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It’s ‘Clear’ That This Week’s New Music Is ‘Fire’ | ICYMI Monday

by Guest Contributor

Tasadi x Sarah de Warren – ‘I Would Do Anything’

I Would Do Anything’ pairs Tasadi with the estimable singing/songwriting talents of Sarah de Warren, and for her part the English vocalist brings the track all its heart. The cut-glass resolve of her delivery belies its laid-bare lyrics, the reflectively bittersweet nature of which is impossible to ignore.

Fedde Le Grand – ‘Bounce That’

Fedde Le Grand’s Bounce That’ immediately kicks off with a pulsating bass, paired flawlessly alongside a propelling four-on-the-floor rhythm. A textured vocal flows throughout the dancefloor warmer’s approximately four-minute runtime, providing a heady touch to the atmospherically entrancing offering. A true turn-up anthem, the feelgood endeavor is audibly rife with lively production elements and an overall sprightly tone.

OCULA – ‘Clear’

“‘Clear’ came from a time of fresh motivation for me. I was in a state of mind where I didn’t really know what the right step was to take next, but after talking with close friends and family and building up a plan of what to do and where to go, I had this burst of creativity that led to ‘Clear’. Personally, I think you can hear that motivation and passion in the song with the emotive, catchy lead and rising energy.”


Justin Jay – ‘Where Is The PLUR?’

Justin Jay is ready to flesh out his more recent interests in hyperpop, left-of-center club music and rave revival anthems – described by him as ‘Nu Rave’. His first official offering comes via ‘Where Is The PLUR?’, a frenetic and fun dance anthem that serves as the first single off his upcoming 2022 album.

Walden – ‘Fire (Pete K Remix)’

Paris-based producer Pete K is proud to unveil his remix of Walden’sFire’ featuring Lia Rose. The deep and progressive rework follows on from the original, which was launched on Third Party’s Release Deep label, where both Walden and Pete K have enjoyed a plethora of hits.

Krewella x MADGRRL – ‘No Control’

“It’s been years since we’ve made a track [‘No Control’] like this – dipping into our career-long love of hardstyle and heavy bass music, we wrote and produced this song to articulate the burgeoning chaos we’ve been craving since having a lack of human contact and indulgent experiences during the pandemic. We tapped MADGRRL, whom we’ve known for almost 10 years, and has been making some of our favorite heavy dance tracks lately to help take this one to another level of wild.”


CAPYAC – ‘Ooeeooeeoo (Remix)’

At the heels of their widely-celebrated second debut album ‘CAPYAC FOREVER’, P. Sugz and Potion AKA CAPYAC are rolling out remixes of select album singles by producers from across the world. LA-based producer Teddy Roxpin and experimental hip-hop artist Lando Chill take on the fourth installment of the series with their reimagining of the Rolling Stone-praised single ‘Ooeeooeeoo’. 

DejaVilla – ‘Uptown Rebel’

David Marston and Sarah Couch are DejaVilla. The Jamaica-raised tandem distill the sounds of riddim-tinged electronica with worldly future R&B. Ahead of their forthcoming studio album ‘Castle With a View’, DejaVilla team up with reggae-dancehall recording artist Yaksta to deliver the final single taken from the LP, ‘Uptown Rebel’.  

XIE – ‘$AVAGE (feat. JSTJR)’

“‘$AVAGE’ is a self empowering high octane ride about unleashing your inner power through all of life’s madness.”


Regal – ‘The Cult Of Personality (Regal & Sita Abellan Remix)’

Regal and Sita Abellan’s remix of ‘The Cult Of Personality’ leans heavily into the realm of electro, with heavily distorted synth lines marching through like a freight train. Darting keys rush and reverberate back upon themselves before a powerful female vocal sample takes over from the male voice that commanded the original.

MNI – ‘Come Along (feat. Sofia Karlberg)’

Opening with a groove-infused bassline, Sofia Karlberg’s captivating vocals float effortlessly across the glossy dance-pop soundscape. MNI continue to define their studio precision in ‘Come Along’ by fusing the line between genres with a plucking guitar line and driving melody.  The carefully crafted soundscape and Karlberg’s graceful vocals position the single for both radio domination and a sunset-filled performance at an lively rooftop venue.

Yung Bae – ‘Straight Up Relaxin (feat. Cosmo’s Midnight)’

Yung Bae and Cosmo’s Midnight have unveiled the official lyric video for their collaborative single ‘Straight Up Relaxin’. Shot on an idyllic LA beach, the psychedelic, endearingly lo-fi lyric video for ‘Straight Up Relaxin’ sees the track’s hazy, feelgood energy communicated in visual form, with Yung Bae – and his beach-ball-booping corgi – pictured enjoying the sunkissed West Coast living.

*Featured image via Tasadi, Krewella, OCULA and Pete K*

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