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Just ‘Breathe’ And Look ‘My Way’ For This Week’s New Music | ICYMI Monday

by Guest Contributor

tyDi x JES – ‘Just Believe’

With their first for 2022 (and it could hardly have come much earlier), tyDi and JES bring the hope with their new collaboration, ‘Just Believe’. The release comes off the back of challenging times for Australian-born/LA-based DJ/producer, tyDi. Having been hospitalised with a rare neurological condition and spending much of the autumn of 2021 fighting his way back to fitness, much could be inferred from the single’s title.

Afrojack x Steve Aoki – ‘No Beef (The Remixes Part 1)’

Celebrating the 11th anniversary of one of EDM’s biggest tunes, Afrojack and Steve Aoki’s ‘No Beef’ is back in the shape of two immense remix packages, with a remix from Aoki himself serving as the crown jewel of the original’s celebration. The first package is out now, featuring a mesmerizing version by Grammy nominated duo Goodboys, adding touching vocals, warm melodics and a sturdy deep house drop. Also present on this celebratory release are fresh remixes by LUM!X, as well as Riot Ten and Crankdat. It’s a furious blast from the past, underlining the everlasting impact of this timeless festival anthem, scored by a star-studded line-up of contemporary dance producers. Catch it now on Afrojack’s Wall Recordings and Dim Mak Records, and stay tuned for The Remixes Part 2, coming soon.

Franky Wah – ‘Dopa La Vita / Mandé’

Dopa La Vita / Mandé’ shows a different side to Franky Wah’s glossy production style. Having risen through the ranks with his emotional big room melodic house cuts, the Yorkshire native decided to experiment and strip back his sound to deliver a delicious slice of minimal prog. Opener ‘Dopa La Vita’ introduces a deep, sultry bassline that is complemented by an array of vocal chops and sensual murmurs. The nearly 9-minute long endeavor undercuts his usual peaks and valleys, and rather creates an intoxicating stream of warm electronica. The B-side, ‘Mandé’, takes things deeper, while amping up the melodic flair. The floor-filling track boasts an irresistible percussive line, a faint deep vocal, and a percolating synth, resulting in the perfect combination for late nights and early mornings on a hazy dancefloor.

Klingande x Merk & Kremont – ‘Planet In The Sky (feat. MKLA)’

Multi-platinum French DJ and producer Klingande has joined forces with fast-rising Italian duo Merk & Kremont and Toronto-based artist MKLA on new single ‘Planet In The Sky’. An intoxicating sonic concoction, filled with vibrant percussion, club-ready beats and MKLA’s seductive vocals, ‘Planet In The Sky’ is a unique, uptempo dance jam that’s impossible to ignore.

MitiS x Crystal Skies – ‘Gone (feat. Linney)’

“We’re really excited to release this collab [‘Gone’], especially after spending this fall on tour together! We [Crystal Skies and MitiS] had a lot of great experiences in all the cities we visited and it’s always amazing to hear how our music impacts people in a live setting. I think we got to know and understand each other’s music a lot better over the fall and with that in mind we knew we had to do another song together. We’re really happy with how this one came out – Linney did an amazing job with the vocals and we think it will be a perfect fit on our album.”

— Crystal Skies

ReauBeau – ‘My Way (feat. Brynja Mary)’

ReauBeau stakes his claim in 2022 with the rousing ‘My Way’ featuring rising Icelandic star Brynja Mary! It feels like he’s got 2021 sewn up, but as the new year beckons we reach ever higher with ‘My Way’, with the magical vocals of Brynja Mary. 

syence – ‘don’t leave’

Releasing on Snakehips’ label Never Worry Records, American bass pop duo syence reveal new depths to their sound with their slinky, synthy single ‘don’t leave’. Talkbox vocals crackle with the gritty, electric groove of the bassline, in an offering that highlights the unique style syence has created. 

Gil Sanders – ‘Lie To Me (feat. Kimberly George)’

Nothing but the truth from Italian ace Gil Sanders. Bringing British vocalist Kimberley George under his spell to help set his story straight, ‘Lie To Me’ comes coded with a tech edge, but far from bringing a bad boy attitude, keep its avenues open for mainstream attention. Wrapped in warm atmosphere, Sanders expertly gives the track time to build, and his moments of energy, especially when strings join his incisive chords, are cause for celebration.

Bob Moses – ‘Love Brand New’

“‘Love Brand New’ is about being newly in love and trying not to lose yourself as you navigate the world feeling as though you’re seeing everything for the first time, as if it’s brand new. It was written with our friends Michel Zitron and John Martin and started in L.A. just before Coachella in 2019. We knew there was something there, but touring intervened. We finally got back to it in 2020, and it became one of the first finished for our new album. We shot the video in a freezing warehouse in Montreal this past December — we look warm though.”

Bob Moses

BEAUZ – ‘Rave Game’

Beijing-based duo BEAUZ showcases their energetic and aggressive sound in their Astralwerks-released EP, ‘Rave Game’.

Pablo Nouvelle – ‘La Sensación Es Real’

Marking Pablo Nouvelle’s return to his club roots after broadening his sonic horizon, ‘La Sensación Es Real’ shows that the journey of the song matters more than the destination. Graced with gorgeous harmonies, fluttering synths, a steady beat and spoken-word vocals, this absolute treat to the senses is designed to make listeners feel with every fiber of their being.

Arctic Lake – ‘Breathe’

English alternative pop duo Arctic Lake are back with the emotionally bare single ‘Breathe’, out today via Astralwerks. The slow-burning, gently driving song — produced by member Paul Holliman — comes with a fittingly evocative and intimate video.

*Featured image via Franky Wah, ReauBeau, Klingande and Merk & Kremont*

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