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Marsh And Nox Vahn Brought The Heat For Two Sold-Out Shows Over the Weekend!

by Aimee Rivas

The night we’ve been waiting for had finally arrived. The must-see Anjuna duo Marsh and Nox Vahn had landed in Austin, Texas. Due to that dirty whore COVID, the show was postponed from January to March. It was kind of a blessing in disguise, this weekend was picture perfect for an outdoor show. We all had just survived a once-in-a-century Texas snowstorm and we were in need of some pre-spring excitement. 

The line was already around the block when I arrived at the venue and the show did not start until ten. The eager group of fans was abuzz with anticipation. Marsh and Nox Vahn was slated to perform a four-hour back-to-back set, something we weren’t expecting and we knew we were in for a treat! 

Marsh and Nox Vahn had already begun by the time we entered the venue. The vibe was a little subdued at first but hey we are living in different times, and nobody ever knows what to expect nowadays. As the evening progressed you could feel the crowd loosen up a bit and really get into the set. Marsh & Nox Vahn performed together countless times and you could tell their level of friendship and cohesiveness as they flowed and intertwined their tracks. 

They played some familiar favorites; Come Together, My Stripes, and Brainwasher. They also broke out some amazing remixes; Solarcoaster, WhiteRabbit, and On My Way To Heaven. These two kept the crowd in a groove for the entire four-hour set! Even in the midst of the pandemic craziness, they stayed around after the show chatting with fans and snapping a few photos. 

Marsh, Nox Vahn, JT Fields, and Aimee Rivas

Big ups to RealMusic Events, even though the Texas governor relaxed the mask and socially distance restrictions, they did the proper thing and still enforced the protocol. If you were seen without a mask for a longer time than it took for you to drink your drink, you better believe, you would see a shining flashlight in your face telling you to put it back on. Something most, if not all of us can appreciate. If all promoters can take these precautions seriously, then the sooner we can return to normal. 

Tonight, I felt a sense of normalcy. Something that has been missing for almost 365 days. We were still masked and socially distanced, there were tables positioned on the dance floor instead of people standing shoulder to shoulder, and the crowd was way smaller than normal but I get a feeling we are on our way back. Back to where we used to be, something we took for granted but I think we ever will again. We are on our way back to where we belong, on a dark dance floor, surrounded by our friends and what we love the most… THE MUSIC.

*Featured Image | via Aimee Rivas*

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