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It’s ‘Getting Late’ And This Week’s New Music Is ‘Untamed’ | Fresh Music Friday

by Guest Contributor

Alesso x Katy Perry – ‘When I’m Gone’

Astralwerks/Capitol Records have released Alesso and Katy Perry’sWhen I’m Gone’. The vibrant new dance track marks the iconic artists’ first collaboration together. Within the very first seconds of ‘When I’m Gone’, Alesso and Katy prove to be a match made in dancefloor heaven. A high-drama anthem built on throbbing beats and powerful piano melodies, the track spotlights Katy’s radiant vocal presence as she offers up a fierce warning to the one who’s left her behind. 

Para X – ‘Untamed’

ZYXTrance caters for trancers with the exquisite Para X and his new track, ‘Untamed’. A classy, epic uplifting trancer that is solid, driving, pumping and energetic to the maximum. This track showcases relentless bouncy beats and a long atmospheric breakdown that allows the huge anthemic and memorable melody to develop slowly and build tension. This beautiful progression is followed by the melodramatic climax that is above and beyond your expectations.

Armin van Buuren x AVIRA – ‘Hollow (Colyn Remix)’

One of Amsterdam’s finest, Colyn expertly puts Armin van Buuren and AVIRA’s collab with Be No Rain in a new light. Gracing the original vocals with textured grooves and a new set of chord progressions, the studio magician gives fans more than enough reason to deep-dive into ‘Hollow’ again.

Richard Durand x Christian Burns – ‘Almost Home’

In deference to Christian Burn’s supreme ability to convey story through lyric, the Original Mix of ‘Almost Home’s spotlight is largely given over to his song. Backed by little more than contemplative piano notes and harmonies, Christian delivers a touching tale of longing that’ll resonate with many. Acting essentially as an emotional overture to his Extended version, at pace and with seismic charge, Richard Durand takes ‘Almost Home’ to the clubs.

Kasablanca – ‘Alive (Joachim Pastor Remix)’

“I liked the original track [‘Alive’] as soon as I pressed play. It’s a perfect mix of subtle harmonies with a more techno-esque and bouncy beat. I took the robotic voices and gave them an organic depth by adding new chords, and finished on an apogee after the second drop with an arpeggiator that underlines the melancholy of those chords.”

Joachim Pastor

Adam Scott – ‘Crank’

A staple DJ in the U.S. trance scene, New York’s Adam Scott touches down on Armin van Buuren’s Armind imprint to deliver a particularly memorable debut release. Euphoric, energetic and insanely impactful, ‘Crank’ is a sonic triumph both on and off stage.

KhoMha – ‘Oblique’

Standing out through both its melodic prowess and unique arrangement, KhoMha’s brand-new release on Armind isn’t your straightforward trance tune. Decked out with thick and authentic synths that surprise listeners at every twist and turn, ‘Oblique’ offers a fresh perspective fans from all over the world will take note of. 

helloworld – ‘only way out’

“The stripped version of only way out (Stripped) represents another side of the helloworld project that I want to be able to express. a side full of beautiful melodies and emotion. When writing this song with Josie, we wanted to capture the feeling of being lost and having that person who you can reach for to pull you back up. To me, the stripped version of the song represents that in its rawest form.”



ZHU wraps up 2021 with a surprise drop of ‘DREAMLAND (DELUXE)’. The deluxe album includes two brand new songs – ‘Coral.PINK (feat Trombone Shorty)’ and ‘Mannequins & Egos’ – plus five previously released tracks that were not included on the original album. With the addition of songs like ‘Came For The Low (with partywithray)’, ‘Risky Business’, ‘Desire (Bob Moses x ZHU)’ and ‘I Admit It (feat. 24kGoldn)’, ‘DREAMLAND (DELUXE)’ now contains eight hits that have charted on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic Songs tally.

Tempo Giusto – ‘Escape To A Better Future’

A hope-inspired belter from Finland’s Tempo Giusto, ‘Escape To A Better Future’ is exactly what the global trance crowd has been gunning for. Pushed into more of a progressive direction without losing the energy and sense of suspense its creator’s music is synonymous with, this track is set to strike a chord in all who hear.  

Andrea Oliva – ‘Transit (Kevin Saunderson Remix)’

Techno legend Kevin Saunderson has remixed the latest Andrea Oliva single ‘Transit’ on the Swiss artist’s freshly launched All I Need record label. Placing a firmer emphasis on the majestic staccato strings that punctuate the original, Saunderson delivers a breathating rework of ‘Transit’ that accentuates the track’s cinematic melodies.

Jonas Blue – ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’

“I’ve been wanting to get a collab going with Why Don’t We since they first hit me up on Twitter back in 2019. These guys have amazing vocals which grabbed me instantly, so I knew we could create something really special together. ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ has a real depth to the lyrics. If you break it down, it’s about finding your true love in your dream. I can’t wait to share it with the world!”

Jonas Blue

Allen Watts x SILVELA – ‘Echoes’

Coming from the hand of one of Trance’s irrefutable titans, ‘Echoes’ sees Allen Watts cause pure uplifting mayhem in tandem with Mexican talent SILVELA. Decked out with a sensational melody and an relentless kick-bass combo that deserves a bright-red warning label, this track is designed to slam down so hard ears will be buzzing long after.

SLANDER – ‘Getting Late’

SLANDER are no strangers to cultivating new talents. On ‘Getting Late’, out now on their label Heaven Sent, as a surprise release for fans Andersen and Land pair themselves with emerging Los Angeles producer if found for an enthralling melodic bass dancefloor track featuring newcomer Danni Carra.

Daniel Allan – ‘Overstimulated’

“‘Overstimulated’ is a project that comments on my personal journey and its overwhelming nature. When life gets hectic, my primary coping mechanism is to lock myself in a room and work it out with music. Sometimes I don’t really know how to communicate, so I suppose this project is my way of sharing that experience with the world.”

Daniel Allan

Allegories – ‘It’s A Parade’

At the centre, Allegories’ It’s A Parade’ took inspiration from a friend dryly recounting his latest misadventure. Getting drunk, making a scene, being chased by bouncers over rooftops, and then subsequently plummeting to the ground when he miscalculated a jump, ripping open his spleen. Nothing was embellished or exaggerated, but then the story melded over time with other friends’ recollections and their own incidents, creating a hodgepodge of debauchery. As the song evolved, the narrative became deluded with hallucinations of majesty and splendour. But the dreams won’t save you, and the undiluted brutal reality may make you more wistful than any fantasy.

Alison Wonderland – ‘Fear Of Dying’

Alison Wonderland, one of electronic music’s most acclaimed artists, boldly begins 2022 with a powerful new single and video. On ‘Fear of Dying’, which Alison wrote and produced, she unpacks the ever-present anxiety and crippling fear of losing someone close to you – coupling her trademark head-spinning drops and angelic vocals with hop-skip drum patterns and infectious gamer-girl synth blips.

*Featured image via Alesso, SLANDER, Alison Wonderland and Para X*

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