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BAINBRIDGE Genesis album

BAINBRIDGE Leads Listeners into a Battle Between Darkness and Light

by /\bz Groove Machine

Rising star producer and DJ BAINBRIDGE is heating up the frozen tundra of his home city in Minneapolis with his fiery passion for music, artistic expression, and intrapersonal awareness.  In late 2019, his single “Immortals” blew up after it was released on Knights of the Round Table Volume 3 by Disciple’s Round Table. This banger of an album articulates the talents of BAINBRIDGE and fellow Disciple artists such as 12th Planet, Barely Alive, Bandlez, and Virtual Riot, just to name a few.  BAINBRIDGE’s social media descriptions, pinned posts, and poetic biographies show us a glimpse into the brain behind the beats while his signature look beckons creatives everywhere to delve into the story behind the name.  The combination of BAINBRIDGE’s musical, artistic, and linguistic talents truly makes him a creative force to be reckoned with. 

BAINBRIDGE has only just begun his quest to guide us on the difficult journey through our own hearts and minds. In 2020, this musical mastermind began crafting a story of the light and darkness that we all hold inside of ourselves following the success of “Immortals”.  His Facebook page displays a pinned post prequel to the madness and describes the battle between the angels and demons within each of us.  At first, BAINBRIDGE gives you hope that you have a choice between the two.  However, an attentive reader may begin to understand that the choice is not so simple, and the battle cannot be so easily won.  BAINBRIDGE leads us, the Immortals, into battle with his debut EP Genesis on Disciple’s Round Table.  This powerful arrangement of music acts as a strategic map as BAINBRIDGE guides us through the war waging within all of us, whether we’re ready to face it or not. The battle between light and darkness, good and evil, and angels and demons.

Battle between darkness and light | Image from BAINBRIDGE Music Official Facebook

The first time I saw BAINBRIDGE was at Decimation Festival 2019, a haven for lovers of Bass, Techno, and Drum ‘n’ Bass.  I happen to enjoy all three of those genres, but at the time, I was most excited to see PhaseOne, Octane Amy, and Ed Rush b2b Optical.  I had just stepped outside of the Main Stage tent to go wander when BAINBRIDGE walked on site.  I didn’t know who he was yet, but he immediately commanded the attention of everyone standing there in the field.  It’s not only his signature hair, sunglasses, and physical presence, but there’s an emotional presence as well. There’s a certain intensity to him, while at the same time his movements are calming and tranquil.  I didn’t understand why at the time, but I suddenly had no other place I wanted to be– I needed to see him.  The festival organizers were bringing him over to the Main Stage, so I ditched my previous plan of wandering to other stages and walked right back up to the front.  

I wasn’t prepared for what happened next.  The sounds and emotions BAINBRIDGE was producing right before my eyes reached into my soul, grabbed me by the throat, and launched me into a world of filthy drops, unique builds, clever transitions, and energizing Dubstep.  SOO HEAVY!  I felt the insatiable need to move and found myself ricochetting off fellow festival-goers who were also trying to grasp what they were experiencing. We weren’t losing our minds, but rather we were being led to a place inside of ourselves that we hadn’t been able to reach before. That day stuck with me for many months. Since then, I’ve been able to see BAINBRIDGE live again, and each time has taken me back to that place in my brain.  The place I can’t quite reach without BAINBRIDGE’s energy to guide me.  He now sports an LED-rimmed black hood, which plays perfectly with his motif of darkness and light.

BAINBRIDGE is just getting started. His social media posts are filled with projects and collaborations waiting for us just beyond the horizon.  Need something to tide you over?  Catch his upcoming live stream performance at The Big Womp presented by Finderz Keeperz on Twitch! 

Click above for The BIG WOMP Live Stream festival by Finderz Keeperz

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*BAINBRIDGE Featured Image Via Joe Create*

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