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Get Lost

Miami Music Week is not complete without a trip to Get Lost

by Rayson Diaz

Get lost is back and better than ever! All we can say is WOW, this is the year you want to attend this amazing Miami Music Week party, marking the 15th anniversary in 2020. Get Lost is a tradition for many Miami Music Week week goers that decide they want a different experience, or perhaps need a good pre or after-party before Ultra Music Festival. With a brand-new venue this year, we’re excited to see what this party has to offer, and how they’re going to blow our minds yet again!

Starting at 5 A.M. on Saturday and ending at 5 A.M. Sunday, this 24-hour party has the perfect line up to make sure you’re up and partying with some of the finest talents in the dance music Techno world. Some highlights are Diplo, Tiga, Desert Hearts Crew, Damian Lazarus, wAFF, Hot since 82… along with so many other amazing artists. With over 70 artists scheduled to play this incredible event, you’ll be able to get your Techno-fix in for a marathon of epic proportions.

If you’re looking to get away from the typical pool party/nightclub scene that is associated with Miami at this time of year, and are looking for something deeper that has an underground vibe… Look no further. Prepare yourself to Get Lost and walk in with an open mind. Embrace the immersive art and lovely Miami air, watch the sunrise and set listening to booming beats with a crowd that is surely as diverse as the lineup. One thing that keeps many fans returning to Miami every March is a gathering of friends that some would call family, and in my mind, Miami Music Week is not complete without a trip to Get Lost.

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