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Spotlight - March 18, 2019

#MCM | Markus Schulz | All Hail the Unicorn Slayer

Markus Schulz is this weeks Fresh Music Freak's #MCM.

On Trance Thursdays, most Trance fans look forward to the weekly ASOT broadcast, but my heart and soul belong to the Global DJ Broadcast. Now, call me crazy… but I am more excited for Markus Schulz’s New York and Miami open to close sets than I am for Ultra. (He also magically has a set at Ultra). There is no DJ quite like Markus Schulz. If you have not had the privilege to see one of his marathon sets… you are most definitely missing out. He’s been voted America’s best DJ for good reason, a true pioneer who is able to bring back the vibe of the crowd through a marathon journey that eclipses anything electronic music fans will ever encounter. I’m a ride or die for Markus (He is my favorite DJ) and that’s why he’s our Man Crush Monday.

Markus Schulz
Markus Schulz | New York Marathon Set

Starting my own personal Markus fan-girl tour is his set in Brooklyn. New York City is my favorite city, it literally feels like home every time I jump off of the plane. The minute I heard about this set, I was on the phone with Southwest adjusting my plans to leave for Ultra from NYC. If this tells you anything, I planned my Markus outfit and still have yet to plan my Ultra attire.

Coldharbour Recordings
Coldharbour Recordings MMW | Click here for tickets

A Trance tour wouldn’t be complete in Miami without giving some love to Markus’ label, Coldharbour Records. Paul Oakenfold is a major favorite of mine, (read my interview with the Godfather of Trance here) and to see Markus give someone he has said truly inspires him the top billing on this lineup is a major plus. Coldharbour has some of the most groundbreaking trance artists today, and I am stoked to finally cross this off my bucket list.

Markus Schulz Asot
Markus Schulz | Photo via | Click here for Ultra tickets

Next up on the list is my favorite Electronic Music Festival in the U.S., Ultra. After a killer performance at ASOT in 2016, (fun fact, was the first time I FINALLY saw him live) Markus is slated for his return for this year’s Ultra. You know where I’ll be. This is the one set you will find me on the rail for.

Markus Schulz
Markus Schulz | MMW OTC | Click here for Tickets

Finally we come to the end of my personal tour… the best Trance afterparty I have ever witnessed. Last year I attended Markus’ final performance at the famed Heart club in Miami. Sadly Heart is no more, but you can listen to the set below. I can’t wait to see what Markus has in store. With so many competing parties, I highly recommend you check this one out. No one closes out Miami Music Week like the Unicorn Slayer.

Long live Heart Nightclub

Looks like the only thing I have left to cross off my list is a rare set by Dakota (his alias) and even more rare, a New World Punks set with Ferry Corsten. I’m daring to dream. after all, it is just the start of festival season.