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‘Leave Your Mind Behind’ And Come ‘Running’ Towards This Week’s New Music | Fresh Music Friday

by Guest Contributor

John O’Callaghan – ‘Never Fade Away (Maarten de Jong Remix)’

Maarten de Jong gets right down to business with his new release on Who’s Afraid Of 138?! by supercharging one of John O’Callaghan’s most beloved classics with his energetic trademark sound. With the rampaging synths and epic melody providing the perfect contrast to Lo-Fi Sugar’s honeyed, this remix of ‘Never Fade Away’ will make entire stadiums roar across its duration.

Siskin – ‘Never Alone’

Perfectly in step with ‘Never Alone’s song, Siskin constructs a coolly persuasive trance-progressive frame to mount it on. Pulsing with bass and elevated by melody, harmony and pianoforte, it exists in its own stylistic space. Authenticity of feeling running through ever strand, it speaks no end to the extraordinary production synergy Suzanne and Sue share.

Sam Allan – ‘Why Don’t You Love Me (feat. Daudia)’

Sam Allan and Daudia’s emotionally-charged, house anthem, ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’ brings in the new year with a bang. As an eclectic artist with an extensively diverse music taste, Sam Allan perfects the main-stream dance sound on ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’, which embodies elements of emotional electronic, and house, intertwined with a hypnotizing topline from Daudia. Melodic, uplifting, and contagiously addicting, ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’ will be an early addition to your EDM playlists for 2022.

Gabry Ponte x R3HAB x Timmy Trumpet – ‘Call Me’

Hard not to remember the song made famous by Blondie and the A-class composer Giorgio Moroder. ‘Call Me’ it’s been the life soundtrack of many people in the 80s, an energetic and engaging song, chosen by the three multi-platinum DJ producers Gabry Ponte, R3HAB, and Timmy Trumpet, to reinterpret it in their style. What a wonderful gift to start the new year with the right approach! Nostalgic of the 80s and dance music fans: it’s your time!

Morgin Madison – ‘Drifter (feat. Dominique)’

“With ‘Drifter’, I wanted to create a song that took my sound into a very intimate direction, while still holding onto my roots in progressive dance music. Once I teamed up with Dominique on vocals, the song became a beautifully nostalgic anthem about a one-sided relationship. While a lot of my music feels more vast and ethereal, ‘Drifter’ brings you in close for a bittersweet journey.”

Morgin Madison

Superpoze – ‘Parabel’

The first sample of music from Superpoze’s upcoming ‘Nova Cardinale’ arrives via the first single, ‘Parabel’. ‘Parabel’ is an entirely instrumental piece where Legeleux’s greatest musical passions come together: the romanticism of piano, the emotion of a movie soundtrack, the repetitive patterns and progressive structures of electronic music.

Martin Jensen x Cheat Codes x Theresa Rex – ‘Running’

Martin Jensen kicks off 2022 with new collaboration ‘Running’ alongside Los Angeles-based electronic trio Cheat Codes and Danish singer Theresa Rex. The musical synergy from the collective artists on the collaboration is palpable as ‘Running’ ignites into a primed dancefloor player. Addictive and memorable, thanks to warm piano tones and Theresa Rex’s vocal, which is snappy and is striking from the first listen.

Glass Petals – ‘Leave Your Mind Behind’

Peddling the motto “club music only,” Glass Petals is the side project of veteran producer Felix Cartal and Johnny Jover. The pair’s penchant for creating dancefloor-forward sound is chronicled through each refined release. Now, the pair take their talents to deadmau5’s hau5trap label for ‘Leave Your Mind Behind’. ‘Leave Your Mind Behind’ combines classic old school rave with polished club flair. Drawing inspiration from the sounds of the underground, Glass Petals pays thoughtful homage to house music’s roots, all while adding their own unique touch. The pair delivers a sweltering four-on-the-floor feat, masterfully combining its driving synth patterns with hypnotic vocal chops. A sonic work displaying a true iron-clad grasp on the club sounds of the now, ‘Leave Your Mind Behind’ is Glass Petals’ exciting first offering of 2022.

*Featured image via Sam Allan, Martin Jensen, Cheat Codes and Glass Petals*

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