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‘Once More’ You Asked For Some Fresh New Music, Now ‘U Got It’ | ICYMI Monday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff
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Gareth Emery – ‘You’ll Be OK’

Electronic music icon Gareth Emery has finally unveiled the long-awaited first single ‘You’ll Be OK’, from his forthcoming LP, ‘THE LASERS’. ‘You’ll Be OK’ features 18 year old British vocalist Annabel and is a record that his fans have been desperately trying to identify for over nine months, with hundreds of thousands of unofficial YouTube views. Emery has tested the record extensively at many of the world’s biggest festivals including Electric Daisy Carnival and Tomorrowland and speculation about the track has been off the charts.

Jorn van Deynhoven – ‘The Future Is Now’

Few things are as inextricably connected as Jorn van Deynhoven and Trance music. Driven by an unconditional love for electronic music, the DJ and producer has been one of the genre’s true flag bearers and tastemakers, continually pushing the envelope with jaw-dropping remixes and unmistakable anthems. And this new masterpiece marks the next milestone in his already illustrious career: his first-ever album, ‘The Future Is Now’.

Symbolizing a second chance in life, ‘The Future Is Now’ is a reminder for all to make every second count. Chock-full with everything from calm sounds to dreamy collabs with renowned singers and euphoric club anthems, the album underscores its ability to overload the senses. It may be melancholic or emotional or even experimental, but the heart and soul shines through in every note you hear.

For all those who understand, love and feel Trance music, ‘The Future Is Now’. Go ahead and live it.

FERR by Ferry Corsten – ‘As Above So Below’

“Dear music lover,

Producing music has always been one of the biggest passions in my life. It’s hard to describe the feeling you get from putting all of your creative energy into one piece of sound. Combining that with a hectic touring life is an absolute dream for me. But like I said it’s a hectic life, one that requires sacrifices from yourself and your loved ones. Being on the road week in, week out and ensuring you can give the fans the live show experience they’ve come to see you for can be a real challenge. This means that, despite you sitting in the driver’s seat in the studio and creating music you feel passionately about, there’s also an opposite side to those creative moments in that subconsciously you are also making music to please others. So with this new project I decided to make music for me. Taking all the craziness of this beautiful art form and siphoning it to what calms me down afterwards. In recent years I have discovered a profound love for cinematic, experimental and orchestral music and I have noticed that it has made me a more relaxed and focussed person.

So, I felt this was the best place to start. Leaning in on my passion for these areas of music, I wanted to create a project of music that moves me, music that calms me down and although this is an album with music that I made for myself, I would like to share it with those who need are seeking serenity in the beautiful madness of their day-to-day lives… A chance to find their stillpoint.

Much love and respect.”

Ferry Corsten on ‘As Above So Below

Armin van Buuren and Super8 & Tab – ‘Leka’

A definite contender for most exciting link-up of the year, Armin van Buuren and Super8 & Tab’sLeka’ brings with it a truckload of mainstage appeal. From the epic chords in the equally mind-blowing breakdown to the grand synths and iconic melody, this track is sure to cement its spot on many a Trance fan’s shortlist.


Balancing on the edge of the dark and obscure, ‘DNA’ bears the Armada Electronic Elements mark for a reason. Steeped in underground inheritance and club-tailored traits, this cut sees AVIRA further the legacy of electronic music whilst expertly building on his ever-growing production arsenal.

Loud Luxury – ‘Aftertaste’

The proverbial cherry on top of their ‘Nights Like This EP’, ‘Aftertaste’ is testament to the rise of Loud Luxury. With glowing chords, soulful vocals and club-rocking drums, this record not only serves as the perfect closing track, but also delivers undeniable dance floor potential all year round.

Solarstone – ‘Rain Stars Eternal (RNX Remix)’

Using his extensive musical know-how, RNX (Robert Nickson) puts a progressive take on the already otherworldly track, ‘Rain Stars Eternal’ by Solarstone. Close your eyes and feel the music as it takes you on a journey through the stars, stars, stars. 

