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If You’re ‘Searching’ For A ‘Release’, Listen To This Week’s New Music | ICYMI Monday

by Guest Contributor

Ferry Corsten x Dustin Husain – ‘Timeout’

An irresistible house player, ‘Timeout‘ pulsates with a progressive groove and a stylised piano melody, leading the track to quickly hit its pace with an energetic drive. With ‘Timeout’, Ferry Corsten and Dustin Husain draw on influences from the classic piano house era as they interlace lashings of energy into a female-led vocal house track that fans and DJs will play well into the fall.

Spencer Brown – ‘Stuck / Reflex (feat. Marieme)’

Marieme’s sultry, smooth and soulful touch is at the core of what makes this unique collaboration so special. Spencer Brown’s Stuck’ is a flowing, ethereal slice of progressive house while ‘Reflex’ is built around a traditional songwriting structure, allowing Marieme to tell her story unaccompanied by beats until the very end.

Ben Gold – ‘Searching (For A Kinder Love) [feat. Yasmin Jane]’

Driven by Ben Gold’s famed production aesthetic and uplifting tendencies, ‘Searching (For A Kinder Love)’ is exactly the kind of record that would send the global Trance crowd into raptures. Flaunting a highly euphoric melody alongside an amped-up bassline and Yasmin Jane’s hypnotic vocal presence, this masterpiece from Ben Gold’s second-ever studio album will have fans smiling from ear to ear across its duration.

Flux Pavilion – ‘Lore’

The king is back! With a cinematic intro calling to mind fantasy epics and galactic sagas, the Flux Pavilion you know and love is kicking off 2022 with the thundering ‘Lore’! Showcasing the burning, innovative energy that helped the Circus Records founder pioneer an entire genre, it’s set to soundtrack the stages and festivals of the future.

David Forbes – ‘Take Me Up’

The David Forbes onslaught on Who’s Afraid Of 138?! continues, with ‘Take Me Up’ as the next high-energy anthem in line. Hammering down with a full-force build-up before sweeping fans off their feet with a genuinely uplifting melodic hook, this track will ensure nothing but trance-flavored mayhem tailored to the biggest stadiums in the world.

Ben Böhmer – ‘Slow Wave (The Blaze Remix)’

The ‘Begin Again (Remixed)’ campaign officially launches with French duo The Blaze, who debut on Anjunadeep with a stunning remix of Ben Böhmer and Gordi’sSlow Wave’. On this new remix for Ben Böhmer, the duo showcases their emotional and captivating sound, with a warm and energetic production that perfectly complements Gordi’s unique and soft vocals.

HoneyLuv – ‘Thr33 6ix 5ive’

“It’s a song [‘Thr33 6ix 5ive’] that makes you think about the person who makes you feel good. We all want someone by our side that will be with us through all our good days and bad, whether it’s a friend or a lover. This song talks about that ride or die type of relationship and finding that person and wanting them around 365 days out the year.”


SLANDER – ‘Walk On Water (feat. RØRY & Dylan Matthew)’

Featuring RØRY and Dylan Matthew, SLANDER’sWalk On Water’ is a piano-driven, emotive bass track.  It’s a duet performed by RØRY — a U.K. alt rock rising star known for her mesmerizing ethereal voice and Matthew — who sing of determined love and going to great lengths to get to that love with lyrics. 

Lufthaus – ‘To The Light’

Lufthaus solidifies their position in the electronic scene with their second release on Armada Music. Remaining within the same atmospheric realm as their previous release, ‘To The Light’ displays the perfect balance the band has found in the superposition of ambient and powerful sounds.  

220 Kid – ‘Release (feat. ÁSDÍS)’

Continuing his rise as one of the UK’s most in demand dance-pop producers and establishing his own unique sound that successfully cuts across both the clubs and radio airwaves, 220 Kid returns with ‘Release’ and in his signature style manages to make a record that is both ethereal and anthemic. Underpinned by a punchy bass that carries ÁSDÍS’ vehement and meaningful vocals celestially, the track is an expressive haven of what it feels like to escape the miserable cycle of heartbreak.

Fejká – ‘Hiraeth’

German producer, Fejká’s latest single ‘Hiraeth’, meaning ‘long gone’, offers a soundscape full of warmth and calm, enhanced by the unique soothing quality of Kim van Loo’s distinctive vocals – a sound which Fejká accidentally discovered during their time as roommates in lockdown. The track describes a certain sense of nostalgia for a place that might never be reached, or a place that might never be returned to, with an overarching feeling of longing throughout.

Stavroz – ‘In Mindibu’

“We consider ‘In Mindibu’ as a workshop in Stavroz songs. It’s subtle, melancholic, cinematic yet at the same time efficient and packs quite a bit of firepower. It is always a challenge to combine these factors in a way that is not cliché. We don’t adhere to verse-chorus-verse standard structures. We’ll tell a story, and that’s exactly what the trumpet is doing.”

— Stavroz

Riot Ten x Crankdat – ‘Own The Night’

Riot Ten and Crankdat come together again for a destructive new collaboration ‘Own The Night’.  The latest festival weapon is stacked with dynamic vocal chops and vigorous bass elements.

Cory Wong – ‘J.A.M. [Just A Minute] (feat. Chromeo)’

J. A. M. [Just A Minute] (Feat. Chromeo)’ marks the latest collaborative track release from Cory Wong’s much anticipated new album, ‘POWER STATION’. 

Life On Planets – ‘Atlantis’

Life On Planets has released ‘Atlantis’, the second single off of his forthcoming ‘Dreamcatcher’ EP. 

The Chainsmokers – ‘Riptide’

Fresh off two sold out shows at O2 Academy Brixton in London this week, The Chainsmokers have unveiled a new wave from their upcoming album with the shimmering new song ‘Riptide’. The song also arrives alongside an official lyric video. 

*Featured image via Ben Gold, Spencer Brown, Flux Pavilion and 220 Kid*

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