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Let’s ‘Turn The Lights Down Low’ And Dance To This Week’s New Music For The ‘Rest Of Our Lives’ | ICYMI Monday

by Guest Contributor

Armin van Buuren & AVIRA vs Chicane – ‘Offshore’

Armin van Buuren and AVIRA link up with none other than Ibiza Trance legend Chicane to reimagine one of his most revered classics. Retaining the Balearic essence of the 1996 original, this equally timeless interpretation of ‘Offshore’ pays tribute to the legacy of the genre whilst illustrating to perfection that its future has never been brighter.

Timmy Trumpet x R3HAB – ‘Turn The Lights Down Low’

“This is the first track [‘Turn The Lights Down Low’] I’ve released in two languages, and to do it with superstars like R3HAB and NINEONE# is a dream come true. Music unites people from all cultures all over the world, and that’s my favorite part of the electronic music scene. I always love working with R3HAB, and as a producer, he is second to none. Making this track was nothing but fun, and I can’t wait to get it out there!”

Timmy Trumpet 

Ben Gold – ‘Rest Of Our Lives’

Detailing a relationship coming at a crossroads, ‘Rest Of Our Lives’ has got to be one of the most spine-tingling cuts from Ben Gold’s second studio album. With mesmerizing piano play, uplifting melodies, crystalline vocals and a heartfelt lyrical message that resonates with the power of a thousand suns, this vocal trance gem bears all the hallmarks of a timeless fan favorite.

ÜHÜ – ‘Going Out’

Fresh from Alok’s label CONTROVERSIA is ÜHÜ’s new single, ‘Going Out’, which might just be your newest party anthem. Opening with lyrics about getting ready for a wild night on the town, the Brazilian producer wastes no time heating things up with funky melodies and a bouncy, upbeat bassline. The single is sure to put you in the mood to dress up, gather your crew, and dance until the sun rises, and with the pandemic subsiding, there’s no better time to do just that. ‘Going Out’ is ready for the weekend, and ÜHÜ is here to be your club shaman. 

Purple Haze – ‘Horizons’

Somehow dark and hopeful at the same time, Purple Haze’s next highlight to Armind is as captivating as they come. Helmed by an incredible vocal presence that heralds change, growth and sonic evolution, ‘Horizons’ is one of those vocal-infused tech trance tracks that’ll have no trouble leaving listeners speechless. 

John Summit – ‘In Chicago’

“So stoked to start my own record label Off The Grid. This has been in the works for years and I’m super excited to kick it off with a track [‘In Chicago’] about my home city. My ultimate goal is to use OTG as a platform for not only established artists but also up-and-coming artists who I believe will become the future stars.”

John Summit

BT – ‘Stratosphere (Matt Fax Remix)’

Simply put, if there’s any track that’s going to grab you with one single solitary spin in 2022, this’ll be it. Matt Fax has subtly moved BT’sStratosphere’s plucked-string sub-melody up to be a major player position in the mix. Placing a thrill-inducing vocoder over its vocals, it raises the atmosphere, near inexorably, up to the break. What happens after that, well let’s just say if you can remain seated, and keep your feet from moving and your arms from soaring, heck, you’re doing better than us!

Essence – ‘The Promise (Craig Connelly Remix)’

Lending his remix capabilities to The Space Brothers’ 25th anniversary album project, U.K. creator Craig Connelly pushes a wave of nostalgia toward modern dance floors with his rendition of ‘The Promise’. With unblemished lead synths narrating the radiant melody and bolstering the track’s uplifting character, this reimagination of Essence’s UK Top 40-charting single will have fans smiling from ear to ear across its duration.

Trivecta – ‘The Way Back Up’

Trivecta provides a career defining performance with his debut album, ‘The Way Back Up’, available now on Seven Lions’ renowned Ophelia Records imprint. At once melancholic and uplifting, the album is composed of 13 tracks whereby Trivecta carves out his own lane and sonic identity within the melodic bass space and further demonstrates an impressive range of diversity.

Benny Benassi x Anabel Englund – ‘Lightwaves’

“As we were working on the first idea of the track that would become ‘Lightwaves’, I immediately thought about Anabel Englund. I love her voice and her style! She gave her unique touch to the lyrics and the melody and she absolutely crushed it. I’m super happy to be on this track with her and I can’t wait to share this tune with everyone else.”

Benny Benassi

The Chainsmokers – ‘So Far So Good’

The Chainsmokers have finally released that their highly anticipated upcoming album ‘So Far So Good’ via DISRUPTOR/Columbia Records.

Corti Organ – ‘Polarity’

Having already made their mark on Armin van Buuren’s other labels (A State Of Trance, Who’s Afraid Of 138?!), Corti Organ at long last debut on Armind with the tempestuous ‘Polarity’. Perfectly balanced between power and melodic flair, this track is meant to supercharge any mainstage experience.

Lee Foss – ‘Golden State’

Marking Lee Foss’ first foray into hip-hop, ‘Golden State’ is an infectious combination of booming 808s, nasty funk bass, moog lead lines, and witty wordplay. A family affair, the track features his wife Chloshow on vocal duties and the slick bars of Chicago rapper Mal Rainey – a high school homie.

The Martinez Brothers – ‘Rizzla (feat. Rema)’

Underpinned by a skippy 2-step beat, ‘Rizzla’ combines the infectious dancefloor stylings of UKG with Rema’s slick, instantly-recognisable vocals. The track will feature on The Martinez Brother’s forthcoming EP. 

Rub!k – ‘Orbit 37’

Hammering down relentlessly from the get-go, Rub!k’s Orbit 37’ is about as forceful as a record can get. From the colossal beat drops to the ever-accelerating plucks and melodic lift-off, this track is an absolute belter of cosmic proportions.

BURNR – ‘Molly’

A nasty house pounder from your boy BURNR, concocting a chemical reaction by pouring petrol over speakers and asking his devil’s advocate on vocals for a match. Dragging ‘Molly’ across juddering bass terrain like it has Guru Josh backwards by the infinities, the mayhem is brought to a head by a shrill synth blowing off steam post-breakdown, the Dutch one-to-watch adding squelches and squirms to his mean machinery. A dirty, decadent, renegade stomp, ‘Molly’ probably isn’t the one to bring home to your parents.

Kura – ‘Bananza’

Bananza’ serves as a time-travel machine for radio listeners and party-goers of the early 2000s. Adopting a hammering bassline and pulsating rhythms whilst garnishing the original melody with electric, high-energy thumps, Kura’s approach seamlessly bridges the gap between history and destiny, and creates a mezzanine between commercial and underground. It’s a treat for enthusiasts of either ends of the musical spectrum, and a reminder of the ageless lust for groove.

Jay Pryor – ‘Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now’

Dublin-born, LA-based artist Jay Pryor is fast rising DJ, producer, songwriter, and remix aficionado with a penchant for house crossovers. Back with a funky disco-house cut, Jay Pryor’s ‘Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now’ is out via his own imprint Motherland

Nostalgix – ‘My Type’

Nostalgix has become synonymous with a powerfully energetic sound that fuses hyped-up house productions with her own incredible rap flows, and she brings all of that sassy flavor together for her new single ‘My Type’. Stacked with catchy vocals, heavyweight basslines and exciting rhythms, ‘My Type’ is a certified club banger and another outstanding release from Nostalgix on AC Slater’s Night Bass imprint.

*Featured image via Ben Gold, Timmy Trumpet, R3HAB and John Summit*

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