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Listen To This Week’s New Music And You’ll See ‘The Reason’ Why It’s ‘My Paradise’| Fresh Music Friday

by Guest Contributor

Analog ‘82 – ‘Sunsets & Memories’

The sun has certainly not set on Robert Nickson’s synthwave alias, Analog ‘82 as the creative mastermind has released another 10-track LP — ‘Sunsets & Memories’. Prepare to be blasted to the past with this album as it’ll have you wishing we were still using VHS players and Walkmans.

Sigala x David Guetta x Sam Ryder – ‘Living Without You’

“I was so lucky to work with Sam Ryder just before Eurovision sent him stratospheric and I’ve wanted to work with David Guetta for years, he’s an absolute legend. We did a surprise performance of the track [‘Living Without You’] at one of David’s shows in Ibiza, it was so special to be onstage with them both and seeing the crowd reaction.”


Pulsedriver – ‘Cambodia (Talla 2XLC Remix)’

Technoclub Retro brings the 2000 dance hit ‘Cambodia’ by Pulsedriver back to life with a brand new Talla 2XLC uplifting remix. Talla 2XLC stays true to the incredible energy of the original and turns it into a huge, full-on, hands-in-the-air, euphoric trance anthem for the modern dance floors. The vocal sends shivers down the spines of all old tranceheads and touches the new generation of trance fans too. The climax is dynamic and to the point so you can expect mad reactions from the dedicated crowd. 

Jamie Jones – ‘My Paradise (Vintage Culture Remix)’

With Jamie Jones’ My Paradise’ a clear front-runner as summer 2022’s Ibiza anthem, receiving support across the board from underground tastemakers to daytime radio, Brazilian superstar Vintage Culture now steps up to remix the track and continue its unstoppable ascent. While Jamie explored disco influences with his signature high-energy groove on the original, Vintage Culture’s clear-cut trademark sound gives a distinctly tougher feel, as a chugging bassline, rolling synths, and melodic piano breakdowns work together to form a journey of a mix guaranteed to captivate dancefloors from start to finish.

Mahalo x Captain Cuts – ‘Are U With Me (feat. Dan Caplen)’

Billboard chart-topping musician Mahalo, multi-platinum selling songwriting, record production, and remix team Captain Cuts and British artist Dan Caplen have teamed up for an out of this world dancefloor weapon, ‘Are U With Me’.

Worakls – ‘54’

Worakls has chosen to hit hard with ‘54’ on his label Sonate. With a unifying melody, an electro vibe, and a finely controlled orchestration, ‘54’ is the quintessential Worakls track. The song combines substance and form, which will appeal to both old and new fans. ‘LIV’ is the conversion of ‘54’ into Roman numerals, the name of Worakls’ daughter, his inspiration for this creation. It’s also a reference to Studio 54, the most iconic club in history. 

SoDown x Bailey Flores – ‘All Go Wrong’

“For my debut album I wanted to be more vulnerable, both lyrically and musically. I consider myself to be a pretty positive person, but I wanted to explore some of the uncomfortable realities we all inevitably face in life. In ‘All Go Wrong’, Bailey and I wanted to evoke the feeling of being lost, and the trials and tribulations of the human experience.”


D.O.D –  ‘Two Caps’

U.K. producer D.O.D inserts himself into the club scene with his next release on Armada Music. A floor-wrecking cut outfitted with bold synths and potent grooves, ‘Two Caps’ will surely whip the late-night crowd into a frenzy.

Different Kind – ‘Gangsta’

Dirtybird’s debut release from Different Kind offers an innovative fusion of house and drum & bass music. Drawing on hip-hop and metal influences, ‘Gangsta’ arrives with a unique flavor of production that compliments Dirtybird’s signature style. The project’s title track features an undeniably smooth transition between the two genres while ‘GQ’ is a masterclass on massive, distorted sound design.

