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If You’re ‘Feeling’ ‘Blue’ Just Listen To This Week’s New Music | ICYMI Monday

by Guest Contributor

Jody Wisternoff x James Grant – ‘Anjunadeep 13’

Jody Wisternoff and I have been spoilt for choice compiling ‘Anjunadeep 13’. Our growing label family has been on fire lately, with more amazing music than ever in the release schedule and a tantalizing wave of new talent coming through. We’re delighted to have them all on board and to showcase their music in the mix.” 

James Grant

Jack Back – ‘Feeling’

Jack Back is heading back to the source, revisiting those authentic house sounds that first inspired him to make music and returning with his latest gem ‘Feeling’. Making the most of his freedom to flex in any style of dance music he wants to, ‘Feeling’ was produced with the house head in mind, ready to sweep dance floors with a rave-ready cut and stonker of a sample. 

Valentino Khan – ‘pkg’

With festival season around the corner, DJ Valentino Khan released his latest EP, ‘pkg’, featuring collaborations with DJ/Producer Eptic and rapper Lil Jon. Khan is sure to make a huge splash this upcoming festival season with a trifecta of new tracks that will unleash any lingering pent-up energy from quarantine.

Tasadi – ‘Somewhere Far Away’

Tasadi shares the ethereal new single ‘Somewhere Far Away’, out on Norwegian producer and label boss Ørjan Nilsen’s In My Opinion imprint. Featuring a soaring vocal and thumping percussion, the trance and house-influenced track is indicative of Tasadi’s extensive knowledge and talent within dance music production.

Superpoze – ‘Nova Cardinal’

“‘Nova Cardinale’ is an album conceived as a world rather than a story.  A place made of sounds in which one can find a path, get lost or stay still and observe the surroundings. An album in which the tracks live on a grand scale, ranging from intimacy to emphasis. An album with perspective and vanishing points. It was an intimate and sensitive writing work, and also a real technical work of sound and production. Listening to the album, these two aspects seem to me indissociable today.” 


Lauren Mia – ‘Ohm’

Ohm’ turns on its axis like a glowing orb, charged with glistening life-force. A lush and expansive composition, it builds steadily from its earth-grounded pulse, unfolding into textures and liquid-mercury melodies. An orchestral sense of space is perhaps attributable to Lauren Mia’s classical roots: dark, velvet bass tones come alive with mid-range flourishes, cut across with sparks high overhead. A livewire number for collective dancefloor joy, ‘Ohm’ is no less rewarding as a deeply hypnotic headphones listen.

Avision – ‘Party Started’

The NYC-bred producer Avision demonstrates his impressive breadth for Factory 93 Records with his new ‘Party Started’ EP, featuring three meticulously constructed cuts each aimed at different moments on the dancefloor. 

Jan Blomqvist – ‘Back In The Taxi (AMÉMÉ Remix)’

The AMÉMÉ Remix of ‘Back In The Taxi’ peppers vibrant afro house percussion through the duration of the track’s effortless melodic progressions. Building towards a devastating breakdown before the track’s conclusion, AMÉMÉ peppers his signature elements across Jan Blomqvist’s already strong musical foundation.

Chris Lake – ‘400’

Black Book and Astralwerks teamed up to release Chris Lake’s new single, ‘400’, which is the collection’s leadoff track. A hard-hitting, infectious jam that explodes with crisp percussion and spacey synths, ‘400’ is for everyone who’s ready to finally “make some noise”. 

Jonas Blue x Sevenn – ‘Angles’

“‘Angles’ was a fun hook idea I had as a followup to my track ‘I Wanna Dance’, which also features my vocals. The idea kinda stemmed from social media and selfies, with people always trying to get their best angles on a photo. When we paired that hook with the music from the Booka Shade track, we knew we had something special. Sevenn coming on board and finishing it with me was the perfect fit to take this one to the next level.”

Jonas Blue

Cedric Gervais – ‘Blue (feat. Jen Cooke)’

French DJ and producer Cedric Gervais and UK singer-songwriter Jem Cooke have joined forces on new single ‘Blue’, out on Armada sub-label Delecta Records. Tapping into a classic trance vibe, ‘Blue’ combines ethereal synths with fluttering arpeggios and Cooke’s soaring, emotion-tinged vocals.

Paul Oakenfold x ZHU x Velvet Cash – ‘I’m Into It (Illyus & Barrientos Remix)’

Head-turning electronic duo Illyus & Barrientos have remixed the Paul Oakenfold, ZHU and Velvet Cash smash single ‘I’m Into It’. Ramping up the club energy, the Illyus & Barrientos remix of ‘I’m Into It’ pitches things up and injects some vibrant percussion while losing none of the sunkissed melodic vibes that makes the original so special.

