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Preparing Ourselves For the Return of Dancing

by MIke Ciro

It has been a long time since we’ve had the pleasure of attending an EDM event and it’s unclear when we’ll be able to do it again safely. I see this as a great opportunity to remind ourselves of how we should carry ourselves at these large gatherings, and hopefully inspire those who have struggled to act appropriately to try a little harder. While the dance scene has a beautiful reputation for welcoming people with open arms, there are always a few bad apples that fall from the tree. Having general courtesy toward others is not something we’re all accustomed to, and this sometimes carries into the party life. I’ve made a handy list of DOs and DONTs that will hopefully steer people into the right mindset upon our return to dancing.

•Stay hydrated, both you AND your crew
•Shower or bathe before an outing (preferably with soap)! Nobody needs to be smelling how much fun you’re having.
•Wear a deodorant or antiperspirant because, again, I’m not trying to smell you!
•Yell a quick “EXCUSE ME” through the power of the music to avoid tapping someone
•Tap people politely if you can’t get through a crowd.
•If you’re partaking in drugs, always test your party favors before consumption! Check out Dance Safe for tips on how to party safely and tons of useful information to further educate yourself!
•Hang on to your trash until you see a garbage can. No littering on the dancefloor, please!
•Be the example and practice PLUR at every opportunity.
•Look out for others. If you see something, say something!
•Remember to eat because hours of dancing requires a full tank!

•Be an idiot (Check the list below to avoid this!)
•Judge others. Self-expression and confidence should be encouraged!
•Clack your fan excessively to the beat!
•Whistle excessively, because I came for the EDM, not mating calls!
•Smoke cigarettes indoors in the middle of the crowd.
•Inappropiately grab people as a way to move through a crowd.
•Push people to get through a crowd.
•Use corny pick-up lines.
•Start a moshpit at a Techno, House or Trance set.
•Buy drugs from strangers.

I hope this article will inspire you to be more courteous upon our return to the dance floor, and possibly motivate you to create some changes in your day-to-day life. Nobody’s perfect and everyone goes through changes in life, but the bare minimum of respect should be expected when around large crowds. As diverse as the EDM scene can be, the majority of us have learned how to be respectful toward others and some just choose not to. My advice is if you don’t feel others deserve the bare minimum amount of respect, you should take some time off from partying and examine why you feel this way.


*Featured Image Via EDM Lounge*

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