Above & Beyond – ‘Bittersweet & Blue (Club Mix)’

Debuted to the world at their Group Therapy 350 celebrations in Prague in October 2019, Above & Beyond’s Club Mix of ‘Bittersweet & Blue’ has been released. Reflecting on themes of hope, ambition, and absence, sometimes getting what you want isn’t the fulfillment you wished for — the trio’s arena-tested Club Mix is now available for you to buy and stream (alongside the original mix) on Anjunabeats.

Seven Lions – ‘Find Another Way’

Seven Lions fans have much to look forward to this spring — with tons of anticipation the producer finally shares his ‘Find Another Way’ EP on Ophelia. The new EP blends beautiful acoustic songwriting and vocal performances, heavy and melodic dubstep, psytrance, piano and trance influences, precisely tuned sound design and even chilled-out house. 

Tensnake- ‘Automatic (The Remixes)’

Automatic (The Remixes)’ is a mesmerizing bundle that fuses together elements of disco-funk and deep house. First off in the tracklist for the ‘Automatic’ remixes is German DJ and producer Gerd Janson who reworks the single into an inventive, disco-infused track. Dutch electronic funk collective Kraak & Smaak also put their unique spin on the track with an energetic mix of funk and disco creating another dance floor ready jam. Tensnake adds to the remix package with a rework of his own release adding underground, dark house and disco sounds.

Party Favor – ‘Once More (feat. Georgia Ku)’

Party Favor and Georgia Ku are back with a new single ‘Once More’ out now via Area 25. The single has also been paired with a new music video as well — which features the pair stuck in a tumultuous love story and Georgia unable to escape unrequited love.

San Holo – ‘Honest (Midnight Kids Remix)’

Aimed towards creating a sense of nostalgia with their music in hopes that it brings people together to reminisce and share their own story — Midnight Kids have created their own take on San Holo’sOnce More’. 

Moon Boots – ‘Clear (The Remixes)’

Moon Boots’ acclaimed LP ‘Bimini Road’ revealed the Brooklyn-based artist in peak form. Following a pair of ‘Tied Up’ reworks from Kenny Dope and Mat Zo, Anjunadeep debutants Wookie and Garrett David now give ‘Clear’ the remix treatment.

Destructo – ‘Bandz (feat. Yo Gotti, Kevin Gates and Denzel Curry)’

Bass-house producer DESTRUCTO is back with another hip-hop banger. ‘Bandz’ featuring Yo Gotti, Kevin Gates and Denzel Curry is out on Parametric Records. Electronic and hip-hop worlds collide as three of the most notable talents in rap right now popover DESTRUCTO’s slow thumping production.

Cartoon – ‘Howling’

Cartoon, one of most successful acts to ever release on UK powerhouse indie imprint NCS, announced their reformation with their first new single in three years, ‘Howling’. The result of this reignited production passion, ‘Howling’ is sure to set pulses racing across YouTube, Spotify and beyond. Slippery vocals that carry just the faintest hint of dancehall lead into flickering synths and a bumping electronic rhythm that rubs up against undulating FX. A buzzsawed rhythm neatly carries the single in and out of light trap territory, while the percussion trips relentlessly underneath the entire piece.

Fonkynson – ‘U Got It (ft. Vaness)’

“During the creation process of the album, I had this beat I composed — a kind of sunny chill 808 bass-driven track with a relaxed west coast vibe. I firstly aimed for an instrumental but tried some acapellas quickly on the track to have a hint of where it could go, a pretty nice producer trick I often do. Then I fell in love with that R&B vibe a female voice could bring to it.’’

Fonkynson on ‘U Got It

Janus Rasmussen – ‘Jörð’

Setting out on his own was clearly an empowering experience as one year on, Janus Rasmussen gifts us with another solo release. Single, ‘Jörð’ is perhaps one of Rasmussen’s finest club materials. The elegantly crafted beats are not only suitable for the dance floor – they were made for it. The energetic percussion might beg us to move our feet, but it is the gentle piano melody weaving its way in between it that truly takes us on a journey.

Shallou – ‘Magical Thinking’

Shallou, whose music plays with the theme of cycles in life and love, has released his exceptional debut album ‘Magical Thinking’ today via Island Records.

*Featured image via Armin van Buuren, Super8 & Tab, Ferry Corsten and Gareth Emery*

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