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solarstone on a boat party in nyc, put on by esscala

Miami Music Week | #KeepItPure Yacht Party | Some Pure Trance to Float Your Boat

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Trance fans can now rejoice as we’ll be keeping it pure at sea during this year’s edition of Miami Music Week. Esscala Entertainment has joined forces with Pure Trance to bring some heavy hitting artists on board the Musette Yacht in Miami. Known for their amazing boat parties in NYC, Esscala will be sure that this excursion is a highlight of the week.

Pure Trance label head, Solarstone will be setting sail with Simon Patterson and Gabriel & Dresden to ride the waves of the sounds of trance. If you like your trance to be more on the pure side, this is the show for you.

This one’s for the purists.

Gabriel & Dresden are sure to set the tone right with their masterpieces of tracks. Always having a unique touch to their sound, the boys are sure to have you dancing as soon as they hit the decks. I can’t wait to get movin’ while cruisin’ along to their sound.

Solarstone, the captain of the tunes will set the course for smooth sailing with his amazing selection of tunes. I always love the old school and classic touch that he brings to his sets. He will control the crowd with the entrancing melodies he’ll put forth throughout the venture. As a wise man once told me, “Dubstep is dead. Vive la trance!”

Simon Patterson is going to make waves with the sound of psy. With this addition to the party, we know we’re in for a wet and wild adventure at sea. I know he will bring the heat to the waters of Miami with his amazing style of trance!

I apologize for all the puns, but you know I had to. For real though, this event is going to be one you don’t want to miss out on. At 1pm on Thursday, March 28th you can board the tranciest ship at sea. Don’t drop the ball (or anchor) on this one and get your tickets today!

Esscala and Pure Trance presents #KeepItPure Yacht Party with Solarstone, Simon Patterson, and Gabriel & Dresden, a Miami Music Week event.
Click the pic to get your tix!

*Featured Image Via Esscala’s FB Page*

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