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People ‘All Around The World’ Are Getting Complete ‘Satisfaction’ From This Week’s New Music | New Tunes Tuesday

by Nadine Pasterczyk

Emma Hewitt – ‘Into My Arms (Remixes)’

Hot on the heels of the indie-tinted original, a no-wifi Remix and the Markus Schulz collaboration – and two official music videos, we’re closing off the ‘Into My Arms’ saga in style with two new experiences. Ukrainian-native and today’s prog house darling Miss Monique delivers the coolest rendition by far. Weaving Emma Hewitt’s vocals into hypnotic, pulsating beats and rhythms, Monique is taking things into a much deeper arena. And Steve Brian gives us the perfect round-up of ‘Into My Arms.’ The acclaimed German producer has concocted a tasty blend of trance and progressive house, bringing in not only new melodies but also higher spirits to Arms.

David Guetta x Benny Banassi – ‘Satisfaction (2022)’

The newest rendition of ‘Satisfaction’ celebrates the storied original release with a fresh dose of energy, borrowing influences from the surging sounds of David Guetta’s Future Rave while still paying homage to the instantly recognisable and equally undeniable synth hook of Benny Benassi’s 2002 original.

Snakehips – ‘All Around The World (Joshwa Remix)’

Up and coming DJ/producer Joshwa has remixed Snakehips’ acclaimed sonic endeavor “All Around The World” featuring  rapper / songwriter Duckwrth. Joshwa is a London based DJ/producer who has quickly arisen as one of the most exciting names to come out of the Underground Dance scene. 

RÜFÜS DU SOL – ‘Surrender (Remixes)’

“We’re so excited to have curated this collection of tracks [‘Surrender’] geared for the dancefloor from artists we love and respect from around the world. Hearing these amazing artists all breathe new life into our music in their own ways is such a treat for us. We’ve been road-testing these in our DJ sets all year, they’ve been going off. Sad to let go of some of our secret weapons, but we can’t wait for everyone to hear the full fourteen tracks.”


Mats Westbroek – ‘Eagle’

Make Mats Westbroek the wind beneath your wings, the Netherlands naturally presiding over vocal house peering through watery sunshine, emotionally at ease with ‘Pjanoo’-style cascades of keys caressed by a master at work. Furthered by a touch of Eastern mysticism and a burst of critical strings shocking the system, ‘Eagle’ is the sort of track that points you towards a comfy chair, but then makes you break out into a sprint and tell the world about it. Westbroek’s latest has bags of potential to soundtrack much more than a summer on the dancefloor.

RIOT – ‘Shank’

RIOT is brandishing their label debut on Bassrush Records with ‘Shank’, a razor-sharp dubstep single that finds the duo flaunting a new dimension of their multifaceted sound. 

Ultra Naté – ‘ULTRA’

She is one of the most legendary divas of the dance floor, a grand dame of club land and pop music, adored by fans around the world. Her voice instantly recognizable, her songs have become part of the soundtracks of our lifetimes. She is Ultra Naté and she’s back with a new album, called what else but simply ‘ULTRA’.

Kunal Merchant – ‘Anokha’

Starting off with an echoing kick, the track immediately transports listeners to a sultry soundscape rife with a propelling intensity from the get-go. Growing with a hypnotic flare, the highly alluring, house-infused cut sports flawlessly layered elements throughout. Surging with various instruments and synth pad touches, ‘Anokha’ offers a dynamic sonic sphere with an intricate rhythm and pulsating ambiance. Perfectly capturing Kunal Merchant’s production sensibilities and signature flair, the latest serves as a stunning debut with Indo Warehouse.

M4SONIC – ‘Real Life’

“This is the music I would be producing if the Launchpad didn’t exist. I’ve come to a point in my career where I’m no longer defined by the Launchpad. These originals [‘Real Life’] are now revealing who I am with far more story-centric music. A lot has happened in my personal life and to the world around us since I started making music. I have so much more to say than I did before. This era is really about tapping in to and connecting with people on a deeper level.”


RIP Kenny – ‘Escapism’

Arriving at the intersection of metal, punk, and melodic dubstep, RIP Kenny is the soundtrack to your adventure. Following four lead singles ‘Letting Go’, ‘Lost’, ‘Thought I Knew You’, and ‘i’m ok alone’ the mountaineer musician returns in valor to deliver his poignant debut album ‘Escapism’. 

Koastle – ‘Literal Goals (feat. Jake Neumer)’

Literal Goals’ fires shots, throwing shade in every direction, over a glistening dance-pop beat, forged from Koastle’s signature shimmery sound design. Draped with flaring melodies and tempered claps, the danceable groove glides directly in-step with Koastle’s ever-growing catalog.


Today, electronic music duo MILKBLOOD release their new EP, ‘DREAM SLOW’, out via Loud Robot/RCA Records. ‘DREAM SLOW’ is a six-track exploratory collection of songs that delve into the mind-bending space between imagination and reality, taking its listeners through a lush sonic soundscape of heavy synths and distorted production.

Lost Kings – ‘Under The Influence (feat. Jordan Shaw)’

“When working on this new batch of music [‘Under The Influence’], we wanted to put the feelings of the past few years behind us and come out with songs that are more free and fun. We finally feel like we’re coming back to life and want to share that emotion and feeling with fans through this new chapter and upcoming body of work.”

Lost Kings 


When industry heavyweights around the globe are trying to get a hold of your music, you know you’re onto a good thing. In a monumental leap back into the spotlight, Odd Mob officially releases the certified banger ‘LEFT TO RIGHT’, out now via Insomniac Records / Tinted Records

*Featured image via Benny Benassi, David Guetta, Snakehips and Joshwa*

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