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Lucii | The Alien Among Us Answers the Freaky Five | Interview

by Ashley Rahl

Ubbi Dubbi Music Festival 2019 was a weekend of firsts. The first ever Ubbi Dubbi, my first time in Texas, and my first in-person interview with a major artist: Lucii. Was I excited? Ecstatic. Was I nervous? You bet.

It was a beautiful, sunny, 85-degree day one of Ubbi Dubbi, and it was just a few hours in. Lucii was my first must-see set of the day and she delivered everything the crowd was looking for. Space Bass with dreamy female vocals juxtaposed against heavier, almost Dubstep beats had the whole crowd vibing with her. Afterward, I was backstage waiting and quite literally shaking from the nerves knowing the interview was upon me. After introductions, it was relieving to realize Lucii was just as nervous as I was.

I watched Lucii this past year climb higher and higher in the Bass music industry with her exceptional production skills. Her hard work led to her being signed on Liquid Stranger’s record label, Wakaan, earlier this year. If I could honestly describe meeting her in one word, it would be: Cool. She was just really fucking cool. I sat down with Lucii and we talked about signing to Wakaan, anxiety, and why cats are awesome.

This transcript has been edited for readability.

FMF:  This is Ashley sitting here with Lucii from Wakaan. Thanks for sitting down with Fresh Music Freaks! I just saw your set. Thank you for playing “Pink Elephants”. It’s one of my favorite tracks of all time.

Lucii:  Yeah [laughs] hell yeah. Thank you.

So how’s the tour going?

The tour was great, actually just ended. It was honestly amazing. A lot of great things and I got to hang out with legends.

Anybody in particular that you can pick off the top of your head?

Liquid Stranger. I’ve loved him for years since I found out what EDM was. So just like being on a bus with him and like being able to call him my friend is pretty special to me.

That’s amazing. So you are the first woman to sign on Wakaan, right?


How does that feel? 

It’s pretty cool. I really always dreamed of being on Wakaan since I started. So being able to be the first one on it put out music makes me feel like women can do anything. Sky’s the limit, you know?

Do you feel like you’re paving the way for other female DJs?

For sure. I really feel like we’re an army right now.

Now, “Lucii The Alien.” Did you come up with that or is that like a friend’s nickname?

I did, my management and I were discussing how many ‘Lucys’ there are, and we wanted to figure out a way to make it a bit different and stand out. I was like “Well, I’m an alien, so we should just stick to the basics,” and then that’s how it worked out.

In your own words, how would you define your sound? Your personal sound? Kind of a tough one.

Yeah, it really is. I’ve always said I play Space Bass which is that free form type of Dubstep, but I try and make beautiful stuff too. When I’m working on a vocal track I try and be conscience of incorporating more melody. I’m just trying to write the best music I can.

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You do all your own vocals right?


That’s wonderful. I always admired that.

Your single “Neptune” is that your most recent single right?


Does that come from personal experience? Because it’s very emotional. I really connect with it.

Thank you, yeah. A lot of people think it’s about a breakup, which I guess it could be interpreted as, but it was really more about my anxiety. We are emotional creatures and I was feeling very along and was in a dark place and tried to create something to help cope. I feel really lucky that it turned out the way it did.

I think that’s probably why the song makes sense to me. I definitely understand dealing with that.


So I like to hear what artists are listening to right now. So what is some Fresh Music you’re freaking out about?

Tame Impala. I like, love them. My girlfriend got me onto them. They’re insane. I love Yelawolf. I love Mac Miller.

Unison:  Rest in peace.

Yeah, I love him. I play him in all my special sets. So that’s kind of what I’m listening to at the moment.

I’m going to introduce what we call the Freaky Five. It’s going to be five questions that kind of silly, kind of fun, not too much pressure.

Freaky questions.

Yes, here we go.

If you can meet anyone alive or dead, who would it be and why?

That’s tough. I would go, I have to have to, cause I really want to meet Amy Winehouse. And then Mac Miller. I would love to sit down with them and pick their brain….

Is it pronounced “jif” or gif”?

“Jif”! Yes. I get in so many arguments about that. It’s “jif”, it’s the peanut butter. That’s how I know, I looked it up.

I mean, my heart wants to say “gif” though.

I said “gif” and then I looked it up and that’s how you’re supposed to.

I guess I’ll have to switch now.

What’s one thing in daily life that you cannot go without?

My cat. Yeah she’s really cool.

That’s perfect because the next question is what do you prefer? Cats or dogs and why is it cats?

Me and my girlfriend have a dog together, but I’ve had my cat since I was 16, so we have a spiritual connection.

What’s your cat’s name?

Molly. I was going through some wild times when I was younger and that’s when I got her. She’s beautiful. I don’t know, I love dogs too, But [my cat] really gets me.

Cats, they have to let you in a little bit.

Yeah. I feel like it’s rewarding.

And then last but not least, after all we’ve been, do you want to be best friends?

Yeah! [laughs] Let’s do it.


Any last words for your fans?

I love you guys so much and thank you for supporting me.

Lucii is thriving in her short time on Wakaan, releasing Bass tunes that are just as badass as her. Click HERE to listen to her newest midtempo track “Dance”, released May 3rd. I’ve got to say, it’s my favorite so far! If she continues to push herself to greater heights, Lucii is on track to be the absolute Queen of Space Bass. Long live Lucii the Alien!

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lucii ubbi dubbi wakaan space bass freaky five
Lucii on the Dubbi Stage | Image Via Oh Dag Yo Photography

*Featured Image Via Oh Dag Yo Photography*

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