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Not Many Shows Run ‘Parallel’ To This One | Andrew Bayer in Brooklyn

by Rayson Diaz

Hot off the heels of his EP release, ‘Parallels’ — Anjunabeats superstar Andrew Bayer is celebrating his with a North American tour run hitting select cities. This past weekend, Bayer took over the Kings Hall at Brooklyn very own Avant Gardner for a night we won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Having played two hours of classics from his catalog to new music right off his new EP, Bayer brought his A-game for this one and we’re still experiencing withdrawals from it. 

Starting his set off right at 1:00 am, Bayer began his two-hour set to a sold-out crowd. Anjuna shirts, flags and totems were seen everywhere within this crowd. One thing about the Anjunfam, they always show up and deliver. Right off the rip, Andrew Bayer dropped the ever so epic 12-minute title track, ‘Parallels’ which had us all swooning. He also went in with some much older tunes. Bayer went deeper and deeper as the night went along. Eventually hitting us with his classic remix of Mike Push’s infamous tune ‘Strange World’ — this is one of my favorite remixes and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the crowd go wild for this one. Next up, he hit us with the brand new tunes off ‘Parallels’ such as ‘Bottle Top Trance’ and ‘Voltage Control’. I heard these tunes for the first time in Prague for ABGT 350. I instantly fell in love with these tunes in Prague and hearing them again took me back to ABGT 350.

Winding down off an amazing two-hour set, it was clear the Andrew Bayer gave the fans what they wanted that night — some Anjunabeats classics and quality melodic trance tunes. Every time I get the chance to attend an Anjuna event, it makes me realize how great of a family and community it is. Quality music and amazing fans go hand in hand and the Anjuna Family is no exception to that. It’s not surprising that you can find this community all around the world. Coming off an amazing night, it’s safe to say we’ll be blasting this EP for a while. Feel free to check out Andrew Bayer’s new EP, ‘Parallels’ on all your favorite streaming services and be sure to catch Andrew Bayer live in a city near you by clicking here!

Andrew Bayer has celebrated his EP release, ‘Parallels’ by bring his tour to Avant Gardner in Brooklyn. Here’s how it went down!
Andrew Bayer at King’s Hall in Avant Gardner | Image via Menbar Photos

*Featured image via Menbar Photos*

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