Sylvain Armand x Maxim Lany – ‘Trippin (feat. Davina Malek)’

A truly magnetic link-up between French producer Sylvain Armand, Armada Music regular Maxim Lany and songstress Davina Malek, ‘Trippin’ effortlessly sends the senses into overdrive. Lyrically drawing from Goldtrix’s U.S. number one hit ‘It’s Love’, this captivating vocal piece will surely be turning heads when Maxim Lany drops it on the Tomorrowland mainstage.

Sébastien Léger – ‘Regina Blue’

Modular synth expert and electronic music pioneer Sébastien Léger returns to All Day I Dream to release his ‘Regina Blue’ EP, ahead of his much anticipated performance at All Day I Dream Of Endless Summer at the Brooklyn Mirage.

FOOLiE – ‘The Reason’

“The majority of the tunes [‘The Reason’] I’ve made have been inspired by my love for everything Sci-Fi and this release is no different. I make these heavy beats, then add elements and sounds that wouldn’t be out of place in classic thrillers – those tunes that evoke a sense of dread. I just feel that this combination is going to get people moving one way or another. If Jordan Peele needs music for a club scene I think he should definitely hit my line.”


Seven Lions – ‘Call On Me (feat. Vancouver Sleep Clinic)’

Call On Me’ is dance music leader Seven Lions’ second single from his highly anticipated debut studio album. Filmic, room filling chords envelop tender lyrics and vocals by Australian singer/songwriter Vancouver Sleep Clinic. Seven Lions merges a more indie and folk sensibility on ‘Call On Me’ – a brief and well executed departure from the gritty nature of first single ‘Every Time’. 

Gundamea x Korolova – ‘Sweet Disposition (feat. Andy Ruddy)’

Chart-topping Ukrainian dance music sensation Korolova lands on Armada Music with a euphoric rendition of Gundamea featuring Andy Ruddy’s 2019 hit ‘Sweet Disposition’. This remix is set to create euphoric moments wherever it is played.

Sascha Funke – ‘Treets’

The long-running Kompakt imprint has released an EP by German DJ and producer Sascha Funke in September. Sharing five tracks that traverse quirky house and techno, ‘Treets’ marks Funke’s monumental return to Kompakt since 2014.

ANII – ‘The Innocents / All Day’

ANII makes her Renaissance debut with two cuts demonstrating beauty and power with ‘The Innocents / All Day’. 

Smoakland – ‘Smoak Sesh’

West Coast duo Smoakland drops their ‘Smoak Sesh’ EP which includes fibe heavy bass bangers that will undoubtedly get crowds hyped up. 

Giolì & Assia – ‘Eurydice’

“‘Eurydice’ is undoubtedly the pillar that gives life to the whole concept of the album ‘Fire Hell and Holy Water’; where “hell” is a metaphor for depression, The escape from hell to the land of the living represents the journey and the fight against depression. The song is written as if it were Orpheus speaking, and apologizing for turning around, and causing Eurydice’s death: Orpheus was willing to walk into the underworld; to burn his skin [in hell] and sing to the Gods, in the name of his love for Eurydice. Musically, the song differs from the genre of other tracks on the album. Here, the sound is sweeter; more melodic, romantic, and intertwines perfectly with the sweetness of the lyrics.”

Giolì & Assia 

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – ‘When The Lights Go’

When The Lights Go’ is primed for the dancefloor while reflecting on the longing to belong to someone. Featuring soaring synths and distorted keys, the new track is accented by Orlando’s soothing melodies to create equal parts electronica and pop perfection. ‘When The Lights Go’ continues to give listeners a further look into the last 10 years or Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs journey and the sometimes dark, yet sometimes bright, sentiments heard throughout the project.

Snyder x Mike Eakins – ‘Underwater’

Underwater’ is an end-of-summer anthem which serves up yet another stunning production from Snyder, this time accompanied by the talented Michael Eakins. Eakins provides a hypnotizing vocal, which complements Snyder’s deep and groovy production. Marking the anticipated return of Snyder since his debut album which dropped in February 2021, ‘Underwater’ is truly a deep house gem with mainstream appeal – and you’ll definitely find yourself playing this one on repeat. 

*Featured image via Jamie Jones, Vintage Culture, FOOLiE and Analog ‘82*

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