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by Darla Kogan

NAUTI SIREN are Jessie Evans (saxophone/lyrics/voice), & DJ Dmitry (production/composition), in case you are unfamiliar. The two were introduced through a remix project in 2019, and their soul child, NAUTI SIREN, was born shortly after. Their debut album RISING, was produced between Germany and Brazil. The album flows effortlessly through different genres and diverse rhythms, from Urban Dub to Electro Funk to Afrobeat and beyond. With elegance and flair, NAUTI SIREN bring forth an uplifting humanitarian message.

As one becomes familiar with the songs, you will start to lose yourself in the lilting and delicate sub melodies that permeate the entirety of NAUTI SIREN debut album. RISING features collaborations with the eponymous Tony Allen†; Tyler Pope; Debora Saraiva; Tobias Riegel; Martin Wenk & Eric D. Clark

DJ Dmitry, is known internationally as a DJ, producer and co-founder of the seminal New York dance group Deee-lite. In 1990 the group released their worldwide smash hit, Groove Is In The Heart, which still packs dance floors today. Rolling Stone Magazine recently called it one of ten best dance tracks of all time.  The song is featured by Chanel for their current campaign and Dior has chosen another track, What Is Love to represent them last year. The Deee-lite legacy lives on.  After the group disbanded Dmitry collaborated, remixed and produced a diverse group of artists including Chaka Khan, Julee Cruise, Sinead O’Connor, Ziggy Marley and others. DJ Dmitry is currently based in Berlin, where he continues composing, producing, re-mixing and spinning.

Jessie Evans is a California born singer, songwriter and saxophonist who has released solo albums and collaborated with Toby Dammit and Steve Mackay (Iggy and The Stooges), Budgie (Siouxsie and The Banshees), Pepe Mogt (Nortec Collective), Bettina Koester (Malaria!), Lydia Lunch, Warrior Queen, Jimi TenorVictor Rice and Namosh, amongst others. After residing in Berlin for 10 years she relocated to Brazil, where she currently lives. Keep your eyes peeled and your dancing shoes ready for when they drop RISING because the release date has not been announced yet. For more info, go to their Instagram account and hit follow for updates.

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