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Eric Prydz

#MCM | Eric Prydz | The G.O.A.T. [Playlist]

by Jennifer Fall

Eric Prydz’s catalogue is as extensive as his aliases. Here at Fresh Music Freaks we call him by one name: the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All TIME). Everything he touches turns to gold, from Pryda, to Cirez D and beyond… my favorite Swede is this week’s Man Crush Monday.

The number of artists I would cross the pond for is an extremely short list. I am usually unable to justify the expense for an overseas show. These are bucket list items, not easily YOLOed. I have since made the only exception to date for Eric Prydz. He has had major residencies in Vegas, Ibiza, and is one of the most sought after headliners for every major Festival. To be honest, I had to see the show that he himself has said he does not care if he makes any revenue from. Sadly, I missed out on Epic 3.0 at Madison Square Garden due to work obligations. I have been determined to witness an Epic themed show in person ever since.

Eric Prydz | Holo Trailer

It only took one word in blue letters to seal my fate, and continued prodding to fully commit.

My journey in Prydz fandom took me all the way to one of the most arduous, yet exciting events I have ever attended, Creamfields. If you have an extra moment you can read about my experience here. Due to time constraints, I skipped London, the city I have always wanted to see, just to have the experience of Eric Prydz Presents Holo. So many times shows don’t live up to their hype, and the expectations you have held for such a lofty goal. Many times I feel jaded and let down that it really wasn’t all that they said it would be. I must give all the credit to Eric Prydz, because Holo at Cream was the most incredible all-encompassing set musically and visually that I have ever witnessed. I don’t say that lightly,  I STILL think about that set, and I honestly could not imagine topping it… EVER.

Naturally, when Eric Prydz was announced for Ultra, I was stoked. It has been a long winter waiting for festival season to arrive, and what better than my two favorite producers and label owners headlining my favorite festival. This is a truly special occurrence.

Eric Prydz
Eric Prydz | Photo via ASOT Special and theelectroside.com

Ultra coincides with Miami Music Week, and I always look forward to Eric Prydz’s show. Last year it was Cirez D and Adam Beyer that wowed audiences and made me feel super FOMO as I typically reserve Friday through Sunday for Ultra. This year he announced a special Pryda show on Thursday at the Wynwood Factory.

If you were one of the fortunate ones to score tickets to any one of Eric Prydz’s upcoming tour stops in the U.S., you should consider yourself blessed. In fact, the ticketing for the Miami Music Week Pryda show sold out in less than FIVE minutes. Seems like they needed a server as large as Tomorrowlands for ticketing. I feel like I won the lottery that I even have one reserved. That re-sell market out there is BRUTAL, so please be aware of who you are purchasing through, always use Paypal goods and services, and go easy at the pool parties Thursday. I’ll be there with bells on, worshipping lord Prydz. Still the greatest of all time.

Pryda 2019 Tour
Pryda 2019 Tour

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