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Origins | Josh Andrews

Origins 2018 | Original Outfits, Outrageous Vibes

by Taylor Morgan & Joshua Andrews

The very first Origins Music Festival took place last weekend, courtesy of RBDeep, and it was easily one of the happiest and “housiest” musical experiences we have ever been a part of. Besides the tunes, of course, we could not help but notice that the outfits and vibes were unbelievably on point.


Origins | Josh Andrews

This inaugural event pleasantly surprised us in every aspect, especially in the wonderfully intimate atmosphere that bigger Relentless Beats festivals in Phoenix generally surpass because of their sheer size and large attendance numbers. This environment created a feeling of togetherness and unity, welcomed even more so than usual in the chilly desert night. Although only on Saturday, Origins-related events filled the entire weekend with shows like the Lane 8 after party, and Justin Martin at Shady Park the next day.

At any and every rave, attendees usually dress to the nines in their craziest gear. House fans are especially known for their colorful personalities and this often shines through in their fashion choices! We met and talked to one raver named Tashi about her outfit at Origins.

FMF: First things first! Where did you get your outfit?

Tashi: My top is from Three Wishes Rave Wear, a local AZ girl named V who makes dope sets for really cheap!

FMF: Super cute! V does a killer job. What inspired this outfit in particular?

Tashi: I wanted to be able to do the colorful-cute-neon-ravey vibe but it gets COLD in the desert at night, so instead of the bikini bottom thing that matches the tube top, I threw on these pants I’ve had forever and they matched really well. I brought a jacket too in case I really needed to sacrifice the outfit for the cold.

FMF: How does wearing this make you feel?

Tashi: I love wearing rave clothes because you feel cute and confident in the wildest things, and everyone else is dressed amazingly wild too! I’m not the most comfortable in some of the super sexy things some people wear…no hate though I love to see people showin’ off what they got…so I got to be happily in the middle with this outfit!

FMF: Confidence is key, yo! What do you wear on a normal day, in real life?

Tashi: I basically live in t shirts that are too big for me.

FMF: Same! How do you usually go about selecting your rave outfit?

Tashi: Getting ready for a rave is probably one of the most exciting things about them. I usually get stuck scrambling to figure out what I want to wear days before the event though. Luckily, I have a lot of friends that are similar in size to me, so we all share our clothes, so it’s like I have a giant rave closet!

FMF: A friend-filled giant rave closet? Goals. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever worn to a rave?

Tashi: I honestly never really go too crazy, but I have a shirt that says ‘trip on LSD, not fuckboys’ that gets a lot of love though!

Thanks, Tashi! We dig finding souls that love the scene as much as we do.

Origins created the perfect place to do just that. After letting the dust settle from the mega success of year one, it is safe to say everyone is hoping for a return next year. Thomas Turner and the entire Relentless Beats and RBDeep crew continue to knock it out of the park with stellar events, and we could tell their hearts were in this one like nothing ever before! What will Origins 2019 have in store for us, Freaks?


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