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Problem Central group photo

Problem Central | A Wake-Up Call to Drum and Bass   

by Aimee Rivas

Drum and Bass super group Problem Central are taking the UK by storm and setting new standards in the Drum and Bass scene. If you haven’t heard their name, well get to know it because they are here to stay! Problem Central is bringing back the old school vibes and turning the scene on its head with their level of creativity and skill.

Majistrate, Logan D, Evil B, and Eksman make up Problem Central. These guys are all Drum and Bass legends in their own right, but together they form this first-rate ensemble! They are way more than just 2 MCs and 2 DJs, this is a live act!

Problem Central is different from anything else out today! They have a perfectly formulated spar between the two MCs and mixing that packs back to back heavy hitters. Their grimy hard beats and rapid flows are taking Drum and Bass to new heights.

Problem Central is starting out 2019 strong, showing off their talent with the newly released Mixtape. It comes out of the gate HARD and sets expectations of what’s to come on this 60 minute mix. This release is perfectly timed and filled with gritty, intelligent rhymes that keep you locked in.

MC’s Eksman and Evil B are perfectly in sync with their back and forth flow, taking the mix to a new level. Majistrate and Logan D are in full command of their set combining old school jungle elements with the new school Drum and Bass sound. This group is incredible, to say the least, and they breathe new life into the Drum and Bass scene.

Problem Central’s live show is on my must-see list for 2019. They haven’t announced any tour dates for the States just yet but hopefully, we will see them soon. Listening to their Mixtape at work got me super PUMPED and I can only imagine the intensity of their live set!

Click Image for Tour Date Info! | Image Via Artist FB Page

*Featured Image | Via Artist Management*

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