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ICON Collective music production

The ICON Collective is Not Just a School with a Cult Sounding Name

by Eric Valencia

There was a single name that continuously popped up whenever researching some of my favorite Dubstep artists, the ICON Collective school in Los Angeles. Taking some time to look through the alumni that have come out of the program, as well as the curriculum offered, I knew this school was unique.

Co-founded by Christopher Wight and David Alexander in 2005, they realized there was something missing in music production education. As Wight puts it, “Yes, there were excellent schools and music production programs teaching fine technical skills, but that’s actually only one small part of what you need to make powerful art.” Their goal is to not only make talented musicians with a unique sound but to also empower them with the business and marketing knowledge needed to make it in the industry.

ICON does not accept just anyone. In addition to being interviewed, potential students are required to submit a sample of their music for review. While no previous training is required, the school does expect applicants to have some experience in the field they are pursuing. Even those with limited experience are still welcome because students are not assessed only on their current skill level, but by their potential as well. When accepted, students will be able to join the impressive alumni that include Sullivan King, Jauz, NGHTMRE, Kayzo, Kendoll, i_o, Yultron, SNBRN, and Slander, to name a few.

Producer's Den (music production school) at Lost Lands
Producer’s Den | Image Via ICON Facebook

A large part of attending any school is knowing what kind of education you will receive, and what it will cost you. Music Production, Vocal Artist, and Music Business are the three main programs available at ICON. Each costs $25,995 for a 12-month program, with the Music Production program also having an advanced and an on-line version that is $38,995 and $14,995 respectively. Since ICON is a nationally accredited music school, financial aid and the GI Bill can be used.

Most recently, ICON had partnered with Excision to provide workshops during Lost Lands 2019. Participants would get five hours of workshops, lessons, and collaborations led by talented and established instructors. Some of the instructors that participated were Dion Timmer, Downlink, Squnto, and Subtronics. Also possible was a $2000 grant towards attending ICON.

Wight and Alexander have been able to grow ICON from a small office to a 32,000 sq ft campus, all because they have a continued passion for helping build the next great artist. If you are looking for a school that can help you break into the Electronic Dance Music scene, ICON is one you should absolutely check out. If you aren’t looking for structured education, you can also snag some tips and tricks from their blog which they update regularly.

*Featured Image Via ICON Facebook*

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