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“Psych Out” And “Talk About” All The New Music | Fresh Music Friday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Curbi – “Vertigo”

Breakout house prodigy Curbi and singer-songwriter PollyAnna returned to Monstercat today with their first collaborative track “Vertigo”. Holding a steady four-on-the-floor beat backed by angelic vocals, energetic synths, and deep basslines, “Vertigo” has all the makings of a dancefloor favorite this summer.

Lopezhouse – “Vostok”

Landing on Bedrock Records once again, underground favorites Lopezhouse are back with two fresh tastes of their enigmatic deep techno sound “Vostok” EP. This release utilizes minimal tech influences while drawing on progressive and rock sounds. It demonstrates Lopezhouse’s boundless artistry and craftsmanship, the release remains a club-friendly record that carries equal weight at a home stereo system or a club’s thumping speakers.

Punctual – “Smoke Ring”

U.K. DJ- Producer duo Punctual releases their new single “Smoke Ring.” It’s an undeniable melange of slick, autotune vocals, infectious breakdowns, and a pumping bassline.

itsCHRISJOHNSON – “All Over”

Newcomer itsCHRISJOHNSON releases his latest single All Over which is primed to be your new favorite tune to blast on repeat. The track is a four-on-the-floor dancefloor turner. The single’s warm buildup of atmospheric synths and pop-driven vocal sample, layered over the track’s percussive bedrock, lets loose into an upbeat house tempo with a predominant bassline that leads through the end.

SoDown – “Cake”

Denver-based bass music producer and saxophone player SoDown serves up a new plate of vibes with his latest release Cake”. The new single leads with an evocative opening. With just a few haunting licks of the bass, SoDown sets an artful tone for a menacingly energized production ahead. The single draws inspiration from the mature late 80s hip-hop era while appealing to the bass-rooted dubstep sound signature to Colorado’s electronic music scene.

Rain Radio – “Talk About”

New collective Rain Radio join forces with Irish producer DJ Craig Gorman on new singleTalk About”. The new single is a high-energy club cut that’s characterized by an infectious vocal sample, slick grooves, and a deep, pulsating bassline.

Wave Racer – “What Are We Waiting For”

Australian producer/singer/guitarist Wave Racers new track What Are We Waiting For?Wave Racer says on the new release, “The result is this really dense, noisey, shuffling drum groove that I would never normally come up with.”

Rush & Hydro – “Alternate/Push”

Italian duo Rush & Hydro have teamed up once again to bring us the brand-new festival weapon EP “Alterate/Push“. Packing “Alterate” with an explosive drop that crackles into life vivaciously, the release showcases the perfect aural embodiment of Rush & Hydro’s mainstage-ready sound and is sure to prove a sure-fire winner as the festival and club circuit begins to cautiously re-open this Summer. Adding in a superbly crafted hook, “Push” marks a mature evolution from the Vicenza-based pair, who first started making music in 2015.

Lodato – “Neon Lights”

LODATO returned with one of his most ambitious singles to date Neon Lights“. This release sees him deliver powerful synth hooks, paired with cool, 80’s styled rhythms and a mighty vocal chorus.

Cody Cordova – “Kitty City”

CODY CORDOVA releases his long-awaited KITTY CITY” project. The release is the young artist’s first step into evolving his already highly-acclaimed DJ chops into this more refined, multidimensional version of himself. This release is an energy-filled, fresh take on traditional tech-house culture.

Callie Reiff – “What Ifs”

New York-based artist, producer, and model Callie Reiff is revealing her new single, “What Ifs” (ft. Louella). The new release takes listeners on a spontaneous journey by contrasting playful bass-heavy production with Australian singer-songwriter Louella’s emotive vocals.

Dillion Nathaniel – “Get Funky”

Dillon Nathaniel releases “Get Funky” EP. The two-track release boasts the 90s infused synth stabs, grooving vocal hooks, and chunky breakdowns, it makes for a peak-time weapon.

Nitepunk – “Miracle” (Reaper Remix)

Nitepunk enlists the shadowy enigma REAPER to go bonkers on his latest single “Miracle”. The massive track gets sanctified by Reaper who has been reconfiguring the drum & bass formula with a rage-filled vehemence. The soul of the original remains untouched, but the reincarnation takes on a face-melting existence through a mélange of thrashing guitar riffs, painstakingly intricate drum patterns, violent low-end, and a maddening level of intensity that couldn’t have been manmade.

ford. – “The Color Of Nothing” (Reprise)

Grammy-nominated producer and live performer ford. has droppedThe Color of Nothing (Reprise)“, a companion package for his 2020 sophomore album “The Color Of Nothing“. Regarding the album, ford. said “With this project I wanted to create an experience that could genuinely bring the listener further into the world of “The Color of Nothing.” More often than not deluxe albums can feel a bit contrived. When conceiving the Reprise I tried to constantly take a unique approach which ultimately led to me reworking some demos that didn’t make the album, stripping back some tracks from the album which I felt deserved a softer take, & reaching out to my friends who are artists for remixes. It’s my hope that this has led to a package which feels intimate and something listeners enjoy putting on front to back.”

H3000 – “Running”

H3000, the new musical project from Luke Steele (Empire Of The Sun) and Jarrad Rogers (Charli XCX, Lana Del Rey), release their new single and video “Running”. They also announce their upcoming self-titled album in September. Running reveals the darker side of H3000’s work. Transportive and strange, it sees Steele reflecting on the loss of a friend — and the internal strength that builds in the wake of a tragedy — over Rogers’ gossamer, awe-inspiring production. Debut album “H3000” contains songs of love, loss, and camaraderie that channel tragedy into brilliant, affirming hope. Check out the video HERE.

Ekonovah – “Floating”

Ekonovah releases his three-track EP “Floating“. The title track kicks off a melodic house 4/4 beat guided by ethereal, breathy vocals that float listeners into a chorus of rhythmic beats. This release was inspired by a transitional period in Ekonovah’s songwriting that shifted during quarantine; instead of making heavy bass music for the club, the producer focused on more personal and melodic sounds.

Conrank – “Psych Out”

Conrank releases his new single “Psych Out” and announces a full-length album coming out this fall! This track is a punky rock energetic track powerful enough to blow out your eardrums. The single shows his continued exploration of shredded guitar riffs and his own vocals which are getting better with each release! It will definitely be a new fan favorite.

*Featured image | via Callie Reiff, Dillion Nathaniel, Curbi, and Lopezhouse*

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