic trance journey filled with velvety vocals. MYRNE’s masterful futuristic meticulous production breathes life into a song about giving into one’s yearning desire. MYRNE is only getting started and has more to showcase this year.

Meduso – ‘Drop In’

Inspired by both modern and classic sounds of dubstep, ‘Drop In’ represents the tip of the iceberg in Meduso’s sonic evolution. The producer utilized the pandemic to relocate to Los Angeles, where he’s been working on developing his signature style and long term plans for the project.

Nils Hoffmann – ‘9 Days / Crane’

Anjunadeep welcomes Berlin-based producer and live act Nils Hoffmann to the label with his first standalone release ‘9 Days / Cranes’. 

Adam Ten – ‘15 Days’

“This is my first EP of 2022; I was carefully selecting the tracks that I made around the summer time last year when all the clubs and parties were returning and I felt inspired to write my interpretation of dance music once more. The ‘15 Days’ EP is a representation of the music direction I’m trying to push on Maccabi House, which is predominantly house music but with psychedelic and sometimes ethnic twists on top.”

Adam Ten

The Toxic Avenger – ‘The Shore’ 

Stretching across the imagination and into new realms, The Toxic Avenger’s latest EP carries a little something for every adventurer. Opening slowly with ambient elements here and there, we’re later introduced to an Eastern style before returning to the dancefloor. Featured EP opener ‘The Shore’  sounds like the perfect backing soundtrack for the beginning of an epic journey and sets the tone for the rest of this work.

Win and Woo – ‘Walk Away (w/ Saint Sinner)’

An uplifting pop/electronic track, ‘Walk Away’ immerses listeners in a melodical and futuristic sonic getaway. Building with elements from genres like electronic, house and pop, Win and Woo further display their musical versatility and production power. Saint Sinner further completes the track with clear and soulful vocals as her melodies merge with the deep bass. As Win and Woo rise to face a new frontier with their forthcoming debut LP, genre-merging tracks like ‘Walk Away’ show glimpses of the duo’s further developed sound and style. With 4 songs from their new album having been released, Win and Woo’s 2022 is looking more than thrilling as fans await to see the duo’s next mega project.

MorFlo Records – ‘Reverberate’

MorFlo Records will release ‘Reverberate’, its first compilation since 2020. This ‘high-energy’ project features festival ready bangers from SuperAve., MLOTIK, Dalek One, Green Matter, AHEE, Notixx and more, including a collaboration from Calvin Hobbes and label don, Mersiv.

Icona Pop x Ultra Naté – ‘You’re Free’

“We’ve always loved Ultra Naté’s original ‘Free’, and used to play it in the clubs as DJs in Stockholm, even before we started Icona Pop! It is the ultimate expression of what we want Icona Pop to represent; freedom to be whoever you want to be, live life to the fullest, and have fun. At first it was intimidating when we started to play around with the idea of making a new version [‘You’re Free’], but it felt natural and really came together when Ultra Naté said she wanted to collaborate on our version, we were beyond honored. Ultra Naté is such a legend and this song is a classic. We hope that we have done it justice.”

— Icona Pop

My Nu Leng – ‘This Sound’

UK dance music innovators My Nu Leng have unveiled Wavelengths, a brand-new platform encompassing a record label and monthly residency. They mark the launch of the platform with new single ‘This Sound’, a dark-and-dubby breakbeat monster that comes armed with refined breakdowns and vocals from Kaya and Dread MC.

*Featured image via Party Favor, Topic, Yotto and Roger Shah*

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