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Pirate Party Music Festival | First Time Excitement

by TerraNova.Lov3

Journey to Pirate Party Music Festival for a First Timer

The Pirate Party Sets Sail This July 21st-24th in Haugan, MT



The Pirate Party Music Festival has dropped anchor this year at its new venue, the Silver Dollar Inn, expanding the festival footprint by four times and offering shaded forest camping. Roughly halfway between Missoula MT and Coeur D’ALene, ID, the inn/bar is a historic American tourist destination, famous for the 50,000+ silver dollars adorning the bar-top and walls.

A few months ago a friend was telling me about this incredible intimate festival in the beautiful state of Montana called The Pirate Party. Immediately, I was intrigued the word Pirate alone. Ever since watching Peter Pan as a child I dreamt of being a pirate and now I have my chance. After months of following this festivals Facebook page, I created a list of the things I’m most excited to experience at this event.



Not surprisingly, I’m most looking forward to playing dress up. The movie , Hook, is my main inspiration for my own costume and I am even more excited to see what everyone else comes up with for their pirate inspired festival attire.



I’m excited to experience all the amazing live art and performances. The Pirate Party will have artists painting live as well as dancers, acrobats, fire spinners, jugglers and more. As a flow artist myself, I highly recommend making it a priority to see someone flow with fire; whether it be fans, hula hoops, poi, or staff. It’s a truly mesmerizing sight to behold.



I’ve heard that with the unique theme, it feels as though the stages practically come to life. At this event, the stages are perfectly themed and staged appropriately for the festival. There is even a pirate ship pool stage! How they will put this together- I am not sure but it sure does sound incredible and I am stoked to see for myself. I can’t be the only one who is excited to cool off on top of a dope pirate ship on a hot July day.


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I’ve had my share of traveling to different festivals but absolutely cannot wait to be in the beautiful state of Montana for the first time ever. After research, I can safely say that I can’t wait to take in the scenery of the trees and the mountains.



That’s right. Apparently, the walk from campgrounds to the venue is literally a plank. As much as I am afraid of falling into the water and drenching my super cool outfit, I’m also really hoping that happens at least once. (Who wants to push me off?)



This is obviously the most important reason why I like going to festivals. I get to spend a entire weekend vibe-ing with new and old friends from across the country listening to some of the most incredible producers this country has ever seen. The vibes and homies that I will be with is going to make this first timer a very happy camper.



As a experienced burner, I can’t describe how awesome it is to watch the sunrise while listening to some great tunes with great friends. I can’t wait to hang out with my friends and dance into the morning during sunrise sessions!


One more week until I get to vibe with all of you pirates, and I am so excited I get to experience my first Pirate Party with all of you. Who knows- maybe I’ll even score some pirate booty. 😉

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