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I’m ‘Sincere’ When I Say This Week’s New Music Will Set ‘New Fires’ In Your Soul | ICYMI Monday

by Guest Contributor

Paul Thomas, Fuenka & JES – ‘Eugina’

A summer as fine as 2022’s deserves to be seen off the right way. With the release of their eighteenth ‘In Search Of Sunrise’ compilation, Black Hole Recordings have already tipped it an albums-wink, and now they’re set to do the same on the singles front. For it, Paul Thomas, one of the foremost leaders of the genre’s nu-skool, has joined forces with the progressively like minded Fuenka (James Lee & Stuart Browne) and legendary songstress JES. The result arrives today in the gloriously sunset form of ‘Eugina’.

Arkham Knights – ‘The Capture’

U.K. brothers Arkham Knights debut on the A State Of Trance label. Sweeping crowds off their feet with hammering kick drums, thrilling build-ups and slamming tech-trance beat drops, ‘The Capture’ is a sonic firestorm destined to tear clubs apart.

Emma Hewitt x Ben Nicky – ‘Collide’

Emma Hewitt and Ben Nicky flip the stylistic switch on their version and send ‘COLLIDE’ deep, deep into the dancefloor night. Along with its tempo, everything from its galloping drums, lucent harmonies, furious snares and hands-to-the-sky synths are tweaked for maximum overdrive. In doing so, ‘COLLIDE’ takes on an even more optimistic nature, one that fills the club with hope, promise and a no-bounds uplift.

Jean-Michel Jarre x Deathpact – ‘BRUTALISM REPRISE’

Internationally acclaimed composer, performer, producer and cultural ambassador Jean-Michel Jarre has collaborated with the avant-garde electronic artist project Deathpact on ‘BRUTALISM REPRISE’, a new version of his current single ‘BRUTALISM’. While the original version of the track takes its inspiration from the early days of Berlin techno, the reprise places it firmly on the underground dance floors of today.

ReOrder x Ben York – ‘Crystalized’

A record born from having fun in the studio in lockdown times, ReOrder and Ben York’s Crystalized’ invites fans to lose themselves completely on the dance floor. A blend of rampaging psy-trance bass, charged big room synths and even destructive hardstyle kicks, this monster track is able to reduce a club or stadium to rubble.

Andrew Bayer x Kaleena Zanders – ‘Break The Rules’

Kaleena Zanders is the total package. She is the moment, and I still feel humbled every time I’ve played our song on tour. We wanted to write something based on our experience growing up differently. ‘Break The Rules‘ is a love letter to our younger selves with a central message that being different isn’t only okay, it’s magical.”

Andrew Bayer

Lange pres. Firewall – ‘Sincere (Tomac Remix)’

Canadian DJ and producer Tomac fires over an excellent rendition of the 2003 classic Lange produced under his Firewall alias. Included on the ‘A State Of Trance, Ibiza 2022’ mix album, this reimagination of ‘Sincere’ is a sonic journey worth exploring. 

Christian Löffler x Henry Green – ‘New Fires’

On their new release, Henry Green’s soft voice leads the way, underpinned by Christian Löffler’s thumping beats and warm static sounds. The track’s instrumentals build up around the voice, climaxing in thunderous club soundscapes. In between the cathartic peaks, Green’s whispers embrace the listener softly. Like much of Löffler’s early works, ‘New Fires’ is as much danceable as it is nostalgic and evokes strong feelings of wanting to escape or break free.

The Space Brothers – ‘25 Years, Vol. 2’

The second part of The Space Brothers’ 25th anniversary project, ‘25 Years, Vol. 2’ equals trance heaven. Featuring a bunch of remastered originals from the legendary duo under their many aliases (e.g. The Space Brothers, Ascension, Lustral), a previously unreleased Chakra track (‘Feel’) and two new remixes from Maarten de Jong and ReOrder, this sophomore anniversary installment is as entrancing as you can expect. 

