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Phoenix Lights Festival

Phoenix Lights Festival | Ladies First…Are You Ready?

by Taylor Morgan & Joshua Andrews

Rave Bae’s are Cool and All, but if you’re not Stoked for Phoenix Lights Ladies line up then you haven’t been listening!

Prepare yourselves for abduction, because Phoenix Lights Festival is returning to Phoenix, Arizona at the Park at Wild Horse Pass this April 7th and 8th! This festival is unique for many reasons, the foremost being that it was inspired by the famous “Phoenix Lights” mass UFO sighting in March of 1997. With alien vibes and out-of-this-world theme, Phoenix Lights is sure to delight attendees, no matter which part of the galaxy they are coming from. The lineup is incredibly diverse, but is also featuring an exclusive RBDeep stage for the house lovers.

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This festival is also special in that there is a few very notable female artists performing. Females in the EDM industry seem to be few and far between but more and more names are being seen on festival lineups. Artists like Rezz, Alison Wonderland, and Tokimonsta are paving the way for females of all genres in the electronic world to establish themselves as producers and performers. The remarkable female artists of Phoenix Lights include Tessa Lizz of Arius, Zoe Jakes of Beats Antique, and Eliza Noble and Jennifer Skillman of Eli & Fur.

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Arius is comprised of the bass-loving duo Tessa “Lizz” Elizabeth and Matt “Dumbo” Nguyen. The two actually were married in 2014. Lizz is a crazy talented finger drummer with experience across the board in modeling and dancing and is truly a performer to her core. Watching Arius is just as much a treat for your ears as your eyes! Lizz and Nguyen will be dancing, headbanging, and hyping up the crowd throughout their entire set. Their fingerbanging, trappy bass madness will be taking stage on Saturday.

Zoe Jakes is one-third of the immersive auditory and visually stimulating group known as Beats Antique. She joins her husband, David Satori, and fellow musician Tommy Cappel, in producing. Also well-known for her exquisite belly dancing, Jakes has been perfecting the art for over ten years, but actually has over twenty years of ballet and jazz dancing experience. Beats Antique is a feast for all of the senses, and with them performing a DJ set, we have our fingers crossed that Jakes will break out the belly dancing moves on Saturday!

Eli & Fur is the dynamic duo made up of Eliza Noble and Jennifer Skillman. These ladies know house like no one’s business and have been writing and DJing together since their teenage years. They write and play their own tracks, rather than mixing other songs. Do not miss their set at the RBDeep stage on Sunday!

No matter the tune you boogie down to, you can be sure that there will be a female representing, so keep an eye out for these talented chicks at Phoenix Lights 2018. With the new venue and upped production, we guarantee that this festival is going to make us feel like we are on another planet. See you under the Lights!

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