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New Music “So Hot” You Can “Taste It” | Fresh Music Friday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Paul van Dyk – “Escape Reality”

Electronic Dance Music pioneer Paul van Dyk has released numerous albums throughout his 30-year career but today he is releasing his first-ever ambient album, “Escape Reality”. This new release is just what we need to get through these trying times. It features chill soothing reworks of some of his classic tracks. He was planning on releasing his ninth studio album “Guiding Light” this month but placed that project on hold until a time when we can return to the dancefloor. If you need a pick me up from your quarantine blues, you can catch PVD’s weekly live-stream “Sunday Session” on Facebook and Youtube every Sunday at 7 pm CET.

Nicholson – “Dirty Lil B*stard”

London based producer Nicholson has become a staple in the UK trance scene for over a decade. With multiple successful releases already under his belt in 2020, he’s back with a mesmerizing hard trance single Dirty Lil B*stard’. This new release features acid house sensibilities and propelling high-octane basslines.

X&G – “Lose Myself”

Christian Williams (Xian) and Aaron Spasiano (Gaszia), together known as X&G, offered up the latest single, “Losing Myself,” from their EP of the same name. A super carefree attitude is echoed throughout the entire EP and the powerhouse pair of producers are not afraid to take risks with their tracks. This track is a crowd-pleasing release and only further cements their credibility as one of the most exciting names to be bopping around the bass-heavy house scene.

Christina Novelli – “It’ll End in Tears”

Christina Novelli puts a fresh spin on her hit track ‘It’ll End in Tears”. This new rework is a tonal highwire act. It transitions from the emotional storm of a breakup anthem to something altogether more optimistic. Emotional beats and sonic kicks are served XL-sized from its get-go, conveyed through trench deep LFO, big bass drums and wickedly effective percussion.

Project 46 “Remember You”

Canadian duo Project 46 are releasing their first single after a four-year hiatus. “Remember You” is an electro-pop gem with elegant vocals and a powerful throbbing beats.

TRRMA – “Dhaulagiri “

Afrobeat experimentalism producers Trrmà release their latest single Dhaulagiri’. The track is lifted from their upcoming album, “The Earth’s Relief” which will be released in May. Trrmà combines two simple elements of drums and electronic embellishments. However, that is where the simplicity stops as ‘Dhaulagiri’ writhes in its own experimentalism. Polyrhythmic flourishes throughout the single break up of the expected beat, ensuring that the listener is encouraged to pay attention to the details found within the nuances of the sound rather than allowing for passive listening.

Yawdel – “Taste It”

Yawdel drops his much-anticipated debut single “Taste It“. He teams up with Dublin-based singer Zhiko for this collab and it is set to light up your headphones for weeks to come. Silky smooth synth chords subtly start the piece, with flashes of synth plucks for accompaniment. As the chords cut out, a smooth synth eq sweep combined with the bass and a crescendo of drums, build-up to the drop. Drum hits and synth intricacies keep the ear of the listener, leading you through the tracks highly danceable chorus and into a detuned synth fade-out to end.

Mounika – “I’m Sorry”

Abstract, hip hop, electronic French artist Mounika releases his new single “Intro (I’m Sorry)” off of his forthcoming album “I Need Space” which will be released in June. This new single combines sweet throwback classic trip-hop vibes and will definitely be a crowd-pleaser.

Anabel Englund – “So Hot” (MK & Nightlapse Remix)

Anabel Englund has delivered a new video for her single So Hot” (MK & Nightlapse Remix. Underpinned by her fleeting, weightless vocals, “So Hot” has Englund tap into her trademark, deeply personal brand of music that defies categorization by sound and opts for vibe instead. Check out the video here.

Kayobe – “Islands to Bridges”

Nomadic multi-instrumentalist and producer Kayobe releases his new album “Islands To Bridges. With delicate female and male vocals scattered throughout the track, the listener’s focus is more drawn to the organic soundscapes and rhythmic drumming than the lyrics. The release combines aspects of chillwave and deep house that can be found throughout the release. The album showcases Kayobe’s musical talents, as he steadily maintains a running element throughout while presenting new elements in each individual track.

Matador – “Bush”

Matador returns to the release radar with his second single of the year, Bush“. Kicking off with a filtered, pulsating synth, ‘Bush’ is a masterful lesson in creatively crafted tension. The track’s uncompromisingly infectious rhythm effectively highlights Matador’s meticulous four-on-the-floor approach to riveting techno. The seven-and-a-half minute production’s sharp synths paired with relentless rolling basslines create a devilishly heady effect, ultimately leaving the listener wanting more from the revered producer.

Carrousel – “Scream”

Los Angeles duo Carrousel are presenting the official music video for “Scream,” a track from their recent full-length album, “Magnificent Desolation“. Carrousel’s futurist pop melodies wane toward the prophetic, delineating several genres at once with enigmatic cohesion and surprising grit. The “Scream” video depicts only a shadowy figure, basked in multicolored light, moving to the beat of the music. It’s a somber yet hypnotizing visual encapsulation of the song. Check out the video here.

*Featured image | via X&G, Nicholson, Kayobe, and Matador*

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