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More Than Words

Isabella Stuns With Her Voice in Video|”More Than Words”

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Los Angeles-native Isabella is sharing a new video. “More Than Words” follows her debut single “Three” as the latest musical statement from the 20-year-old, who is finally unleashing her voice after previously finding herself in the pages of Italian Vogue and Vogue México. The stunning visual, directed by Marcella Cytrynowicz finds Isabella in remote parts of Iceland, accompanied by her significant other. The track is produced by Dave Hamlin and Michael Barney, and is another dynamic vocal performance from the young singer, who began pursuing music at 16 years old.

Raised in Los Angeles, splitting time with her parents between the Woodland Hills and Westside Village, Isabella came to fashion early on. She first began modeling at four years old, led by her mother, a stylist and former model herself, whose knowledge of the industry guided her daughter through its ups and downs. Growing up, she was naturally drawn to music and performance, entering singing competitions at school, and at times, belting her heart out to whoever would listen. “My mom tells me that when we lived in an apartment building I would go outside the balcony to sing,” Isabella remembers. “She would be so embarrassed, hoping that the neighbors weren’t getting upset.”

At 16, Isabella decided to seriously pursue music. She worked with songwriters and producers, learning how a song is crafted from the ground up. “I didn’t think that I was capable to be writing on my own,” she says. “We were able to create songs that I loved but it wasn’t completely coming from me.” The experience fueled a period of creative discovery for Isabella.  She began to express herself fully through writing and recording, which is apparent in her new video “More Than Words.”

*Featured Photo Courtesy Orienteer*

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