Dom Dolla x Mansionair – ‘Strangers (Tinlicker Remix)’

Dutch electronic outfit Tinlicker have remixed the Dom Dolla and Mansionair single ‘Strangers’. Tapping into a melodic trance sound that’s ripe with emotion, the Tinlicker remix of ‘Strangers’ is the most moving version of the track to date.

Grigoré – ‘Deepest Thoughts’

“It was really important that the 4 tracks remained together. They don’t just capture the place, it’s also about moments and feelings of growing-up there, deepest thoughts in the dark of the freezing nights, which I now look back on with nostalgia. I can’t express how delighted I was when Renaissance said they wanted to keep them all together as an entire EP [‘Deepest Thoughts’].”


Taylor Kade – ‘Love You Like That (feat. KATT)’

Taylor Kade causes the heart to grow infinitely fonder with his latest single, ‘Love You Like That’, featuring emerging singer-songwriter KATT, which takes the shape of his first standalone single for the Lost In Dreams imprint. 

partywithray – ‘Get It’

Los Angeles producer partywithray drops ‘Get It’, a thumping tech-house single that marks his first release of the year. The vocal chops of a quirky sample chant “yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it” over lasers and a walloping bassline.

Louis The Child – ‘Cry (feat. Aluna)’

Chicago-bred production duo, Louis The Child, has released their brand-new single ‘Cry’ featuring Aluna. The song is truly a banger, as Aluna’s vocals seamlessly float on top of the high-energy production, creating a perfectly dynamic collaboration.


REAPER is smashing out the OG vibes on their next appearance with Bassrush Records, turning up the floor-filling heat on the aptly titled single ‘MASHUP’. 

Feather x Lumasi – ‘Tell Me (feat. Gabriel Eli)’

Each of Feather’s recent collaborations explores a unique style, while still remaining true to his overall creative vision. Recruiting Lumasi for ‘Tell Me’, the two producers join forces to deliver a soaring melody as Gabriel Eli’s yearning vocals effortlessly complement the soundscape. Capturing the essence of desire through palpable emotion, the single emulates euphoric energy with the surging melodic-bass sensibilities. Through the recent collaborations, Feather has demonstrated his studio versatility, and ‘Tell Me’ is certainly no exception. With a carefully crafted cinematic atmosphere and resonating vocals that create a wave of longing for the listener, ‘Tell Me’ is bound to make an impactful addition to Feather’s discography. 

Seth Troxler x Jaden Thompson – ‘Talking Walls’

“In my eyes, Jaden Thompson is the next wonder kid. Every few years there’s an anomaly, like in a Marvel movie. They pop up. He’s one of them, waiting and working, till the day he blows up the world. Young, black and gifted, like in the beginning. Jaden is the real deal. So call me Professor T: The B-MEN are coming. Who’s ready for the prequel?”

Seth Troxler on ‘Talking Walls

TWERL x Ekko & Sidetrack – ‘Under Bright Lights (feat. Indy Skies)’

TWERL flips the switch with Ekko & Sidetrack on ‘Under Bright Lights’, featuring emerging vocalist Indy Sky, which culminates into an effulgent drum & bass single that shines as part of the seventh season of releases for NIGHTMODE

Love My Robot – ‘Turing Complete’

Colombian electronic artist Love My Robot returns with another high concept electro-pop gem lyrically inspired by AI pioneer Alan Turing. A sleek and ultramodern slice of futuristic cosmic disco, ‘Turing Complete’ whimsically delineates an imagined love affair between a human and a robot.

QRTR – ‘Snowfall’

For QRTR’s latest turn at crashing through her potential’s ceiling, the producer has rifled off a new single and remix package via Walker & Royce’s Rules Don’t Apply imprint. ‘Snowfall’ is a standout in the already exciting RDA catalog, providing a moody ambience that conveys energy through emotional production. 

Riton pres. Gucci Soundsystem – ‘Fuck Me Right (feat. DJ Funk x Vula)’

Gucci Soundsystem’sFuck Me Right’ begins with Vula’s enchanting vocals, the likes of which open into rapid kick-hat combos. A funky, guitar-like bassline swiftly complements proceedings, as 4×4 drum patterns march on to create that four-to-the-floor feel. It’s an outright party anthem, but one that retains a soulful underlying groove courtesy of DJ Funk and Vula’s signature contributions.

*Featured image via Jack Back, Cedric Gervais, Jody Wisternoff and James Grant*

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