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Meow Wolf

Are you Ready For ANOTHER Interdimensional Experience with Meow Wolf Dark Palace?

by Haley Wood

With April coming in hot I am absolutely daydreaming of the mind-altering journey through the musical spin-off by none other than Meow Wolf, the world-famous Interactive art experience. A diverse collection of cultured electronic artists are delivering a new layer of consciousness to the National Western Complex. They are the vehicle for a warehouse vibe deemed dark and elegant to take our auditory and sensory fields to a whole new level. Welcome to our own Dark Palace.

Being a Bassline junkie at heart I am highly anticipating a U.S. appearance from Corrupt (UK). He has been a feature on Night Bass Records time and again, his single “It’s not OK” featuring Natz being the most popular. Corrupt’s friend Dr. Fresch as always will be bringing the vibes and makes for an experience that leaves a smile on your face. Joining them, DJ Holographic, Detlef, Space Jesus and Mr. Carmack, there is an eclectic genre-diverse abundance of talent to look forward to. Dark Palace will be an experience that intrigues our minds and soothes our ears.

I am excited to see how the ever-elusive Malaa, Golf Clap and reality-warping Bass lord G Jones help shape this experience. Cuddle connoisseur, Will Clarke is representing my favorite Tech-House label Dirtybird Records and I am looking forward to shuffling around with the biggest shit-eating grin on my face. You can also find me getting hyped for Doc Martin going b2b with Denver’s own HotBoi, Option4. Doc Martin presents us with a versatile display of genres ranging from Tribal House to Deep House. That coupled with Brennen Bryarly‘s natural flowing ecstatic vibes you can feel from the stage, we’re about to be slapped in the face with a set no one can anticipate.

Let’s not forget the mystifying art installations from local and national artists alike. Walking through portals doused with obscure lighting, odd furniture, and eclectic wall fixtures we’re teleported from the ordinary to swimming in interdimensional magic. The multiple stage setups were beautifully curated last year by b1n4ry Visuals. We are once again in for a treat for the eyes, as they return with Jon Medina to collab on a refreshingly new refraction stage design.  This second edition of Dark Palace presents an absolutely dazzling lineup focused on drawing House, dub and weird wub lovers from all walks of life. To top it off, this year we will experience an upgrade with a new Funktion One sound system, which is almost hard to believe considering the volume last year. Don’t forget your earplugs! Come play with us in our wonderfully dark and magical world!

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*Dark Palace Main Stage Featured Image via Jess Bernstein*

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