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It’s ‘Clear’ To Us That This Week’s New Music Is ‘Rockin’’ | Fresh Music

by Nadine Pasterczyk
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Above and Beyond – ‘Anjunafamily’

First heard on the ‘Anjunabeats Volume 14’ compilation, Above and Beyond have finally shared their monumental release, ‘Anjunafamily’ — dedicated to their beloved fans. True to Above and Beyond’s signature sound, the release is an anthemic trance anthem, complete with an emotive build-up and cascading drop.

‘Anjunafamily’ by Above and Beyond is out now!
Click the image to stream ‘Anjunafamily’ on your favorite platform.

Seven Lions x Excision x Wooli – ‘Another Me’

What happens when some of the most legendary producers join together to form an electronic dream team? The answer is in the music. Seven Lions, Excision and Wooli team up with Dylan Matthew to create an electrifying new release ‘Another Me’. An exhilarating concoction of fluid vocals, heart-wrenching melodies, and floor-buzzing bass, the track showcases each artists’ musical niche. With the ability to satisfy bassheads, dance fanatics, and house lovers alike, this one has a little bit of everything for everyone. Revel in the melodious intro and headbang to the surprising second drop.

‘Another Me’ by Seven Lions, Excision and Wooli is out now!
Click the image to stream ‘Another Me’ on your favorite platform.

KhoMha – ‘Dreams Of Aegon’

KhoMha has already shown his ability to deliver top-drawer cuts wherever he ventures, and his debut single is no different. Getting fans on board with its immaculate breakdown, stellar melody and otherworldly vibe, ‘Dreams Of Aegon’ is a beautiful collision of emotion and power.

‘Dreams Of Aegon’ by KhoMha is out now via Armada Music.
Click the image to stream ‘Dreams Of Aegon’ on your favorite platform.

Moon Boots – ‘Clear’

House music sensation Moon Boots returns with his latest single ‘Clear’, the third single off his highly-anticipated upcoming album ‘Bimini Road’. Pivoting into a slinky broken beat groove this time around, ‘Clear’ is late-night electronic funk at its best, with a superlative vocal from Nic Hanson and lyrics that appeal for clarity amid today’s complicated relationships.

‘Clear’ by Moon Boots is out now!
Click the image to stream ‘Clear’ on your favorite platform.

Wax Motif x Diddy – ‘Divided Souls’

Australian producer and DJ, Wax Motif has released his track ‘Divided Souls’ featuring rap legend, Diddy. The addictive tech-house banger is the first release from the new label and features Diddy’s vocals calling for DJ’s to “play that 20-minute version” for those who appreciate the journey of a track rather than being a “crowd pleaser”.

‘Divided Souls’ by Wax Motif and Diddy is out now!
Click the image to stream ‘Divided Souls’ on your favorite platform.

Tenishia – ‘Moonshar’

A blast of euphoria wrapped in uplifting goodness, Tenishia’sMoonshar’ shines its light on the scene in ways few tracks can. Armed with rough and energetic bassline, beautiful piano tones and a luminescent, pluck-based melody that drives the darkness away, ‘Moonshar’ is a shimmer of hope for trance fans worldwide.

‘Moonshar’ by Tenishia is out now via Armada Music.
Click the image to stream ‘Moonshar’ on your favorite platform.

Boris Brejcha – ‘Butterflies.’

The latest offering from German techno titan Boris Brejcha is a high-energy progressive EP called ‘Butterflies.’ The EP features three singles that all display sounds from Boris’ self-coined genre “high-tech minimal”. His third release of the summer, the three-track record sees Brejcha’s sonic explorations into the realm of ‘High-Tech Minimal’ reach new heights. EP opener ‘Redemption’ pairs a chunky, driving bassline with a similarly assertive breakdown. ‘Sternengleiter’ follows and offers the record’s most emotive and hypnotic moments, with title track ‘Butterflies’ closing out the EP which sees him sculpt eight minutes of delicate, fluttering techno. 

‘Butterflies.’ by Boris Brejcha is out now!
Click the image to stream ‘Butterflies’ on your favorite platform.

Atlantis – ‘Fiji (ReOrder and Meeting Molly Remixes)’

Fiji’, ‘Atlantis’: if these words are transmitting some attractive images to your mind, safe to say it’s nothing compared to what the track itself is gonna do! That may already have happened however, as ‘Fiji’  — a release that came whisper close to all-out classic status — has lain largely dormant since its year 2000 chart run. Becoming ever more buried DJ treasure, it’s been plucked from the crates by Black Hole Recordings, who — having given it a most masterful of remasters — have placed it in the remix hands of ReOrder and Meeting Molly

‘Fiji (ReOrder and Meeting Molly Remixes)’ by Atlantis is out now!
Click the image to stream ‘Fiji (ReOrder and Meeting Molly Remixes)’ on your favorite platform.

The Martinez Brothers – ‘fabric presents The Martinez Brothers’

House favorites The Martinez Brothers have mixed the latest installment of the ‘fabric presents’ series. A colourful, high-energy affair that traverses the width and breadth of the house spectrum, the 23-track mix ranges from dark rollers to soulful vocals and includes some of the most respected names in dance music.

‘fabric presents The Martinez Brothers’ mixed by The Martinez Brothers is out now!
Click the image to stream ‘fabric presents The Martinez Brothers’ on your favorite platform.

Jak Aggas – ‘I See You’

Slamming down on mainstages worldwide, Jak Aggas’ third release on Who’s Afraid Of 138?! is obviously geared toward global dance floor domination. ‘I See You’ pulls fans into the thick of it all for a massive combo of rough bass and soaring melodies. Behold the power.

‘I See You’ by Jak Aggas is out now via Armada Music.
Click the image to stream ‘I See You’ on your favorite platform.

Ravell – ‘Rockin’’

Ravell continues to dominate 2019 with the release of his newest single, ‘Rockin’‘. The track features Ravell’s ever-present signature melodic house sound – an irresistible mélange of uplifting soulful vocals and an energetic kick.

‘Rockin’’ by Ravell is out now!
Click the image to stream ‘Rockin’’ on your favorite platform.

Graves x BISHU – ‘Tear Me Apart’

From Grammy award winner Graves, this new record begins with emo guitar plucks layered underneath BISHU’S dreary, layered vocals. The energy then picks up, ascending into a minimal drop that perfectly mixes shimmering synths and banging drums. It’s a blend of genres that is rarely touched, but on ‘Tear Me Apart’ Graves shows that he’s unafraid to color outside of the lines and talented enough to pull it off.

‘Tear Me Apart’ by Graves and BISHU is out now!
Click the image to stream ‘Tear Me Apart’ on your favorite platform.

Shy – ‘You Got Me’

Heavily influenced from 90s sounds with the clanging piano hooks and driving backbeat, ‘You Got Me’ is infused with era-defining genres. With solid floor-filling bass, addictive vocals and intricate euphoric melodies, Shy wrote a track that ticks just about every box that exists.

‘You Got Me’ by Shy is out now!
Click the image to stream ‘You Got Me’ on your favorite platform.

AMMO – ‘I Like It A Lot’

I Like It A Lot’ blasts off with a catchy thumping bass line and ringing cowbells, all layered over an addictive beat. It’s no wonder that AMMO is so in demand right now.

‘I Like It A Lot’ by AMMO is out now!
Click the image to stream ‘I Like It A Lot’ on your favorite platform.

*Featured image via Above and Beyond, The Martinez Brothers, Wax Motif and Boris Brejcha*

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