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Nadine riding the rail at Armin in Brooklyn

Life Trance-Formed | The Story Behind Ultra Nadine’s Passion For Trance

by Nadine Pasterczyk

Most of you may know me as the girl that’s always on the live stream at whatever trance show is going on around the world. And recently, a lot of people have asked me what got me into this scene. And I still remember how it began like it was yesterday. So how did it come to this? Was I always a trance junkie? Was I a main stage lover at one point? Did I have a wook phase? Sorry, the answer is no to that last one.

Start ‘em young.

It all started at the tender age of 9 years old. I was introduced to a lovely game called Dance Dance Revolution. I’m sure you all know what that is, but if you don’t; it’s an arcade game that tests your rhythm and ability not to have a heart attack while playing on heavy mode. With this little piece of information though, it’s no wonder I grew such a strong liking of electronic music.

From that point on, I downloaded electronic music daily and really delved into that culture. When I could drive (circa 2007), listening to DJ sets was the highlight of road trips and realistically any time I got behind the wheel. Back then I really listened to anything though. From Armin Van Buuren to Skrillex; I didn’t really judge.

Let’s play a game — how many times am I in this live stream?!

I lived my whole life listening to this wonderful genre of music. But for some odd reason, I had never gone to a music festival or show for that matter. Well, I saw Steve Aoki in college once, but I don’t count that because I didn’t get caked.

One little push that sent me down the rabbit hole.

One day my boyfriend at the time (he got me addicted to ASOT moreso than I already was) said to me, “Nadine, will you just go to a music festival already for fuck sake?!” My answer was “Ultra is in 2 months, I think I can pull this off!” So I texted my friend Joe and he said “HELL YEA!” Keep in mind, Joe is one of my dearest friends and used to go on those road trips with me where we’d listen to DJ sets. All while our friend, Becky who was in the back seat would say, “Turn this crap off it’s too repetitive.” Turns out that Becky went to Ultra that year too, so needless to say we definitely tease her about liking “repetitive music” now.

It all started with Ultra Miami!

Ultra Music Festival in 2015 was the beginning of something incredible. Since then, I’ve been to countless festivals, warehouse shows, club events, and even seen shows on boats. I’ve been both the recipient and the giver of shoulder rides. I’ve been on countless live streams making stupid faces. I’ve even gotten caked by Steve Aoki (at a different show than the one aforementioned). And I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Nadine got caked by Steve Aoki
See, I wasn’t lying about getting caked by Steve Aoki | Photo via Jim Smackster

There’s no better feeling than feeling the bass in your chest, dancing with your best friends, and being surrounded by those who have the same passion as you. This scene has brought so many amazing people into my life and has made such a huge impact on my inner being. I know that I can have a bad day at work and open up Spotify and have all my worries washed away. Well, first I hit play, then my worries go away, but you know what I mean.

My life has been trance-formed.

After all these years, electronic music has literally shaped my life. At this point, you can find me at most trance shows in NYC and Boston (sometimes DC and Atlantic City). If there’s a major show, don’t be surprised if I’m across the pond or the country at a festival or music event week. No matter what show I’m at though; I’ll always be on the rail with my friends having the time of my life! You only live one life so live it to the fullest!

nadine at asot at ultra music festival
Always in A State Of Trance! | Photo via UMF TV

*Featured photo via DailyEyes*

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