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Lightning in a Bottle | Photo via 6am.com

Lightning in a Bottle | New Date and Potential Move to BAKERSFIELD?

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Well that came out of no where! Lightning in a Bottle, the transformational festival located in Bradley California over Memorial Day weekend, just today suddenly announced that not only would the event be moving locations, but it will ALSO be 2 weeks earlier! What?

Venue and date changes are nothing new for Lightning in a Bottle. In the 12 years of its existence it has moved around to a few different locations until finally settling down in Bradley California at the beautiful San Antonio Recreation Center. However, at a mere four months away thats pretty close to the event happening to make such a big change. On the official announcement, they claim that it’s an exciting new change, however, over 228 commenters on that post are grumbling that for many it’s in the middle of finals, or will conflict with Mothers Day for some. Still, as a long time Lightning in a Bottle attendee (as well as covering it last year) I feel its a welcomed change. Aside from Mothers Day (maybe ill take my mom) the weekend is an ideal time and warm up to the summer festival season!

So what about the new location? Well, while not officially announced, a bit of further digging brought up a document from the Kern County Planning Department (link below) that matches the dates and references a “festival known as Lightning in a Bottle” so it’s a pretty safe bet to assume that this is the spot. A mere two hrs and 15 minutes from the other location, this new spot looks to be about the same distance from both SF and LA as the old location, tho more in land and in… Bakersfield?

Lightning in a Bottle | Potential New Location
Lightning in a Bottle | Potential New Location

Now the good news is there is a lake, and it looks like more lush greenery, and even a golf course if you’re into that sort of thing (hmm could that add golf cart races to replace the soap box derby)? It’s definitely a change, and if you ask attendee’s of the last few years since it’s been in Bradley the festival has had some growing pains that this last year felt like they had finally ironed out. What new challenges will this space come with?

Bradley CA… or Bakersfield… Memorial Day weekend, or Mothers Day… Lightning in a Bottle will still be Lighning in a Bottle, and I for one am embracing the change, if for no other reason than being able to check out some of the other great events that seemed to conflict with their dates in the past.

Let’s do this!

lightning in a bottlePhoto Credit | Jessica Bernstein | Click here for tickets!

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