Above & Beyond – ‘Sun In Your Eyes (William Orbit Remix)’

“I was at Warner Records making my own music and Tony was the Marketing Director. He would come around to my studio and talk about his plans for making music — and I’ve watched him make those plans happen in the best way. I was there from the first yearnings of Above & Beyond and witnessed it grow into this incredible thing. We stayed friends, then 20 years later Above & Beyond asked me if I’d be up for doing a remix. I chose ‘Sun In Your Eyes’ because it was the track that spoke to me the most.”

William Orbit

Frank Spector – ‘OMEN’

Parisian DJ/producer Frank Spector debuts on Armin van Buuren’s Armind imprint with the awe-inspiring ‘OMEN’. Setting the mood with thumping kick drums, ever-evolving synth melodies and an ominous tech-trance feel, this track will thrive in the deep of the night.

Peter Trizor – ‘Amazon’

Up and coming, Brazilian producer Peter Trizor hits us with an incredible new progressive tune out on Revolt — ‘Amazon’. This record is sure to set dancefloors on fire with the groovy bassline, haunting melody and sharp synthy elements laid over the track.

Dante Klein – ‘Flute Mimosa’

Freshly squeezed, ‘Flute Mimosa’ by Dante Klein is a song that will fill you with spirit, with its tipsy grooves and shimmering shakers that enliven and invigorate. Bubbly like a glass of Mimosa, the single is both personable and sparkly. Fans will not be able to resist taking another sip from this cocktail of rhythm.

D.O.D x Raphaella – ‘Like You Do’

Exploring reciprocated love, boundless passion and hearts entwined and setting aflame, ‘Like You Do’ cements D.O.D and Raphaella’s spot among dance music’s rising stars. Marrying the catchy vocal with an infectious punchy piano sound, this track will have its listeners belting out the lyrics.

Justin Caruso – ‘Your Move’

“‘Your Move’ initiates a new era for me as an artist. For the past two years, I have been experimenting and creating music that I truly love and resonate with. ‘Your Move’ was one of the first records that came together when Nicky Night Time and I met in the studio. It blends sounds that are current, with those that are the slightest bit nostalgic, and I couldn’t be more happy with the way it turned out!”

Justin Caruso

Feather – ‘We Are For Each Other’

Channeling inspiration from earth elements and the wonders of human connection and collaboration, Feather is proud to release his sophomore EP, ‘We Are For Each Other’. Featuring collaborations with artists such as Sintra, Lockbox, SEGØ and more, Feather delivers a body of work filled with impressive depth, boundless creativity, and technical excellence as a self-release.

Gramatik – ‘Bring It Up’

Bring It Up’ marks the first release from the bass producer’s upcoming edition of his highly-regarded ‘Street Bangerz’ series. Following a lengthy sample clearing process, Gramatik’s latest features none other than the legendary James Brown and his track released in 1967, ‘Bring It Up (Hipster’s Avenue)’. As a beloved figure and visionary in the dance music world, Gramatik has captured the hearts and imaginations of his fans around the world by creating his own style and incorporating various elements of hip-hop (among other genres) into his music. ‘Bring It Up’ features all of the things that we love about the dance music veteran: His funk-centric vibes, soulful melodies, and immaculate production. 

NEVERGLOW – ‘Don’t Wanna Know’

Possessing a distinctive, stuttering rhythm gasping for breath with dirt in the groove, NEVERGLOW’s new house shapeshifter ‘Don’t Wanna Know‘ heaves its way across chunky drums, horn snippets and processed vocals. “It might just be our favourite track to date – it hits like no other” – and they’re right, the Eindhoven elite unit’s finishing move letting loose a ghostly presence that comprehensively wraps itself around you.

Wobblebug – ‘Wobbledrug’

“What’s up meatbags! When I came to earth the first thing I wanted to do was create a banger we can all get down to.  Hope you guys dig this wonky wobbly house track [‘Wobbledrug’] I whipped up.”


Oliverse – ‘Skin / Emotion’

A Disciple family favorite; Oliverse returns to the label with two tracker ‘Skin / Emotion’. Regarded as one of the scene’s most exciting talents in the new wave of melodic bass producers, since signing to the label in 2018 Oliverse’s presence at Disciple has been strong.

*Featured image via Tomac, Christian Löffler, Ben Nicky and Emma Hewitt*

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